APJ Chapter 134 Yamato’s 100th day ritual and setting out for Wano Country

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The events that happened in the room did not spread outside as there was no need to publicize it in advance. It was enough for just a few core members to know.

Except for Setsuna, no one in the room was naive and since Setsuna did not understand what had happened, there was no need to keep any special secrets.

It’s fortunate that Shayna isn’t here, otherwise, in her rage, she might have gone straight to hunt down Kurozumi Higurashi. She probably hasn’t gone too far yet. If the master is humiliated, the servant should die. Deceiving Arceus is already her bottom line.

And just as expected, when King explained what had happened to her afterwards, her rage was not less than that of Arceus. If it were not for Arceus’ orders, she would have really dared to go assassinate Kurozumi Orochi.

Then, the members of the Beasts Pirates began their revelry again. With Kurozumi Orochi being marked for death, the preparations started for their relocation.

Even ordinary people take a few days to move house, let alone the fact that the Beasts Pirates have a large territory and huge business. Shifting the main island means that many things have to be rearranged.

Originally, it was already the end of the year, but with this delay, it has now come to the Year 1495. After more than a month of busy work, Beasts Pirates completed the transfer of most of their personnel.

Although they are planning to go to Wano Country, they cannot neglect the other territories. They need to deal with who will guard each island and make preparations for their specific businesses, among other things. This pace was already considered fast.

Surprisingly, the residents of Winter Island felt reluctant towards the Beasts Pirates headquarters’ relocation. This had never happened in the past hundred years. Ultimately, it was because the Beasts Pirates had made their lives better.

As a non-allied kingdom member, the World Government does not concern themselves with their fate. In such a situation, whoever can improve their quality of life will gain their support and allegiance.

Although Beasts Pirates have not given up on this place, the headquarters and non-headquarters hold completely different meanings.

With only a day left until the Beasts Pirates move, their preparations have already been completed. However, they did not set off immediately because the journey from here to Wano Country will take some time, and they have one more significant task to accomplish.

The governor of the Beasts Pirates, their captain’s daughter, has reached her hundredth day and they have a tradition of celebrating the occasion.

Yamato, as Kaido’s child and having grown up drinking Miltank’s milk, has matured much faster than an ordinary child. She has already reached the stage of babbling her first words, but the first word she learned was not “dad” or “mom”.

It was “Chaaaansey”.

Chansey has been taking care of her on a daily basis, and she has heard the word “Chaaaansey” every day, so she instinctively learned how to pronounce the word.

As tradition goes, today she will be fed using chopsticks some different foods, but since she hasn’t grown her teeth yet, they’ll just dip it in sauce and place it in her mouth.

Red bean rice, clam soup, sea bream, and dried plum are all part of a ritual here that symbolizes Yamato’s healthy growth. However, according to Arceus’ intentions, they also prepared a Zhuazhou ritual for her.

Originally, it was a well-intentioned ritual that Kaido also approved of, but the items that appeared during the Zhuazhou ritual were quite strange.

Those items were not prepared by a single person but rather each officer selected two items to be placed there. Originally, they were covered by a red cloth, so it was impossible to discern what was underneath.

But after lifting the cloth, there were hardly any normal things in sight.

Books, crowns, toy weapons; these were all placed by Arceus.

The remaining items were microscope, medicine, Berries(money), Chansey’s egg, Miltank’s milk, berries, roasted meat, a wooden plate with flames engraved on it, Arceus’ flag, Setsuna’s own clothes, these were still relatively normal items.

But the last items were truly outrageous – gun, sword, and even grenade, and the grenade even had the pin exposed. These weren’t toys, but genuine weapons.

“Who put this grenade in here!”

A vine appeared from the ground and took away the grenade, throwing it to someone else. He now feels that this Zhuazhou ritual has become very abnormal.

“Also, why is the Caveman fruit here! Aren’t you afraid she’ll take a bite of it! No teeth? Even if she has no teeth, it’s still not allowed! Don’t you know how strong she is?”

Looking around, there wasn’t a single item that was trouble free. Arceus suddenly felt very tired.

“This kanabo. Kaido, did you place it here?” The small kanabo, with the spikes specially replaced with round heads, was clearly Kaido’s handiwork.

“That’s not an ordinary Kanabo, that’s ‘Takeru.’ Since she is my daughter, she’ll definitely inherit my strength in the future.”

“Takeru? Did you give Kanabo a name?”

“Don’t famous swords all have names? Is it strange for a Kanabo to have a name?”

“Then your–”

“Hassaikai! don’t tell me you don’t know that my Kanabo is called Hassaikai?” Kaido very rarely speaks with doubt. He looked shocked that Arceus didn’t know the name of his weapon.

“Um…that wine gourd looks quite pretty. It’s time, let’s start, let’s start.” Arceus immediately changed the subject. Indeed, there was nothing strange about a Kanabo having a name.

Compared to the sharp swords, the hand grenades with exposed pins, the specially-made Kanabo was already quite normal. Yamato, who had just turned one hundred days old, was still a little confused when Chansey carried her to the center, not knowing what to do.

But the things surrounding her also aroused her curiosity. She looked left and right, but didn’t choose the shiny or fragrant things.

Instead, she reached for the Kanabo that Kaido had prepared for her.

Although it was a specially made small Kanabo, it was impossible for a normal baby to lift it. But Yamato easily picked it up and even swung it a few times before throwing it at Queen’s stomach.

After the Kanabo bounced back, she clapped her hands happily and even crawled over to pick it up.


“Is that so? Is this her first time crawling?” On the side, Chansey happily reported to Arceus. Crawling at three months is already quite ahead of time, but it wasn’t particularly surprising given Kaido’s bloodline and abundant nutrition.

She is really Kaido’s biological child. She immediately fixed her gaze on the Kanabo that Kaido had prepared for her, but she didn’t plan to stop there. In her eyes, everything around her was prepared for her.

After hugging the small crown that Arceus had prepared for her, she shifted her focus to food such as Miltank’s milk bottle.

And before she could lay her eyes on the Devil Fruit and Kaido’s wine gourd, Arceus immediately put away all those items. Energy Hand is very convenient in this regard. Then, Kaido immediately passed down his order.

“Worororo, alright everyone, our target is Wano Country. Get ready to set sail!””