Chapter 329 Dull days (Teaser)

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The calm days were like tea in a glass, carefree and fully poetic.

At the periphery of Planet Hongshan’s city, a white mist merged, and as if it were from a fantasy, the mist transformed into various shapes from time to time.

Xiaya was floating above a misty peak, and the thin, moist water vapor soaked his hair. However, in the turbulent Ki waves, his golden hair was still carefreely fluttering in the wind. Xiaya had been in this state for a long time.

In a place not far away from him, a girl, who was similarly surrounded with golden light but with silvery-white electric arcs around her body, was looking at him with a cocked head. Her shiny white Battle Armor swayed with the wind, and because it was made of special materials, it was like a layer of gauze on her body, which was more convenient so as to exert her full strength in battle.

“Hah!” Xiaya opened his eyes to reveal a green color and softly sighed in relief.

“How are you feeling?” The girl arrived before him and asked.

Xiaya smiled calmly and said, “Almost… I’m just short of the final barrier.” According to his own feeling and reference to Meiling’s Super Saiyan 2 form, Xiaya knew that he was getting closer and closer to the breakthrough, and now, he was only lacking a little opportunity.

Maybe in one or ten days, the last layer of the membrane would be opened, revealing a new scenery outside the window.

Meiling smiled, her beautiful face blooming like a flower as she said, “I can only fight you to a draw after transforming into Super Saiyan 2. If you also break through, I wouldn’t be able to beat you anymore.”

Mailing seemed to be very unwilling, but her face was full of smiles from beginning to end. If Xiaya breakthrough, she would still be very happy.

“How can someone breakthrough just by saying so? Who knows how long it will take to cross that one step?” Xiaya rolled his eyes and said as he glanced at Meiling.

Opportunity, this thing was a very hard concept to explain. Sometimes, a word, a gaze, seeing a landscape, or even an act like drinking a glass of water may cause a breakthrough; it was an elusive and very difficult concept to fathom. Of course, such cases were very few. To Saiyans, the breakthrough opportunity was often contained in a battle, and the breakthrough in the midst of a battle was the most consistent with the characteristics of Saiyans.

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