OPTS-Chapter 38 Battleship Arrives

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Ross looked at Old Fitz and looked at Robin again as surprise expression flashed in his eyes. He didn’t expect to meet someone who was familiar with Robin’s mother.

“You…do you know Mom?!”

The seventeen-year-old black-haired girl looked at the old Fitz, her fists slightly clenched as she asked in a rare sobbing voice.

Old Fitz looked at Robin and leaned his head back and sighed: “Naturally, I sailed with her for some time in search of the history of my family.”

“Devil Child, Nico Robin, although she never said she had a child, I should have long thought of it.” Old Fitz eyes flashed with a trace of self-blame.

Robin bit her lips. She who always seems to be able to remain calm in any situation revealed a trace of sadness and pain on her face.

Old Fitz was silent for a moment and said, “Want to know something about your mother? If you want to know, come in and sit down. I’ll tell you everything I know.”

Robin was silent and turned to look at Ross.

“Just listen to it you want to hear. It’s still early anyway.”

Ross nodded at her.

Old Fitz looked at Ross before smiling at him and said: “Ghost Hand Ross, You are different from the rumors spread about you, the government’s newspapers are really bad.”

Old Fitz opened the door of the cabin and invited Ross and Robin together.

The environment inside the cabin is the same as that of the outside. There is nothing special about it. Things like books, newspapers and so on are piled up everywhere and the cabin is incomparably messy.

Old Fitz didn’t reveal any embarrassed expression and brought out two small wooden stools for them to sit while Ross and Robin ignored the messy environment and sat down without any awkwardness.

From Old Fitz’s mouth, Robin learned a lot about her mother, Olvia. Her face remained calm and silent and she did not shed any tears. Obviously, once again, she hid all of her emotions.

“That is everything I know about your mother.”

Old Fitz finished his last sentence, took up the wine bottle and took a sip, his eyes slightly gloomy.

Ross did not know much about Robin’s mother’s past, nor did he pay much attention to it. But some of the things that Fitz disclosed in his narrative made Ross very surprised.

There are three ancient weapons in this world, Sea King Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus.

Among them, Pluton is a ship and it is rumored that anyone can destroy an island with this ship.

The construction of Pluton was the ultimate weapon created by the combination of all the top Shipwright and scientists in the whole world at that time.

And the ancestors of old Fitz were one of the Shipwrights that built the Pluton!

In order to trace the origin of his blood and that period’s history, old Fitz boarded Olvia’s ship and went with a group of archaeologists to find the lost history, but only a few of them were found in the end.

There was a moment of silence.

Old Fitz took another mouthful of wine before talking with Robin and Ross. “Okay, that’s all. You two shouldn’t be idle to talk to an old man like me. What’s the matter? Say, it won’t be building a ship, right?”

“Just want to ask you to help build a ship for me.”

Ross saw that Robin had her head bowed in silence, so he said to the old man Fitz.

Fitz shook his forehead and said, “I knew it…”

He looked at Robin and looked at Ross again. He said helplessly: “Really, you can’t let an old man enjoy his old age? Help you build a ship. If the government knows, this old man will have to hide in another isolated island.”

Ross slightly smiled and didn’t speak.

Since the old Fitz and Robin’s mother have a deep friendship and Robin was now wanted by the World Government as a Devil Child and a crew member of his ship, it was clear that the sentimental old man would not sit idly by.

Sure enough, after looking at Robin, Old Fitz sighed and said, “No way, I can’t just sit back and ignore the only heir of my old friend. It seems that my old bones are going to be used one last time!”

Having said that, he stood up and asked Ross:

“Don’t tell me that you don’t have any material ready. Just coming and finding an old man to build a ship. This old man can’t make it out of nothing for you.”

Ross shook his head. “The materials are here, but I only brought a main material… the branch of the Treasure Tree Adam.”

The old Fitz eyes flashed slightly before saying: “Is this the 42-meter Treasure Tree branch? So that wood fell into your hands, good! With this wood as the keel, this old man will surely build a ship so fast that no Battleship will be able to catch it!”

His ancestors were responsible for Pluton’s power unit. Although the things of that time were already lost, Kokonor is still standing at the top of the world in designing ships for speed.

“Thank you very much, here is the reward.”

Ross put the bag filled with 80 million Berries in front of him.

Old Fitz grinned and did not refuse. Instead, he raised his hand and took it. After opening it up and looking at it, he said, “Enough, even if you buy the best supplements, there are still 20 million Berries that will be left and I won’t have to worry about drinking in the future”

He stood up and walked towards outside while carrying the bag of money at his back. After two steps, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Ross:

“That’s right.”

“Marine has taken a thorough look at you. I’m afraid that with the government’s intelligence capability they will soon know that you’re here. Even if I pull a bunch of Shipwrights together, it will take at least seven days to complete the ship. If a Battleship comes in within seven days…”

“Rest assured.”

Ross stood up and calmly accepted the conversation, saying, “There will be no Battleship to disturb your shipbuilding. I will deal with that problem.”

Old Fitz smiled as he saw Ross exiting his wooden house.

Robin stood up and followed Ross out. As she passed Old Fitz, she whispered ‘Thank you’.

“You’re welcome.”

Old Fitz answered and closed the door.

With old Fitz, the top Shipwright leader and a group of other Shipwrights called in, all the other materials for the ship were selected that day.

As for shipbuilding drawings, old Fitz had designed a speed-based ship a long time ago but because the main material had to be the strongest wood, he had not been able to build it. This branch of Treasure Tree Adam was just right for it.

The design is often the most troublesome part and if this part is skipped directly, the speed of building a ship will be greatly accelerated, it was because of this that old Fitz said that the ship will be completed in seven days.

While Old Fitz was working day and night with many shipwrights to build the ship, Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral’s fleet of five Battleships approached the Shipwright town.


The Marine fleet arrived in Shipwright town on the afternoon of the next day…

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