Chapter 338 *Hidden*(Teaser)

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Xiaya couldn’t figure out what was so worth it for Whis to come over by himself.

‘Is it because of we, Super Saiyans? But… Whis has lived for countless years, so he must have seen a lot of Super Saiyans; plus, if it is to just save the neighboring planet, then people will find that hard to believe. After all, are the number of planets destroyed in the hands of the God of Destruction, Beerus, few?’ Xiaya doubted that Whis even took a little bit pity on them.

At their level of existence, everyone was beneath them. Towards the existence of living creatures, they had a higher degree of understanding. Could humans and plants be considered equal? In the eyes of humans, they deem themselves noble, but in the eyes of Whis and other powerful beings, there was no distinction between noble and lowly; they considered all as living creatures, nothing more.

All could be equally destroyed.

Taking all living things as straw dogs, this was the truth!

In front of a character like Whis, even if Xiaya reached the Super Saiyan 2 realm, it didn’t amount much to anything. Fortunately, Whis wasn’t a temperamental person like Beeru; plus, he was still very principled in doing things.

This made Xiaya feel a little at ease.

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