EPHS-Chapter 103 Blessing

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In fact, Tenraku also felt that the [Gods and Demons Scripture] was becoming more and more like the [System] created by the God of Holy Bible, and every ability it displayed matched the meaning Tenraku had given it.

As the only Sacred Gear created by himself, Tenraku previously thought that its abilities were random and uncontrollable, but now it seems that this is not the case!

Although it is still uncertain without other references, Tenraku already has some speculations in his mind. If it is really what he expected then maybe he can really create pieces of powerful Sacred Gears in the future.

Just like the god of the Holy Bible!

No, maybe he could even surpass him!

Despite the expectation, it is still too early to think about this, but it is the matter at hand that concerns Tenraku more.

There is no doubt that the young girl named Susan was brainwashed by him, going from being a shallow believer who could “fall off the line” at any time to a real believer!

One has to say that the identity of “God” gives Tenraku too much convenience, If the girl had not defined Tenraku as “God” from the beginning, his brainwashing would not have been so smooth.

The corners of his mouth raised in pleasure as Tenraku has thought of a way to enhance the Believer Belief in him……

In the room, Raynare was still asleep and Tenraku was sitting at the desk writing in the [Holy Scripture].

Although it had already been revised, Tenraku had some good ideas because of the previous incident, so he added it to the [Gods and Demons Scripture] as well.

Although it is already very perfect, Tenraku will not be stagnant. Learning is like sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will fall back.

The same goes for brainwashing textbooks!

The Undine Queen stood quietly beside him and there was a hint of admiration in her beautiful spring-like eyes.

Strong but not complacent, ambitious but not arrogant, maybe her master can really become the Supreme God…

The only sound in the room was the rustle of writing, and it was only after a long time that Tenraku stopped writing, nodded in satisfaction, and was about to say something when a young girl’s voice rang out from outside the room.


The Undine Queen turned into a ball of light and attached to Tenraku, and Tenraku also stood up and opened the door.

“Where are Yubelluna and Tosca?”

Looking at Mihae, who was standing outside the room, Tenraku narrowed his eyes and asked.

“They went back to their rooms to rest.”

The young girl whispered back with a shy expression on her face.

“So you’re here to serve me?”

Tenraku lifted the Young Girl’s chin and asked.

“I, I……”

Mihae closed her eyes as her jade hands trembled lightly, although she knew that sooner or later she would give everything she had to Tenraku-sama, but she was still feeling shy……

The corner of his mouth raised with a slight curve as Tenraku did not continue, and directly hugged the girl and walked into the room.

As her own Peerage and Bishop, Mihae is a gentle girl like Yamato Nadeshiko. She is always considerate and caring for everyone. In the battle between them and Diodora, she put herself in danger to save her sisters.

Although he said he would let Mihae sleep with him when he returned to Human World, Tenraku still wanted to give the girl some time, but since she had come to him, he would enjoy it ……

The next day, early morning—

“Lord, please forgive my sins and guide me to radiance…”

With her hands in front of her, Asia, kneeling and sitting in front of Tenraku, was confessing and praying, purifying her body and mind.

As a daily homework, the young girl at this moment is that devout……

“Asia, actually you don’t have to do this.”

Although he has become accustomed to it, Tenraku can’t help but sweat.

“Tenraku-san, please don’t talk, praying and confessing to the Lord is a holy and solemn thing!”

Giving Tenraku an angry look, the young girl continued her prayer, and only after another moment of prayer had ended did Asia stand up and say.

“I’ve kept you all waiting, now let’s go to school, Tenraku-san, everyone.”

“Woo…Bento Bento…”

“Hē Hē Hē…”

She was still so pious and holy just now, but now she has changed back to the usual appearance. The contrast between the before and the after is jaw-dropping, and Yubellunaand other girls laughed as they saw this.

Regarding Tenraku as her Belief and God, and Tenraku as her friend and family, they are obviously two completely different identities, but Asia has perfectly handled the balance between the two. Even Tenraku can’t help but sigh when he saw this–

This is really an incredible girl!

It had been a while since he had gone to school because he went back to the Underworld because of the incident with Rias, so Tenraku walked out of the house with the girls, laughing and joking, and ran into Hyoudou Issei, who was also preparing to go to school.


Looking at Hyoudou Issei in front of him, Tenraku and all the girls were stunned.

Although the previous Hyoudou Issei always looked like squinting, he at least looked energetic, but after a few days, the current Hyoudou Issei was as thin as firewood and almost changed his shape. 

He will surely make people jump in fright if he suddenly ran from the roadside!

“Ah, it’s Tenraku…”

Hyoudou Issei glanced blankly at Tenraku and the girls with a lifeless look in his eyes and then squatted away without a reaction.

“Woo… that person is terrible…”

Gasper had a frightened expression on his face as he looked at Issei.

“Is Hyoudou-san okay? I feel some evil aura on him…”

Looks puzzled, Asia is a little bit concerned.

Because of Tenraku’s relationship, Asia has almost no intersection with Hyoudou Issei, and after hearing about Hyoudou Issei’s personality, she has always maintained a respectful attitude towards him, but as a pure and kind girl, Hyoudou Issei’s faint darkness exudes an evil breath that still makes Asia care a little bit.

“Hē Hē Hē…that is the curse I put on him in accordance with the Master’s order.”

Raynare next to him spoke with an evil and distorted smile on her face.


Not knowing why, Gasper, Asia, Yubelluna, and the other girls all looked at Raynare and Tenraku suspiciously.

It’s not a big secret either. Tenraku touched his nose and told the story of the perverted trio spying on the Kendo Club girls’ training and then asking Raynare to put a curse on them himself.

“They lost interest in girls as you made them like boys?!”

“Hehehe… Tenraku-Sama is so bad!”

“Hmph, harassing girls at school all day long, those three perverted guys deserved it!”

Although they were extremely shocked and felt chills on their bodies, the girls didn’t think there was anything wrong with Tenraku’s approach. Instead, they felt that the three perverted guys deserved it.

Not only Yubelluna and the other girls but even the pure and kind-hearted Asia showed a relieved expression on her face.

It turned out that it was only Tenraku-san’s curse on Hyoudou-san.

Looking in the direction where Hyoudou Issei left, the girl could not help but bless him with a holy and sincere expression on her face: 

“Hyoudou-san, all the suffering you are suffering now is the Lord’s trial for you, and the Lord’s salvation for your sinful soul. Don’t give up, your life is still full of hope…”

To be continued…

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