Chapter 888 Meifei is truly treated like a beloved daughter

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Universe 5, God of Destruction’s Planet

A blurry light flashed, and Xiaya appeared together with Meifei on God of Destruction’s Planet. During this time, Beerus had not gone back to slumber and was relishing in the good food and drinks everyday that finally brought some flesh onto his once emaciated body.

“What? Xiaya, you want Meifei to inherit your position? Isn’t this too soon?” Beerus was astonished when he heard Xiaya’s purpose for coming, and his chubby cheeks dropped in surprise.

How long has Xiaya been a God of Destruction? And he wants to step down so soon?

Doesn’t this make him look like he has been hanging on to the position of God of Destruction? Hmm, just like what Whis often teases him about?

No, no, no. Beerus quickly came to his senses and realized that he was the normal one. Someone like Xiaya, who has just taken over the position, wants to immediately step down, was the one who was abnormal.

Xiaya nodded and explained the Great Heaven Official’s intentions, “Great Heaven Official believes that if I want to reach the fifth level of the Divine Realm, I must first give up the powers of God of Destruction. I have thought about it and agree with this, so I want Meifei to inherit my position.”

“Fifth level of the Divine Realm!” Beerus sighed with emotion. His face had a complex expression. “That is the highest realm. I dare not even think about it. I didn’t expect that you would be able to step into such a high-level realm so soon.”

The fifth level of the Divine Realm is the level of Great Priest. Without him noticing, Xiaya, this kid has almost reached this level. It seems that he had gained many benefits while in the Spirit King’s Palace. It is incomparable, really incomparable!

God of Destruction of Universe 1 would be changing again so soon, and it would be someone like Meifei, someone from the younger generation. After inheriting Xiaya’s position, wouldn’t she surpass him all at once?

Beerus felt a pang of sourness in his heart, feeling as if he was about to fall behind.

At that moment, Whis, Vados and Kusu flew over from the horizon. When Whis saw Xiaya, his face suddenly went blank, showing an expression of disbelief. Then he quickly regained his composure and said, “Congratulations. I never thought you would surpass us so quickly. Now, you alone can defeat all of us.”

Xiaya gave a faint smile and said, “It’s because I was constantly attacked by five Dark Angels in the Spirit King’s Palace, and also time flew 100 times faster in the palace than outside, so I actually spent 16 or 17 years training inside.”

“Well, that’s still quite fast.”

Whis nodded. One Dark Angel is equivalent to a seasoned ordinary Angel and if he is able to battle against five Dark Angels, his strength is already quite formidable.

Turning around, Whis said to Beerus, “Beerus-sama, did you see that? Xiaya has made so much progress in just over a decade. You’ve been training for billions of years, but you still haven’t entered the fourth level of the Divine Realm.”

Upon hearing this, Beerus’ face turned green and he bellowed, “Whis, you’re talking nonsense again. How can everyone be like Xiaya? He’s a special case!”

Vados chuckled lightly and cast her beautiful eyes, sparkling with radiance, on Meifei, her gentle voice was pleasant to the ears, “Beerus-sama, that may not be necessarily true. Perhaps Meifei can also reach the same level as Xiaya.”

“That’s right, I’m not inferior either,” Meifei stepped forward and hooked her arm around Xiaya’s, proudly puffing out her chest. Her curvaceous figure was alluring, exuding the temptation of youth. Although she was now a mature woman, her usual childishness made her seem like she would never grow up.

Beerus opened his mouth, but for a moment, he was at a loss for words and could not respond, and sulked on the side.

At this moment, Kusu raised her head and glanced at Meifei before turning to Xiaya, “If it’s inheriting the God of Destruction’s position, we still have a lot of preparations to make. We should hurry to Universe 1.”

Whis said, “Would you mind if we came to observe too? The strongest God of Destruction in history is about to retire. It’s a rare sight.”

“Let’s all go,” everyone agreed, including Vados and Beerus, and even Champa, who had been idle all this time, saw an opportunity and wanted to leave God of Destruction’s Planet.

