Chapter 262 Gohan

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West City.

After getting destroyed and being rebuilt several times over, the former most prosperous city on earth, West City, was no more flourishing like before.

At the headquarters of the former Capsule Corporation, 300 meters underground, a light blue electric arc flashed and then disappeared. Bulma, wearing brown sunglasses, was bent over in front of a table, studying. Blueprints of Androids’ bodies were messily spread out on the table with some very small machine parts.

Bulma was busily working on a small gadget. It was a heart-like gadget. She was trying to develop a weapon that could restrain the Androids by building a large power output device.

Even further down in the ground, in a training room from which “buzz buzz” muffled sounds were coming out, a young man was arduously training.

Because the gravity was turned on to max, an oppressive dark-red color had appeared in the narrow training room. Sparkling and translucent beads of sweat were dripping down along the young man’s handsome face.

“Hey,” a light noise sounded.

As if he had broken to a certain level, a golden burning aura suddenly fluctuated around his body; his black hair rose and immediately gave off a golden glow, his eyes also turning a shade of green.


This state lasted for a moment before his aura suddenly dissipated.

With a bitter smile on his face, Gohan shook his head. “It’s no good; this state is not as good as that of Father’s and Vegeta’s. It is impossible for me to be Androids’ match.”

Since he had missed the best time for training, and after stepping into a high-level state, no one gave him pointers, so he could only rely on himself to learn causing his training progress to be very slow. His strength had not improved much in the past ten years, barely reaching Goku’s strength when he died, and without a doubt, such a small amount of strength was seriously not enough against the Androids.

Just as Gohan sat down cross-legged on the ground to meditate, the door to the training room suddenly opened, and a teenager with light purple hair walked in.

“Big brother Gohan, have you finished training?” The 13 to 14-year-old teenager had light purple hair similar to Bulma. Surprisingly, it was young Trunks.

“Yeah.” Gohan nodded to him.

“How was it?” Trunks’ eyes suddenly lit up as he asked.

Gohan sighed and slightly shook his head. “It still won’t do. Although I have almost reached the level of my father and your father Vegeta, it’s not enough to deal with the Androids.”

“Oh.” Trunks expectant expression changed to disappointment, but then he immediately cheered himself up and encouraged Gohan, “Big brother Gohan, don’t worry; I believe you can do it!”

Gohan smiled and nodded slightly.

At this time, Trunks lowered his head and asked with curiosity, “Right, can you tell me about my father? Whenever I asked my mother, she wouldn’t tell me.”

“Vegeta?” Gohan picked up a wet towel and wiped his face. “I didn’t have much contact with Vegeta since he was a lone-wolf type person with a frightening ego.”

“Mom also said that.” Trunks nodded.

“Actually, I don’t understand why your mother got together with Vegeta.”

“Well, forget it. After all, it is all in the past. We shouldn’t care about adult matters.” Gohan suddenly thought of something. He wanted to speak but didn’t. Then, he walked out of the training room and picked up a martial art suit to wear.

Its style was exactly the same as the Turtle School’s martial art clothes; it was also orange-red in color.

“Ummh.” Trunks nodded and followed him.

During dinner time, Bulma finished her day’s research and saw Gohan wearing a martial arts suit with a huge “fan” character. Surprised, she said, “Amazing, your appearance while wearing this martial art suit, and also while eating, greatly resembles your father, Goku.”

While speaking, her face showed an expression of reminiscence.

The years had left traces on her face; on top of which she had been working hard for the past few years. Even with Bulma family’s genes which seem to be able to resist the passage of time, she still couldn’t withstand the trace of the years. She was no longer young like before.

Hearing her words, Gohan pulled at his clothes and laughed. “I just want to become as strong as father, so I especially prepared this clothes. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do anything.”

Shaking her head, she raised a cup and took a sip. “You have been looking for Androids all by yourself in order to trouble them, haven’t you? This is already very rare. Trunks admires you very much!”

Shaking his head with a wry smile, he clenched his fist and said, “If it wasn’t because the Androids never wanted to kill me, I wouldn’t have lived until now!”

