OPTS-Chapter 15 Light Distortion

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Ross didn’t rush to call out the Talent System. Instead, he turned around and looked at the back where the remaining pirates were suppressed by Robin.

“There are thirteen remaining.”

Robin stood next to Ross and reported to him.

When the numerous pirates saw Ross killing one-eyed Flo, even though some of them has a little bit of strength, they revealed panicked and fearful expression.

“Don’t… don’t kill me, Captain Ross, I am willing to surrender to you.”

“Me too, me too!”

They even took the initiative to throw away their weapons.

Ross looked at the remaining thirteen pirates, and shook his head indifferently: “There are too many of you here, I don’t need so many subordinates.”

Looking at the fearful pirates, Ross slightly paused, and then calmly said: “You have thirteen people now, but I only need five people.”

When they heard Ross, the remaining 13 pirates breath stagnated.

He will only take five people, the meaning is obvious, that is that among them only 5 can live while the remaining 8 must die.

“You want us to kill each other…”

Someone bit his teeth and opened his mouth, but he didn’t even finish talking as suddenly his chest was pierced by a blade, following that blood splashed out in all directions.

The pirates present were not the kind of pirates like the Straw Hat Pirates. Each one is a cruel and fierce existence. There are also many smart people. They obviously cannot fight against Ross, so the only way to survive is to obey.

Bang! Bang!

Someone took the lead, and the remaining pirate immediately howled at each other and started killing each other. Soon, only five people were left standing.

Although the five people stopped fighting, they were still very vigilant. In the event that Ross changes his mind and says that he only need three people, the one who relaxes his vigilance will die first.

Ross glanced at the five people, then turned to Robin and said:

“Robin, the rest will be handed over to you.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Robin nodded and commanded the remaining five pirates to clean the bodies and blood on the ship, while Ross arrived at the deck alone.

With a single thought.

The three big trees of Talent System were called out by him. Ross directly opened the Battle-type talent department and found the huge branch of Distortion Fruit.

Distortion Fruit: 75

He only requires 25 more points in Talent Proficiency and he can activate
the Light Distortion ability, Ross thought, then directly put 25 proficiency
points in it.

A green light flashed, and the proficiency of Distortion Fruit reached 100, and the branch of Light Distortion ability changed from gray to activatable green.

To activate Light Distortion, it requires 1 Free Talent Point.

“Activate it.”

Ross put 1 point of Free Talent Point directly on the Light Distortion branch.

In an instant, a strange force poured into Ross’s body, fusing with the Distortion Fruit’s power within his body.

“Sure enough, some changes have appeared.”

Ross felt the changes in his body and muttered. It was difficult to describe the feeling in words, but there is no doubt that the ability of Distortion Fruit has been further developed.

He reached out with his hand which was shaking.

In his ordinary palm, a group of phantoms appeared out of the air and under the deliberate manipulation of Ross, these phantom images froze and suddenly changed into a lot of hands.

Robin, who was standing underneath and commanding the pirates to sweep the decks, couldn’t help but see the changes in Ross.

When did Ross steal her Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) ability?

Ross stood there constantly waving his arms, creating afterimage after afterimage to familiarize with the newly acquired power.

“It’s just illusions…”

Using the power of Light Distortion, his arms were like illusory images, without any substantial attack power, but they are extremely confusing.

Imagine in a battle, suddenly throwing countless fists, all of them looking similar, even if only one of them is true, it is undoubtedly very difficult to resist.

In other words.

Whichever opponent fights with Ross, their sight will be greatly interfered, unless they rely on sound and other senses to judge Ross’s position. Otherwise, they will be greatly limited.

For those who haven’t grasped Observation Haki or know Kami-e (Paper Drawing), their eyes would almost be the most important method for sensing. In the case of visual interference, their strength will be greatly reduced.

Now if Ross meets another person at the level of Marine Captain, even if he had to fight three or five at the same time, he will be able to deal with them easily.

“Effective range of Distortion Fruit ability has also increased.”

Familiarizing with the newly acquired ability, Ross also perceived that the power of distortion he can mobilize is much powerful than before.

If before, the effective range of power of distortion was a radius of two meters by taking him as the center, then now, the effective range of power of distortion has reached a radius of nearly five meters.

This level of distortion power is enough to deal with Mobi and one-eyed Flo’s attack, that is to say, in front of that kind of power, there is no need for Ross to dodge next time and he could directly stop those attack with distortion power.

Ross even felt that the bullets fired by ordinary guns could be also withstood by distortion power, but he did not want to experiment that.

“The strength of the fruit has increased and the consumption of physical strength has also increased a lot.”

Feeling the changes in the body, Ross revealed hesitation on his face.

The use of Devil Fruit undoubtedly consumes too much stamina, especially this Paramecia type Distortion Fruit.

Now, the Distortion Fruit ability has upgraded by twice as much, which means that in a situation where he erupts of with his full strength, his physical exertion would be even faster, putting a greater burden on his body and spirit.

“It seems that I need to choose the ‘Physical Enhancement’ in General type talent as early as possible. At present, the situation is not bad. But once the Gravity Distortion ability is activated, I am afraid that my body’s strength will not be able to keep up with the Devil Fruit ability.”

The current strongest people in the sea were undoubtedly the Four Emperors; Whitebeard, but the reason Whitebeard is powerful not just because of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi).

Although the Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) is very powerful, it is impossible to exert the amount of power that Whitebeard does without a terrifying strong body that can withstand the shocks.

“There are 25 proficiency points left. If a situation arrives that requires explosive power, I will just put the points in Distortion Fruit. If I need speed, then I will go with Soru or Agility Enhancement.”

Ross thought for a moment and eventually left 25 proficiency. Anyway, he can call the

Talent System at any time and then instantly select the options in it.

After closing the Talent System, Ross continued to familiarize himself with the Light Distortion ability.

Two hours later.

Robin came to Ross’s side and reported to him, who was training his ability, “Captain, the deck and the cabin have been cleaned up, and I have spotted a Marine Battleship in the southwest direction which is heading towards us. Depending on the size, it should be a medium-sized Battleship.”