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The Kingdom of Elias.

This country is very developed in its services and is one of the most famous hot spring countries in the world. Various hot springs can be seen everywhere and some world famous people often come here to experience high-grade hot spring baths.

In the independent corner of an upscale spa, there is a single spa room with a radius of about 45 meters. The facilities in the room are elegant and luxurious. Ross is lying quietly on the edge of the spa with his eyes closed.

There are also largely shared hot springs outside, but he prefers separate hot springs pools.

If Robin wants to come in, Ross will not mind.

Since he became a pirate, he has rarely enjoyed leisure. When he was a Pirate Hunter in West Blue, he used to relax between hunting pirates, but now he spends most of his time on his ship sailing at sea.

While Ross was relaxing and stretching, there was suddenly a depressed sound.

Puru Puru Puru…..

Ross opens his eyes and walks out of the water, he grabs a clean towel and wipes himself, then he goes towards his clothes and pulls out a Den Den Mushi from the pocket.

After the connection was established, Laffitte’s voice came from Den Den Mushi.

“Captain, I’ve found something that might be very useful here.”

“Oh? What is it?”

Ross asked as he dressed.

Laffitte hides in a corner and speaks into the Den Den Mushi in a slightly low voice. “A special Log Pose, with three Poses on it, it is said to be High-Level Log Pose from the second half of Grand Line, which can point to three islands at the same time.”

Listening to Laffitte, Ross’s eyes flickered slightly. He naturally knew about this kind of Log Pose, but he didn’t expect to find one in the first half of the Grand Line.

The question is… can this Log Pose be used in the first half of the Grand Line?

But if you think about it carefully, the three-arrow Log Pose itself is an upgraded version of the ordinary Log Pose, which can be used in the New World, So it is very likely that it can be also used in the first half of the Grand Line.

“Where are you?”

Ross asked Laffitte after a little thought.

If the three-arrowed HIGH-Level Log Pose works in the first half of the Grand Line, he will not be confined to a single route, so that even if a Marine Admiral wants to come after him, he must first determine his exact location.

“Beth Street…”

Laffitte’s voice was vividly imitated by the Den Den Mushi: “That Log Pose seems to have come from a private dark exchange and now there’s fighting between at least three groups of Pirates.

Obviously, Ross is not the only one who wants the Hig- Level Log Pose. If it’s available in the first half of the Grand Line then it’s one of the best navigational equipment for most pirates.

“Watch it and wait for me.”

Ross heard Laffitte’s words and quickly put on his clothes, he pushed open the door and went out, He said to Robin in the lounge, “Let’s go to Laffitte.”

Robin put down the newspaper in her hand, looked blankly at the Captain who had recently invited her to soak in the hot spring, then stood up and followed.


Beth Street.

The screams and the sound of gunfire went together and a large number of people fled crazily. Some of them were well-dressed and some were only covered with bath towels, but nobody cared much about it at this time.

The streets have become a battlefield for several groups of forces, three of which were pirates and one was the local criminal organization, fighting in chaos.

“Captain, you are here.”

Ross and Robin appeared at a roadway entrance and Laffitte emerged from the darkness at the right time, lifting his cane and pointing in one direction.

“The Pirates over there now owns the Log Pose and they are now under siege by three other groups. They tried to broke through twice but failed. Now they have retreated to the three-story building.”

“I see.”

Ross nodded, after looking at the building in the distance, he walked straight out of the lane and walked over to the three-story building.

By this time, the streets were already in a mess, smoke and rubble were spread everywhere. Everyone was looking for shelter from guns. Few people were huddled together. Ross swaggered out and immediately attracted a lot of attention from people in several directions.

“Captain, someone is coming!”

Hiding behind a bunker, a Pirate Captain looked at Ross at the street not far away, his eyes were shimmering with cold fury and he said, “He is not one of our men, kill him!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At his command, four or five pirates around him immediately opened fire on Ross, and a heavy shower of bullets hit Ross head-on.

Strangely enough, Ross just turned his head a little and shrank his shoulders in the rain of guns and walked safely through it without a bullet hitting him.

“Not hit?”

The Pirates were surprised.

The Pirate Captain’s eye flashed and he murmured, “No, the bullets were evaded… This fellow is not an ordinary person. Be careful!”

People who can avoid bullets are quick and agile. If he hadn’t had a bounty of 50 million Berries and had seen the strongest people in all walks of life, he would have withdrawn decisively by this time.

Ross did not deal with the chaotic pirate and criminal organizations. His goal was to get the Log Pose first so that the pirates in the building would not jump into the wall and destroy the Log Pose and he gets nothing.

After several rounds of bullet fire, Ross approached the three-story building, where some people opened fire on Ross, but all were evaded by Ross.

“Damn it, why can’t you get hit?!”

Because Ross did not show any overwhelming power, the pirates in the building were amazed, but they were not terrified enough to run away.


Ross came to the bottom of the three-story building and went straight through the main door, he clapped his hands on both sides and a series of bullets fired in the front changed their trajectory and hit back in the opposite direction.

Two pirates fell to the ground in a splash of blood.


Ross no longer concealed his speed and in a flash, he was upon the last pirate in the lobby on the first floor, with his foot on the pirate’s chest, he calmly asked: “Where is the Log Pose?”

“With…  Captain…”

The pirate saw two of his companions die without resistance and then he responded with a trembling voice to Ross’ eyes, which had no feelings for life.

“Where is your Captain?”

“Upstairs… third floor…”

Ross loosened his legs indifferently and walked over him, heading for the second floor.

When Pirate saw Ross walking past him, his unprepared back was facing him and his fear subsided slightly. Instead, he gritted his teeth and grabbed the guns on the ground.


But before he could aim the guns at Ross, the floor on the first floor was suddenly overturned by some strange force. From the two sides to the middle, it was instantly closed together and everything in the middle was squashed together.

Ross did not look back, nor did he stop, and went up to the second floor.

Chapter 68 New world’s Log Pose

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