“Well, let’s eat first!”


Then, Gohan and Trunks started gorging on food. Saiyan’s food intake had always been astonishing. Their ferocious look was like a starving ghost-reincarnate. Soon, they devoured half a pot of rice.

“Well, they look exactly the same!” Bulma looked at them with interest, and she couldn’t help but think of those times again. The once young lady was now old, and the young man from those days had already passed away; combined with the doomsday-like atmosphere of earth, the past could only be looked back to, as everything had changed!

A few days later.

A violent vibration was transmitted from a distant part of the planet. Even during the night, you could still see light just like the first rays of the morning sun. Once again, a large city was destroyed by the hands of the Androids.

“17, didn’t you say that you won’t destroy this city? Such a good clothing store won’t be found in the future.” 18 looked at the flames shrouding the whole sky not far away and frowned, her beautiful face looking with dissatisfaction towards the originator of all this—her brother, 17.

After seeing that, 17 waved his hand without any care. “Hehe; 18, haven’t you already taken a lot of clothes, these clothes are enough for you to wear.”

“Snort!” 18 coldly snorted, but suddenly her bright eyes turned around and she smiled. “Look, someone has been attracted by your actions.”

Raising his head, he looked towards the direction pointed by 18. Sure enough, he could see one big and one small figure flying towards them. When they got close, 17 suddenly drew back the corners of his mouth and laughed heartily. His eyes flashed with a chilly glow like a god looking down on the people. The person who had arrived was actually Gohan, Goku’s son.

And also their defeated opponent.

“Haha, isn’t this Gohan? To think that you would again come. Hm? And this time, you also brought a little guy,” Looking at Gohan who had already arrived in front of them, 17 said with disdain.

Regarding this defeated opponent, he and 18 had always taken a playful attitude. In fact, on the whole earth, only he could bring some entertainment to them. Everyone else was like a tiny ant, and they wouldn’t feel any sense of accomplishment even if they trampled them to death.

“Tsk tsk, I haven’t seen you for a few months, so let me see how much more powerful you have become,” 17 provocatively said, and assumed a fighting posture, preparing to attack.

“Damn it, how many more people do you want to kill!” Looking at the sight of broken walls everywhere, Trunks shouted in grief and anger.

“Trunks, calm down.”

Gohan blocked in front of Trunks, and his black eyes stared at the Androids coldly. Through his several fights with the Androids, he understood that the dreadfulness of these two monsters in front of him was far beyond Trunks imagination. He could not allow Trunks to rashly attack.

“17, I am in a bad mood today, so let me kill them!” 18 glanced at them and suddenly became angry.

“Hm? Just kill them? Don’t you want to toy around with them?” 17 asked.

They didn’t kill Gohan before, because, they were worried that there would be no one left to play with them in the future, but now, it seems that 18 was really in a bad mood. Androids, as powerful as they were, had long gone beyond the level of Earthlings. They could be said to be an invincible existence in the universe. Keeping these humans was just because they were looking for a little enjoyment.

“Not interested, I have already become tired of staying on earth. After killing them, we will go look for a spaceship and go to other planets.” 18 stroked her fluttering hair as a cold light flashed in her eyes.

There was no shortage of spaceships on earth that could go to the outside world. Even if they were faulty, they could just look for humans to repair it. Could it be that the humans would dare to refuse them? After killing for these few years, she was completely fed up with the life on earth; it was too boring!

“All right!”

On second thought, he and 18 were already so powerful. How could they keep limiting their sight to this tiny planet? He had heard that the sceneries in the universe were very beautiful.

It is time to go outside! Thinking of this, 17 heartily laughed and coldly looked at Gohan and Trunks, “You have also heard, so you can die now.”

“Trunks, get back, let me deal with them!”

Gohan raised his eyebrows and ordered Trunks to withdraw to the back.

“Big brother Gohan, I can fight too!” Trunks was unwilling to look on from the side and argued.

“Get back, you are not their match!”


Trunks softly agreed with unwillingness, and then retreated to the side; he also understood that he was not the Androids’ match, but he was really unwilling.