OPTS- Chapter 90 Gravity Distortion

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Killing a Shichibukai really has hidden rewards, which is equivalent to the first kill of Marine Vice-Admiral. This is undoubtedly an unexpected surprise for Ross. Counting the rewards from killing Iron Wall Pirates, he now has 180 Talent Proficiency Points and 4 Free Talent Points.

It can also be deduced from Shichibukai’s existence of hidden rewards that the hunting rewards given by Talent System are not based solely on the suspended bounty of the World Government.

However, in most cases, suspended bounty corresponds to the level of strength.

Now that he thinks about it, Iron Wall Ravarro, who had a bounty of 180 million berries has a strength that was comparable to a Shichibukai but he failed to give him any additional reward after the hunt…

Well, people should be content and happy.

“Captain Ross, even a Shichibukai has been killed, so Shichibukai’s position is vacant…”

Laffitte came up from a distance and looked at Crocodile’s body lying in the Yellow sand, tilting his head and showing a thoughtful look. “Speaking of it, Captain is absolutely qualified to serve as Shichibukai with your strength, but the government is mostly ready to kill us.”

“So Shichibukai’s position doesn’t need to be considered.”

Ross nodded, without the previous newspaper, he was likely to receive an invitation by the World Government’s Shihibukai agreement after he has eliminated Crocodile.

Now, whether the government or Marine’s senior officials, they are eager to kill him. Unless he has something that both the government and Marine are afraid of, Shichibukai’s position is completely untenable.


Even the failure to serve as a Shichibukai did not affect Ross’s next plan of action.

“The next thing to do is to take shelter from the limelight. I have already thought of a good place for us to go.” Ross showed a deep gaze that seemed to hold everything.

“Has it been considered so soon? Captain is reassuring.” Laffitte smiled which just shows a little respect.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Ross did not go to see Crocodile’s body and walked away and Laffitte quickly followed.

After destroying one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, plus the previous events, in Ross’s vision, he will encounter the following situations: one is the assassination by CP from the government’s intelligence agency and the other is in the form of encirclement and suppression by at least two Vice-Admirals from Marine Headquarter.

Finally and worst of all, A Marine Admiral.

Even if he has 180 Talent Proficiency Points and 4 Free Talent Points and his strength can be greatly improved. It is impossible for him to cross the huge power gap between Marine Admiral and escape once he encounters him.

In the first case.

The whole crew must be on high alert at all times. No matter which CP unit is, their strength will not be weak. If they ambush and assassinate their crew, the situation will be very dangerous. He may be able to deal with it but Robin’s situation will become very dangerous unless she stays with him all the time.

As for the second case… It’s not going to be good either.

With this harvest, Ross’s strength will surely surpass those of Doberman’s Headquarters Vice-Admiral. But when two Vice-Admiral and even three Vice-Admiral join forces, strength is not as simple as one plus one equals two. Laffitte and Robin are not strong enough to fight against Headquarters Vice-Admiral.

Although relying on Talent System all the way to come here, all the enemies encountered were defeated by him, but Ross never regarded himself as Strawhat Luffy. Luffy could overcome any dangerous situation, including Kizaru’s attack, Aokiji’s attack and he survived Garp’s crazy training and came out even stronger.

For Ross.

Despite the smooth journey so far, as long as he encounters a real dangerous situation, maybe he will never be saved because no one will save him, He can only depend upon himself.

So from the beginning to the present, before every action, he tried to take everything that would happen into account in advance.


The news of Crocodile’s defeat at Ghost Hand Ross’s hand quickly passed back to the Marine Headquarters and the World Government and was also uncontrolled as the news spread to the entire sea.

For a time, countless people moved!

Every Seven Warlords of the Sea is a well-known strong man on Grand Line. People may not be able to name Vice-Admirals but a Seven Warlords of the Sea, even the Four Emperors of New World, will pay some attention to them!

Many of the top powers judged that Ross would be pursued by the government and Marine crazily when the previous news spread across the sea, he will be silent for a long time or may even die.


Just over half a month later, Ross reappeared and defeated one of the Supernovas offering a $180 million berries bounty in the first half of Grand Line and a Seven Warlords of the Sea!

The rising trend seems to be true as the news said… Unstoppable!

At the same time.

The government and Marine also issued an order urgently and all eyes were gathered at Alcaria.


The whole sea was in turmoil and Ross who was in the center of that turmoil was standing alone on the edge of a cliff in Alcaria island, looking at the boundless sea.

In the two Battles with Crocodile and Iron Wall Ravarro, he was not seriously injured. He was only chopped by Crocodile sand blade on his shoulders and the scars were not deep. He was slightly bandaged and Almost had recovered in three days.

If he had a ship doctor, he might recover faster.


Ross touched the bandage on his shoulder and gently pulled it off, revealing the dark brown scab inside. He stretched out his hand and the scab slowly fell off, revealing the tender skin inside.

“It seems that there will still be a little scar left. I should really recruit a doctor for the ship.”

As one Piece World’s most decisive and handsome existence in his own view, a scar on his body is something Ross can’t tolerate.

Putting aside the messy ideas, Ross stretched his arm and felt that there was no problem at all. Then he moved his mind and evoked Talent System’s Interface.

“Finally…Gravity Distortion.”

Ross took a deep breath and made a decision. He immediately placed 3 Free Talent Points into the second branch of Distortion Fruit, Gravity Distortion.


A golden light flashed and the branch of Gravity Distortion was instantly activated, turning from emerald green to golden yellow and at the same time, a warm current instantly rushed out of Ross’ body.

This warmth did not enhance Ross’s body, nor did it enhance the power of Distortion Fruit, but it gave Ross a very strange feeling.

The world that was originally in front of him had only the sky and the sea, the air and the earth, but at this moment, he seemed to ‘see’ something different.

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