APJ Chapter 131 The Wano Country Arc

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[TN: Will be changing Beasts Pirates Fruits to Beasts Fruits]

“A country?”

“That’s right, a country with a large population and territory, excellent craftsmen and weapon makers, and technology not found in the outside world, the isolationist Wano Country. You must have heard of it, right? While the weapons you produce here are good, there is still a big gap compared to the level of Wano Country. Ni kyo kyo kyo kyo, I have a great proposal. We need your strength, and all the craftsmen and technology of Wano Country will be at your disposal.”

Kurozumi Higurashi presented her proposal. With Kaido’s help, they would completely rule Wano Country, making Kurozumi Orochi the Shogun with real rights. After that, Kurozumi Orochi would do everything in his power to help them, and the entire country would produce weapons for them.

She knew that the other party was a pirate and a remnant of Rocks Pirates, so it was best to be upfront about their interests when dealing with such a person.

As for the destruction caused by the construction of a large number of factories, that had nothing to do with them. Kurozumi family has already been destroyed, and after a large number of their family members had died, their remaining members’ biggest goal was to seek revenge on everything related to Wano Country.

That was also the reason why Kurozumi Higurashi came to find Kaido. After all, he was not only a pirate but also an excellent businessman.

Well, that’s not quite right. Although he has the brains for it, he has no interest in getting involved in management, so he was just a shareholder waiting for dividends, having voluntarily given up his right to participate in management.

But she didn’t know these details, and the only thing she knew is that the Beasts Fruits is now a leading business, and she naturally knew that it was owned by Beasts Pirates.

A powerful pirate who knew how to do business and make it big, such a person was a more suitable business partner.

She had also considered other people, but Big Mom and the Golden Lion’s forces were too big, and Whitebeard is even less possible because Kozuki Oden was already on his ship. Ultimately, Kaido was their most suitable target.

Then Kurozumi Higurashi continued, “Wano Country also has something that the outside world doesn’t have. It’s the only large Seastone mineral vein in the world. As long as you work with us, it’s all yours, and you can make huge profits from it. Whether it’s to create an army or anything else, these are things you need, aren’t they?”

It’s not that you can’t find Seastone in the outside world, but if you want a stable Seastone production site, the only choice is Wano Country.

Wano Country has been closed for hundreds of years, but Seastone still flowed outside, and some of it was secretly taken out by individuals from Wano Country. Even if the country was closed, someone can still choose to leave.

Wano Country was not an absolute iron bucket. If one wishes to leave, it is still possible to do so. Such individuals have appeared from time to time over the past few hundred years.

Sometimes they are also found outside, albeit very rarely. This is because of natural changes that cause P particles to gather together, forming scattered deposits of Seastone in the outside world, which are eventually discovered.

“Good proposal, but why should I join forces with you? If I do, you’ll take half of the loot. Why don’t I just take it all? You better give me a good reason.”

In essence, he was still a pirate, and plundering was always the most direct way for pirates to obtain things. As per what Kurozumi Higurashi said, the most direct approach is for him to directly occupy Wano Country.

Beast Pirates have many business ventures, and after doing so many business, Kaido began to dislike the middleman link.

“Ni kyo kyo kyo kyo, Kaido, Wano Country is different. It’s not a small island that you can control without any resistance. Wano Country has a population of over a million, and even in the New World, it would be a big country. Moreover, samurais and daimyos in the country also have considerable strength.”

“Wano Country is very xenophobic, and without a legitimate title, you cannot completely occupy it. Even if you can oppress them with force, you will have to pay a great price in terms of casualties when facing the terrain of Wano Country, as well as countless rebellions.”

“By collaborating with us, you will acquire everything you desire, and you won’t have to worry about anything. Isn’t that great?”

Kurozumi Higurashi’s reason was barely enough to make Kaido accept, and besides, his subordinates were also his military strength. They could die in battle, but they couldn’t die in vain.

If fighting for a country means depleting one’s hard-earned reserves, then the cost may outweigh the benefits.

“So according to what you are saying, you’ve already obtained the so-called “legitimate” title?”

“That’s right, I’m the user of the Clone-Clone Fruit and I can transform into others. The current Shogun of Wano Country has been imprisoned, and one of my people is currently the proxy Shogun of Wano Country.”

Kurozumi Higurashi didn’t mind telling this to Kaido. If he accepted her proposal, she would have to tell him this sooner or later, and even if Kaido didn’t accept, he wouldn’t send this information to Wano Country anyway.

She doesn’t believe that a pirate would go and become a goody-two-shoes, doing meaningless things like helping the people of Wano Country maintain their legitimacy. Besides, even if he really was a goody-two-shoes, the isolationist people of Wano Country wouldn’t trust him.

Wano Country had been sealed off for a long time, and even the World Government was full of unknowns about the current situation inside Wano Country. The isolationist life makes everything in Wano Country different from the outside world.

For example, the Berries circulating in the Blue Sea was just waste paper in Wano Country. They use special currencies made of gold and silver.

Moreover, the people inside Wano Country have no knowledge of the outside world. News Coo won’t approach that place, and Den Den Mushi can’t be used to communicate to Wano Country not because of signal interference, but due to species differences.

The original form of Den Den Mushi is just a special type of snail. It is only after being modified and equipped with accessories that it becomes a Den Den Mushi. However, they do not dislike this and actually enjoy being raised in captivity.

In Wano Country, there are no Den Den Mushi snails, but instead, there is a type of snail called “Tanishi” which has the same abilities as the Den Den Mushi. However, unlike the Den Den Mushi, Tanishi cannot communicate with other snails. As a result, Wano Country has almost no means of communication with the outside world.

In Wano Country, users of Devil Fruits are referred to as sorcerers, making it difficult for ordinary people to understand abilities such as the Clone-Clone Fruit.

Even those who have accidentally consumed a Devil Fruit in Wano Country do not know why they possess strange abilities.

“Alright then, if that’s the case, why are you looking for forces outside.” According to what she said, Wano Country is already in their hands, so why bother seeking help from outside and sharing the powers they already hold?

“It’s because of him! That damn Kozuki Oden, the heir of the Kozuki family! He has gone out to sea and gave us this opportunity, but he’s still alive. Once he returns to Wano Country, the position of Shogun will fall back into his hands.”

Kurozumi Higurashi pulled out a newspaper and pointed angrily at the picture on it.

This is the situation in Wano Country. As long as the Kozuki family has sons, no matter how incompetent they may be, the Shogun of Wano Country can only be from their family. Kurozumi Orochi is currently just a substitute Shogun, and that’s all he can be in the current situation.

To permanently hold the position of Shogun, the Kozuki family must be eliminated.

[Author Note: Wano Country covers an area of 4,445 square kilometers and has a population of 1.1 million people. This data was speculated by people on the internet based on the situation in the Edo period. The original work did not explain it clearly, so I used this data.]

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