OPTS-Chapter 30 Polar Bear Pirates

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MarineT4 branch base.

Since Bastille was killed by Ross in the Kingdom of Smale, the Rear Admiral post has been vacant and the last remaining Captain has temporarily taken the post one month ago.

A month ago, a Battleship dispatched by Marine Headquarters arrived at the T4 branch base and took over the affairs of the T4 branch base. The highest officer was Rear Admiral from the Marine Headquarters…Onigumo!

Headquarters Rear Admiral will usually become Vice-Admiral of any branch they are placed, but Onigumo’s mission is to take full responsibility for Ghost Hand Ross and exterminate him, so it’s just a mission for him and not a demotion.

Base Office.

Onigumo is sitting behind the desk and reviewing the documents. For him who is a Headquarters Rear Admiral, it’s easy to handle a branch base.

And just as he read a document and prepared to sign it, the Den Den Mushi on the table suddenly rang.

Onigumo connects the telephone.

“This is the T4 branch base.”

“Reporting to Onigumo Rear Admiral, the scout of our division has found the traces of Ghost Hand Ross in Kano Country, how do you want to deal with it?!”


Upon hearing the discovery of Ghost Hand Ross, Onigumo’s expression suddenly became serious. He looked at the sea map on the table and found Kano Country.

Kano Country is at least three days away from the T4 branch base.

There was a branch base which is only a day away from the Kano Country but even if he deploys all of the marines in that base it will obviously not going to be enough to deal with Ghost Hand Rose.

“There is no way to assemble a strong force in such a short time and Kano Country… is also a very troublesome place.”

Onigumo hesitated for a while before ordering that they will not be taking any action rashly and they will temporarily observe Ghost Hand Ross, after that he hangs the Den Den Mushi while thinking of a solution.

Soon, his eyes flashed, it seemed that he had thought of something.


Kano Country.

Here is the entertainment industry of Kano Country. Many well-dressed people are coming and going and there is also a group of pirates passing by.

On the top floor of a three-floor bar, it seems to be much more harmonious than the chaotic scene at the bottom. There are many women in the center who were exposed to the waist and swaying, and many people in the outer ring on the left and right side were drinking.


The door on the third floor was pushed open and a young man with a leather cap followed by a girl with a black shawl came in.

Due to the loud commotion everywhere in the hall, Ross and Robin walked in and did not attract any attention.

After a single glance at the hall, Ross sat down in a seat not far from the door and casually examined the scene in the hall.

“One, Two, Three……”

Robin stood next to Ross, staring calmly at the scene in the hall and quickly leaned over to Ross’s ear and whispered: “Almost all of them are here.”


Ross nodded and regained his gaze but he was not in any hurry to get started. Instead, he took a glass of champagne from the waiter and took a sip.

Robin stood quietly waiting, not urging and disturbing, she always knew what she should do.

Ross took a couple of sips from the champagne and put the cup on the table next to him. When he was about to stand up, a drunk man suddenly leaned over and swept his eyes on Robin, Smiled:

“Kid, your female companion looks pretty good, how about letting me borrow her to play?”

Compared with the women in the hall, most of the women here are no older than 14 or 15, undoubtedly 17-year-old Robin looks quite mature and beautiful compared to them.

Robin heard such rude words but she did not show any expression on her face and continue to stand calmly behind Ross, but her eyes revealed a slight contempt in them.

“Go away.”

Ross sat there and spit out a word without lifting his head.


The drunk pirate stared at him and took a moment to understand Ross’ words before slowly grinning and lowering his body trying to see Ross’ face and said:

“I haven’t heard such bold words in a long time, I am a member of Polar Bear Pirates, you kid…”

When he spoke, his head was already low and the position of Ross sitting there was close to his head and he saw Ross’ face clearly. His voice gradually became weak and eventually stopped.

“Oh, it turned out to be the Polar Bear Pirates.”

Ross’ lowered hat was raised a little, his eyes calmly looking at the pirate in front of him and he said his abrupt words.

“You…you…you are…”

The pirate who was completely drunk saw Ross’ face and he was instantly half awake. As a member of the Polar Bear pirates, he had seen the bounty of the Ghost Hand Ross and he also knows that the bounty placed on his head is ranked first in the entire West Blue.

His eyes were full of fear, his legs could not help but become a little soft and he wanted to turn his head to inform his own Captain, but his body was stiff and unable to move.

“I am planning to talk to you about your Captain.”

Ross slowly stood up and pulled out a gun from his waist before pointing the gun at the pirate’s head under his scared gaze.


A gun firing sound resounded.

The entire hall was quiet for a moment, then chaos emerged.

The Captain of Polar Bear pirates, after hearing the gun sound turned to look at the direction of the sound, just to see one of his crew members fell back to the ground and he also saw the face of Ross who was standing up.

“You are……”

He glanced a little and lightly narrowed his eyes.


On the street outside.

The gun sound suddenly came from the third floor of the bar and the people nearby were shocked. Many people looked up to the third floor of the bar after the gunfire sound and soon saw a large group of people fleeing from it.


“What happened? Which pirate is making trouble here?!”

Just as many people were amazed and confused, when the patrols in the distance heard the sound of gunfire coming from the third floor of the bar and in that moment a figure flew out from above.


The figure on the street is not a human figure but a monster Bear in a human form. The claws all strangely twisted and his face still has a terrified expression on it.

Suddenly, the people on the street were shocked and they all ran away to the sides of the street making space, and their gazes turned astonished as they recognized the figure.

“That is…Captain of Polar Bear pirates!”

“45 million berries bounty pirate? How could he be in such a horrible condition?!”

Some passers-by recognized the half-man and half bear-like existence and could not help but suck in cold air and some looked at the top of the bar with horror in their eyes.

Who can make the pirate with a bounty of 45 million Berries so miserable? !


Just as they were horrified, a figure jumped from the top of the bar and walked directly to the captain of the Polar Bear pirate group who was trying to get up.


Captain of the Polar Bear pirate group coughed up blood and could no longer maintain his form. The white hair on his body quickly subsided and he turned into a middle-aged pirate wearing a jacket.


“You bastard!”

The middle-aged pirate, who has changed into his human form showed a crazed and fearful expression on his face. He did not ask for mercy. Instead, he struggled to pull out the handgun from his waist and shoot at Ross.

Ross’ eyes were calm and he fiercely stamped his feet.

Kāchā! Kāchā!

The chest of the middle-aged pirate caved in and a large amount of blood spewed out from his mouth and the hand holding the guns finally fell to the ground.

The many passers-by next to him, who had not yet been awoken from the shock of seeing the Captain of the Polar Bear pirates, saw the indifferent figure stepping on the body of Captain Polar Bear and could not help but swallow their saliva.

“That person seems to be… Ghost Hand Ross!”

Captain of the Polar Bear Pirates who had the bounty of 45 million Berries and has a Zoan devil fruit power that turned him into a bear lost so miserably to Ross and it seemed like Ross did not put any effort in defeating him.

The pedestrians around, whether it is the nobles of Kano Country or some pirates who were enjoying life and drinking, can’t help but retreat upon seeing this scene.