OPTS- Chapter 92 Leaving Early

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“Captain’s power… is getting stronger again.”

Robin on the ship could no longer read the book quietly. She stood up and looked at the huge movement on the cliff and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Breaking off the 100-meter-long cliff and letting the gravel gather in the air, turning it into a huge meteorite, this power is simply ridiculous, It seems that it is no longer the power that Devil Fruit can do as a result of Distortion.

As for the handyman who heard the sound on the ship, they have already fallen into a sluggish state.


Robin stared at the huge meteorite and her expression gradually changed. She seemed to see a fissure on the meteorite. As time went on, it continued to increase, and there were vague signs of collapse and fall.

If such a big thing falls so close, even if it doesn’t hit the hull of Ghost Shadow Ship head-on, the waves will probably overturn Ghost Shadow Ship!

Kāchā! Kāchā!

The signs of meteorite crushing are growing, huge and visible cracks have appeared on its surface and a cold sweat has appeared on Robin’s forehead.

And just as the meteorite was about to collapse, Ross’s figure flickered and jumped onto the meteorite and the power of distortion instantly covered the entire meteorite.

Bang Rumble!

Half of the meteorites crumbled and closed again.

“Almost there, I can control about it for twenty seconds after the partition…”

Ross watched the giant meteorite beneath him, his eyes reflecting. After cutting off the meteorite, his power of distortion could last for 20 seconds remotely.

Twenty seconds is enough. It’s not Float-Float Fruit and Gravity Fruit after all. And as Distribution Fruit continues to develop, this time will probably continue to increase.


Judging the state of disconnecting and direct contact, Ross no longer spent his stamina in maintaining such a meteorite in the air, he controlled it to fall slowly to the sea below and eventually to the bottom of the cliff bit by bit.

Even if it fell bit by bit, it still caused waves upon waves which pushed the Ghost Shadow Ship away with the waves.


“Can you please don’t do such dangerous things near the ship?”

With a sigh of relief, Robin showed a smiling face and stared at Ross who was not far away and there was a dangerous atmosphere in the air.

Ross subtly avoided Robin’s question and said, “Call back Laffitte. It’s time. We’re leaving tomorrow.”

Robin sighed. “Okay.”

Very soon.

Robin contacted Laffitte via Den Den Mushi and called Laffitte back from the island.

“Log Pose only stores one-third of its magnetism. If we leave now, we’ll lose our route, Captain.”

Laffitte returned to the ship and realized that they were leaving tomorrow and was puzzled.

“Don’t worry about that. The magnetic force is very strong in the place we’re going to go to. As long as we get close, we will forcibly seize the magnetic force on Log Poss. By then, the three arrows may point to the same island.” Ross responded calmly.

As a navigator, Laffitte is completely familiar with the navigation of Log Pose and Grand Line, but Ross’s words still make him feel a bit strange, but he has no doubt.

Since following Ross, all the experiences along the way have proved that Ross’s decision is without any mistakes.

Same day.

Ross is training the newly acquired Gravity Distortion on the shore and is familiar with the soaring physical strength and power of distortion. He has been able to adapt to his powers that day and has been able to master his own strength.

At noon the next day, Ghost Shadow Ship pulled up the anchor and lowered the sail.

“Captain, which direction do we go?”

Since Log Pose has not yet stored full magnetic force and the purpose of this trip is completely determined by Ross, Laffitte does not know the direction and asks Ross.

“It doesn’t matter, just go in any direction.”

Ross stood on the deck and when Laffitte and Robin were somewhat obscure, he continued, “Just go straight ahead, leave Alcaria’s field of vision first.”

Laffitte and Robin looked at each other with a feeling of being unreliable, but the two still did not question Ross’s decision, they controlled the Ghost Shadow Ship and left Alcaria.

When Alcaria gradually turned into a blurred black shadow on the horizon and finally disappeared from their line of sight, Ross standing on the deck looked up at the sky.

“So, the place we are going next is…”

“Sky island.”

The moment his voice fell, Ross raised his arm and gently closed his five fingers in front of him. Power of distortion spread rapidly, covering the whole Ghost Shadow Ship and then he turned the direction of gravity.


Nearly forty meters long, Ghost Shadow Ship, under Ross’s power, rose slowly from the sea, causing waves to surge.

All the people on the ship were stunned.  Several handymen looked around in horror. Laffitte was a little shocked. Only Robin showed a sudden look and looked up at the sky.

As an archaeologist of O’Hara’s, she is naturally aware of the existence of the Sky island.

“The Sky island… is indeed a good place to take shelter from the limelight, but it is really unexpected to be able to send a whole ship to the sky.”

After Robin stabilized herself, she smirked. She didn’t doubt that Ross had the ability to send Ghost Shadow Ship to the island because Ross never did anything that he was unsure of.

Laffitte showed a strange expression. After hearing Robin’s words, he also smiled. “Sky island?  It seems that it really exists.”


When the ship rose to a position of thirty or forty meters from the sea, Ross’s hand gently lifted up and the whole ship suddenly accelerated, rising rapidly toward the sky, getting higher and higher.

The Sky island is a buffer space that Ross has set a long time ago. As long as the Gravity Distortion’s ability is activated, he will have the ability to enter the Sky island at any time.


There is also something on the Sky island that Ross cares about, that is…Logia Devil Fruit, Rumble-Rumble Fruit!

Today is the Great Age of Pirates in March of the 12th year. During this period, Enel has not yet got Rumble-Rumble Fruit. This fruit has not yet appeared, or it has already appeared, but it has not been found by Enel.

As one of Logia’s strongest Devil Fruits, its power is beyond doubt!

By acquiring the power of Rumble-Rumble Fruit, one may not be able to reach the level of a Marine Admiral, but with a little practice, it is enough to occupy a place in Seven Warlords of the Sea!

Ross had the idea of this fruit a long time ago. Knowing it was on Sky island and leaving it to Enel was like seeing a pile of money by the roadside and not picking it up.

Whether he has a chance or not, he has to take a look. Even if he already has the Distortion Fruit, he can have one of his crew members eat it to create a powerful Battle power. He can also eat a second Devil Fruit with the help of the Talent System, but the requirement of 5 Free Talent Points is too high.

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