“Alright, let’s all go together,” Xiaya didn’t refuse and said with a hearty laugh before bringing everyone to Universe 1.

Inheriting the position of a god was, of course, a very complicated matter, similar to the succession ceremony of Supreme Kai. The whole process could not be completed in just a few days and nights. This was different from the divine power bestowed directly by Zeno, because he represented the laws of the Multiverse, and if Zeno said done, it was done, but others did not have that kind of power.

Inheritance required continuity, not the simplicity and crudeness of Zeno.


Universe 1.

Supreme Kai Tapion, Supreme Kai Eyre, Angel Camparri, and the former God of Destruction Robot Mosco had already been waiting for quite some time. When Xiaya arrived with the group from Universe 5, everyone gathered around.

“So, Miss Meifei is the new God of Destruction’s heir? It is truly fitting,” said Supreme Kai Eyre, adjusting his glasses.

Xiaya gave Meifei a fierce glare. “How long has it been since you last visited the God of Destruction’s Planet in Universe 1? Why do they not even know that you became the Trainee God of Destruction?”


Meifei stuck out her tongue and shrank her snow-white neck.

Upon seeing this, Angel Camparri kindly said, “Don’t blame Miss Meifei, she always goes directly to the Creating God Star every time she visits. Supreme Kai does not usually visit the God of Destruction’s Planet, so it is natural that they do not know.”

“I see,” nodded Xiaya.

At that moment, Kusu bowed to Xiaya and said, “Xiaya-sama, I will go and prepare for the succession ceremony of the God of Destruction. Please wait a moment.”

Xiaya waved his hand, allowing Kusu to handle it herself.

He then turned to the Robot Mosco and said, “Mosco, I believe Meifei is more suitable for the position of God of Destruction, so please do not mind and support her in the future.”

The robot Mosco nodded its head and made a series of beeping sounds. Seeing Xiaya’s confused expression, its body suddenly emitted white smoke and its chest suddenly opened up, and a small rose-red figure emerged from it.

“Mr. Xiaya, you need not worry. After the Zeno Tournament, I understand the importance of the selection of the God of Destruction candidate. I believe Miss Meifei will do better than I ever could,” said the strange creature, who had a diminutive build and two horns on its head.

Xiaya was surprised to see the person crawl out of Robot Mosco’s stomach.

“Who is he?” Beerus asked, confused.

“Beerus-sama, this is Mule-sama, the operator of Mosco-sama. Mosco-sama and Mule-sama worked together to become the former God of Destruction Mosco.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that there was another person inside Mosco’s body,” Champa said, his mouth widening in shock.

“I have long heard that the technology of the former Universe 3 was highly advanced. Previously, I was pondering the notion of a robot becoming a God of Destruction, which seemed quite unreasonable. Now I understand that Mosco-sama had Mule-sama residing within him!” Whis smiled faintly with a calm demeanor, seemingly rarely surprised by anything.

Vados nodded, “This may be a form of biotechnology, where machinery and flesh synchronize completely and cooperate to give birth to a new form of life. It is truly remarkable.”

Supreme Kai Eyre smiled slightly, “You flatter us.”

The most proud aspect of the former Universe 3 was its biotechnology. While the majority of warriors are mechanized, the most powerful among them are Super Warriors with biological attributes. This is because a purely mechanical form cannot match the efficiency of a biological body in harnessing energy.

As they stood there chatting, Meifei was standing on the side, dozing off and looking bored as she glanced around aimlessly. She then sat next to Xiaya in a docile manner, like a well-behaved baby.

Just at that moment, Kusu descended from the sky, closely followed by a massive black planet, casting a shadow that covered everything in sight. As it got closer, a powerful sense of oppression emanated from it resembling that of a black hole.

It was the Creating God Star, and it was the first time it has come so close to God of Destruction’s Planet.

Kusu floated to Xiaya’s side, leaned on her scepter and said, “Xiaya-sama, the God of Destruction’s inheritance ceremony will take place on the 1,000th floor of the Creating God Star, I have already arranged the altar there. Everyone, please follow me.”