EPHS-Chapter 108 Hatred

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“Who did this?”

Looking at Raynare, who was being treated by Asia for sword wounds, Tenraku frowned and asked.

With Raynare’s current four-winged Angel’s strength plus the strength of the [Black Evil Dragon King] he bestowed on her, it is almost impossible for ordinary people or ordinary Supernatural creatures to hurt her except for the High-Class Devil or even the enemies above that.

High-Class Devils are one of the few powerhouses even in the Underworld, and it is generally not so easy to encounter them. 

And the sword wound on Raynare’s body is not an ordinary wound, it is constantly eroding her body as if it has been painted with some kind of fierce poison——

This wound was caused by a Holy Sword!

“Tenraku-Sama, it’s the Stray Clergy named Freed.”

Looking worried, Kalawarner and Mittelt walked to Tenraku and replied.

Under the explanation of the two women, Tenraku probably understood what was going on. It turned out that the three of them unexpectedly met Freed when they finished the cleaning work and were preparing to come back. 

After that guy escaped from Raynare’s hands last time, Raynare was very upset, so they began to fight with the intent to kill as soon as they saw each other.

Originally, with Freed’s skill, it was naturally impossible for him to be Raynare’s opponent, but the guy got the Holy Sword Excalibur from someplace, and he used the power of the Holy Sword to wound Raynare!


A sharp light flashed in Tenraku’s eyes as he murmured, and some memories related to the Excalibar appeared in his mind.

Freed appeared with the Holy Sword Excalibur, which means that those few are about to appear…


Any Holy Sword would have a great restraining effect on Devils and Fallen Angels, especially the Excalibur, the legendary Holy Sword, its power is similar to poison for Devil and Fallen Angels and perhaps just a small injury would be fatal for them.

Obviously, it was very painful, but Raynare clenched her silver teeth and did not say a word, letting Asia heal her.

Shaking his head, Tenraku also placed a hand on Raynare’s body and activated the ability of [Holy Mother’s Smile].

A flash of light flashed, and Raynare’s injuries that had been deteriorating also quickly recovered.

“Why not let Kalawarner and the others help.”

Tenraku asked after the treatment was over.

Raynare’s body is covered with injuries, but Kalawarner and Mittelt were fine. It was obvious that these two women were not involved in the fight.

“That guy is my prey, I can deal with him myself.”

After being healed comfortably, Raynare replied lazily while stretching her waist.

“Hmph, you said you can solve it and you still got yourself all bruised up?”

With a cold snort, Tenraku said sarcastically.

“Although that guy wounded me with his Holy Sword, he himself was even more miserable than me, and I would have killed him if he hadn’t escaped so quickly!”

“Hē Hē Hē…Master, are you caring for me?”

Raynare gave out another evil smile as she looked at Tenraku’s body.

Too lazy to pay attention to this woman, Tenraku looked to one side towards Rias——

“Rias, do you have any news from your side?”

“Not yet, but the Familiars have been sent out to explore every suspicious place, and the news will come back as soon as they come back.”

Rias replied while shaking her head. But then something came to her mind and the girl looked angry again:

“Those damn Stray Clergy, how dare they bring such a dangerous Holy Sword to my territory, I will never let them do whatever they want!”

Without any Belief, the Stray Clergy alone is a dangerous opponent not to mention that he now has the Holy Sword Excalibur with him. Rias doesn’t know what crazy things the other party will do now. 

Maybe it will bring huge disasters to this small town under her jurisdiction, and that is something that Rias will never allow!

“In the next few days, I will let Yubelluna and Undine also go out and search. Once they find the target, they will remove the target immediately.”


After discussing the plan with Rias, Tenraku instructed the women to do their own thing, while he walked into Tosca’s room.

Hearing the sound of someone coming in, Tosca, who was standing in front of the window, turned around, but her delicate face was covered in tears.

Tenraku had guessed that Tosca had heard about the Stray Clergy and Holy Sword Excalibur when he didn’t see her outside.

“You still care about what happened back then?”

Taking Tosca into his arms, Tenraku gently wiped the tears on the young girl’s face.

“I can’t forgive them. If it weren’t for them, my friends wouldn’t…nor…”

“Wū wū wū woo…”

Thinking of the painful memories, Tosca buried herself in Tenraku’s arms and cried out.

She is the last survivor of the Holy Sword Project, and she bears the hatred of all her friends.

Those are the only people she could never forgive!!

Allowing Tosca to vent her emotions in his arms, it was a long time before the girl gradually calmed down…

“Don’t worry, Tosca, it won’t take long for you to get your revenge.”

Tenraku said softly while rubbing the girl’s cheek.

If the direction of fate has not changed, then after Freed got the Holy Sword Excalibur, then the guy named Valper Galilei who led the Holy Sword Project should also appear soon!

“Really, Tenraku-Sama?”

Raising her head, a hateful and fiery light erupted in Tosca’s eyes.

“Ah, really…”

The corners of his mouth raised slightly as Tenraku smiled back.

Not only Tosca’s side, as the price for taking [Demonic Sword Creation], Tenraku also promised Isaiah that he would take revenge for them!

Although I don’t know the guy Valper, I’ll kill him when I meet him…

In the underground chamber of Kuoh Town Church, several miserable screams rang out from time to time.

“Damn you Raynare, I will kill you next time! I will kill you!”

“Ahhhhhhh, Old Man Valper, please be lighter!

There were burn marks all over his body and Freed screamed in pain while lying on the bed.

“Don’t move, if it weren’t for the protection of the Holy Sword, then you would have died ten times over by now.”

“This is the aura of darkness curse, it seems that the Fallen Angel also has some kind of powerful Sacred Gear on her.”

A short and fat-looking and somewhat older man standing next to what seems to be some kind of potion looked at Freed’s injuries and analyzed.

“That woman didn’t have any Sacred Gear before. She must have gotten one from the Phenex family’s [Sacred Gear Plunder] Young Master and sold her body in exchange for it!”

Freed guessed maliciously.

Although it is a bit evil, the facts are inseparable from his guess…

“The medicine is ready, there will be some pain, you must bear with it.”

After preparing the potion, Valper poured it on the burned area on Freed’s body.


As if being poured with sulfuric acid, Freed’s wounds kept bubbling with bubbles, and Freed blinked before—

“Ahhhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhh!!!!!!”

To be continued…

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