OPTS- Chapter 60 Waiting For You

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Half a month later.

When Ross finally reached the edge of Armament Haki’s hardening for the first time, Ghost Shadow Ship arrived at Berros town, the last island of West Blue before the Grand Line and it is similar to Logue Town of East Blue.

Although there are often pirates landing here, the arrival of Ghost Shadow Ship at the port still caused a tremor on the dock. As the strongest pirate force of West Blue, the name of the Ghost-Hand Pirates is very well-known and they are already very famous.

“First, let’s collect enough fresh water and food for our future journey.”

When the ship was docked, Ross stood on the deck and looked at Laffitte and Robin and said: “You also need to buy a Log Pose, which is a must-have item for the Grand Line.”

“Understood, Captain.”

Laffitte shook the red stick in his hand, laughed and walked down the ramp. “As a navigator, leave the matter of Log Pose to me.”

No matter how talented Laffitte was in the original series as one of the 10 captains of Blackbeard Pirates, here he’s a West Blue native who hasn’t stepped into Grand Line. He is not very familiar with things like Log Pose but with Ross with him, He will not step into the Grand Line without preparation.

“Go ahead.”

Ross nodded and handed the mission of acquiring a Log Pose to Laffitte.

Robin slightly smiled while heading for the ramp and said, “I’m going to buy fresh water and food.”

His two crew members took over the missions and Ross found that he didn’t seem to have anything to do. He didn’t have any interest in going ashore, so he sat down on the Ghost Shadow Ship and waited for them to finish their mission and return.


News of the arrival of the Ghost Hand Pirates in Berros town also spread rapidly to the Marine branch stationed in Berros town.


Marine Captain Yukimura, the highest chief of the division, slapped his hand on the table and stood up violently, saying, “Ghost Hand Pirates are here?”.

“Yes… Their ship was spotted at the port.

Standing in front of Yukimura, Marine Lieutenant Commander’s forehead was overflowing with cold sweat as he asked nervously: “Captain, what should we do, should we surround them?!”

Yukimura also had a serious and tense look, shaking his head in a dignified manner, he said: “No, I will report to Headquarters first.”

As a branch Captain stationed in Berros town, his strength is not comparable to that of West Blue Captain and he will not be promoted to the Rear Admiral rank next but he will be transferred to Marine Headquarters as a Headquarters Captain.

Nevertheless, Ross sank an entire West Blue fleet led by Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo, once any conflict occurred between him and Ross, he was not sure if he would walk away alive.


Intelligence passed back from Yukimura’s office to Marine Headquarters’office in charge of West Blue.

A Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral worked in this office. Onigumo was the most outstanding member of this office. Nobody expected him to fall in a place like West Blue.

From the initial indifference to Ross who was a small time Pirate Hunter and then he became a Pirate. The current state of the office is entirely different, now the mere mention of the name of Ghost Hand Pirates left the entire office in chaos.

Doberman soon arrived at his office as he was personally responsible for all matters concerning Ghost Hand Ross since Onigumo’s defeat in the West Blue.

“Berros town… It seems that he is finally going to step into The Grand Line.

Listening to the nervous voice coming from Den Den Mushi, Doberman murmured a little and said, “Captain Yukimura, for the time being, don’t act against them, don’t fight with the Ghost Hand Pirates.”

“Er… Yes! “

Yukimura heard Doberman’s order and was surprised but he still answered immediately.

Almost any pirate who appears in Berros town will be encircled, suppressed and pursued by Marines under his leadership. At least three or four out of ten Pirates will be defeated by him in Berros town, but this is the first time that he will not move against Pirates.

He also knows that with the arrangement of Marines in the Berros Town, he can deal with pirates with the bounty of 35 million, but he is not strong enough to deal with the Ghost Hand Pirates.

“Now that you want to come to Grand Line, come in. I’ll wait for you on The Grand Line… Grand Line is not like West Blue, You won’t be able to act recklessly here.

Doberman glared at the Den Den Mushi.

He is not afraid of Ross coming to Grand Line, but he is afraid that Ross will not come!

If Ross stays in the West Blue, it will be really hard to get rid of him. Any branch base of the West Blue does not have enough strength to suppress Ghost Hand Pirates and it’s not easy to move people from Headquarters or the Grand Line to West Blue. It’s very troublesome to deal with.


It will be different if he comes to the Grand Line!

Once he enters the Grand Line, he will officially enter the region that ​​Marines guarded heavily.

The military deployment on The Grand Line is far from what West Blue can match. The highest chief of each branch base is a Vice-Admiral, with more experience and strength than Onigumo.

And there are a large number of Pirates on the Grand Line whose names are better known then Ghost Hand Pirates. Maybe Marines won’t even need to deal with Ross as he may perish on the sea by some pirate hands.

“Notify the Marine branches nearest to the Reverse Mountains and give me a close look at all the pirates entering the Grand Line. Once I find the Ghost-Hand Pirates, I will attack them immediately, they must be eradicated!”

Doberman does not intend to give Ross any more opportunities to grow.


Many Marine Rear Admiral responded by dialing the Den Den Mushi to various branch bases to deliver Doberman’s orders and their serious look gradually turned to a relaxed one.

Once Ross enters the Grand Line, he will no longer be under their jurisdiction.

Secondly, the strong and tyrannical forces placed on the Grand Line had the abilities to deal with any pirate under the bounty of 120 million berries. They can’t deal with the Ghost Hand Pirates in the West Blue but on the Grand Line, he is nothing to the Marines.


Berros town.

Ross naturally didn’t know about the actions of the Marine Headquarters and even if he knew he wouldn’t care, Marines are waiting for him but they don’t know that he is also waiting for them, waiting to meet them on the Grand Line.

There are many pirates on the Grand Line with the bounty of 100 million, 200 million, or even 300 million berries and even the Seven Warlords of the Sea can be found there… For Ross, it’s like a hunter walking into a hunting ground, looking at all those preys from afar and grinning.

Those beings will be the cornerstones of his climb to the top of the world.

From the moment he enters the Grand Line, He will be closer to killing those who regarded him as a trivial man and ordered his annihilation.

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