OPTS- Chapter 65 Showing Their Strength For The First Time

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“Ah, that’s terrible news, but my journey has just begun and I don’t want to end it here… What do you think?”

Laffitte was not angry but he showed a strange smile. As soon as the first half of the sentence was finished, he disappeared silently. When he appeared again, he had already come behind the person who had just spoken, and there was a gun in his hand.


The people present stared at first as they were shocked because no one noticed how Laffitte suddenly came to their side, it was as if he used magic to suddenly disappear and then reappear at their side.

Having a gun pointed at him, the Pirate Hunter’s forehead overflowed with a cold sweat, he did not expect a worthless Laffitte to suddenly disappear and then instantaneously reappear next to him.

“So… Do you think that’s the end of your journey?

Laffitte still has a weird expression on his face.


Almost as the cold sweat on the forehead of the Pirate Hunter slipped down from his cheek and the crowd reacted, pointing the weapon at Laffitte, Laffitte fired his gun.

There was a bang sound as blood splashed and the Pirate Hunter shook, with a look of panic on his face and he fell to the ground.


“Kill Him!”

Many Pirate Hunters watched the scene, looking furious. After aiming at Laffitte they open fired and for a time the only sound that was heard was that of guns firing.

But each person only fired for two or three times and then stopped pulling the trigger because Laffitte’s figure had disappeared again like a phantom.

“I am sorry about Captain. It seems that they will not kill each other.”

Laffitte appeared beside Ross, and the gun in his hand has disappeared and no one knew where he was hiding it. He apologized to Ross for attacking without permission.

Ross didn’t mind: “It’s Okay.”

At this time, many Pirate Hunter also found that Laffitte had returned to the Ghost Shadow Ship and could not help but point their weapon at Ross, Robin, and Laffitte, standing on the side of Ghost Shadow Ship.

This time Eileen or Walter, instead of clashing with each other, looked at the two-man and one woman on the Ghost Shadow Ship.

They were apparently shocked by Laffitte’s ghostly ways and the main point was that Laffitte didn’t have a bounty at all. They didn’t expect him to be strong.

In addition to Laffitte’s completely respectful manner towards Ross the pirate with a bounty of 92 million Berries, Ross’ presence exerts heavy pressure on them.

“They don’t seem so easy to deal with.”

Corbelo put away his smile and his face became very grave. He said to Walter and Eileen, “Private things should be put aside first. This time, we really have to work together. Otherwise, I’m afraid we’ll really lose control of Luton town because of the heavy casualties on our part.”

There are many Pirate Hunters on Luton town, but they mainly belong to the three big gangs. Many foreign Pirate Hunters are excluded by them.


Eileen snorted, but said nothing, apparently agreeing with Corbelo, and Walter’s solemn eyes expressed his intent.

Since they are not so easy to deal with and no one can handle them alone with certainty, let’s work together for a while and then divide the bounty.

“The Pirates with the bounties of 171 million Berries must possess some skills but this is the Grand Line!”

Walter silently stared at Ross and his companions, took the lead in pulling the trigger of the shoulder-mounted heavy machine gun and the dense bullet shower immediately swept towards Ross, Robin, and Laffitte.

At the same time.

Many gun-wielding Pirate Hunters also aimed at Ross and his companion and open fired, those who were carrying portable cannons, fired a cannonball towards them.

Whiz! Whiz!

Robin and Laffitte both retreated toward each side, Laffitte pulled out his gun to fight back and Robin crossed her arms, intending to launch an attack using her powers.

However, at this time, Ross’s voice was heard.

“Stand back, I will deal with…”

Although Robin and Laffitte worked together to deal with this group of Pirate Hunters, Ross did not intend to stand by, but to solve it quickly. He did not like to watch a useless farce.

Dense bullets were fired on Ross, all of them fixed there, all of which showed signs of distortion

Ding Ding Dong!

Ross’ hands were empty and the bullets that were stuck on him were all twisted and squeezed by a strange force, the bullets were instantly gathered in front of him and were crushed into lumps of iron.


“He’s a Devil Fruit user!”

Walter and others stared for a moment and were immediately shocked. Although Devil Fruit users are common on the Grand Line, they still have a strong deterrent.


Ross threw away the pieces of iron made from the bullet and shells, he flashed and jumped off the side of the ship and landed on the dock.

“Come on, let’s fight together!”

Although they don’t know what Ross’ Devil Fruit power is, Walter and others haven’t seen any Devil Fruit user, and even if they are a little scared, they are able to remain calm.

Among the crowd’s shouts, countless people pulled out their swords and rushed up to Ross. The shining swords fell fiercely on Ross.


A strange scene appeared.

All the swords touching Ross’ body were like mud. They twisted and bent directly and become L-shaped. The swords that stab at Ross were like snakes.

Ross calmly walked forward, all the swords falling on him were twisted silently. He stretched out his fingers and stroked them gently. All the people who had been touched by his fingers showed strange twists in their bodies and their upper and lower bodies were directly separated.


“What kind of ghost power is this!”

This scene finally scared everyone, whether it was Walter or Corbelo, they were all horrified.

“To be a Pirate Hunter, you have to distinguish the scope of your prey. If you don’t know it clearly, you will have no chance against them, just like now.”

Ross’ voice was flat, his was moving forward and wherever he went, or when his fingers touched any Pirate Hunter, their bodies were separated.

In the past, Ross could only break or twisted bones and tendons of any human being, but now he can do it from a deeper level of distortion, extending from the surface to the level of cells.

Where ever his fingers touched, there was no sound of bone breaking or anything like that. Even on the half-amputated bodies of Pirate Hunters, whose bodies were separated, there was no blood. It was such a weird separation of the whole body.


Eileen was grinding her teeth as she watched an unstoppable Ross step forward. Instead of flinching back, she held a huge machete in both of her hands and fiercely cut at Ross.

The machete fiercely falls towards Ross.


Faced with the huge machete, Ross showed no expression. He took back his finger and bent his finger at the coming machete as if he had no strength at all.


The bullet didn’t even make a sound. The huge machete seemed to have turned into mud and Ross’ finger passed directly over it, dividing the whole machete into two parts.

“That’s… really ugly.”

Ross’ eyes showed a rare look as he could not bear to look straight at it. When he lifted his foot, the sand under his foot surged directly, wrapping the other side around it and then twisted and squeezed.

Nevertheless, Ross’ eyes were still not cured. He closed his eyes and used his sense of smell.


The remaining seven or eight Pirate Hunters, who watched as Eileen was crushed and killed by Ross in seconds without any resistance were terrified.


Is this guy really a newcomer pirate who just stepped into the Grand Line?!

Looking at the Ross in the field, their backs were filled with cold sweat and fear quickly gripped their hearts. They stepped back carefully and then began to turn and flee.

“You came here to kill me… don’t expect to leave here with your lives.”

Ross’ eyes were calm and held a hint of indifference. He raised his hands and held them at the fleeing hunters, the sand under his feet rushed wildly, covering all the seven or eight people who fled.

As Ross’ fist tightened sharply, there was a popping sound like a tomato being trampled on and afterward, there was no sound.


Great Age of Pirates 12 year in January, the ghost hand Pirates stepped on the Grand Line in Luton town, one of the starting islands, He killed all the local Pirate Hunters gangs, showing his abilities for the first time on the Grand Line!

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