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“Mr. Stark!” Peter, who ran after Lin Rui to the side of the race, saw what was happening on the race field, and he cried out in fear.

Boom ~ Boom ~ Tony’s car had already turned the corner and rushed towards Ivan.

Although Lin Rui knows that Tony would be okay but the current situation still seems very dangerous. Lin Rui, who is standing outside the guardrail, is very conflicted as to whether he should help or not.

In front of Tony’s car, Ivan waved his whip vigorously. Tony’s car, which could not escape, was cut in half like the car in front of him. The car rolled over several times and fell to the ground. Tony was pressed underneath the half car.

Standing WITH Lin Rui outside the guardrail. Peter was getting worried as Ivan was already dragging his whip slowly toward Tony.

“No, I’m going to help Mr. Stark!” Seeing Tony in danger, Peter, who had rushed to the guardrail, could not help saying.

Tony Stark is actually Peter’s idol. He can’t watch him getting killed by a terrorist. However, Peter is not wearing his Spiderman’s suit now, although there are spider launchers hidden in his wrists and it will be easy to rescue someone but the risk of exposer is high. But in order to save Tony, it’s acceptable to risk this perceived danger.

“Well! Let’s go together!” Lin Rui said after having guessed what Peter was going to do. After that, Lin Rui has already begun to remove the guardrail. The guardrail in front of him was already weak after being hit by car parts. With Lin Rui’s strength, he could rip a big hole in it.

“Jackson!” Seeing Lin Rui drill through a broken fence, Peter screamed in worry. Later, he rushed after Jackson.

Crack! Crack! With a long whip in his hand, Ivan pulled twice on the ground. Ivan was close to Tony’s overturned car, and Tony had not yet broken free from it.


Just as Ivan was close enough to raise his whip again towards Tony’s car, a car part suddenly hit him on the head and interrupted his movements.

“Hey! The guy with the whips!” Lin Rui, who had already rushed to the track and shouted behind Ivan, the car part that just hit Ivan was obviously thrown by him.

Ivan frowned and turned around when he was hit on the head by something inexplicable and heard the screaming behind him. Then he saw two young men standing in the middle of the chaotic scene without any fear, holding iron sticks that they picked up from god knows where.

“Hey! It’s you! Surrender right now or we will beat you until your own mother won’t recognize you!”  With an iron stick in his hand, Lin Rui shouted loudly at Ivan. He was delaying for time and Tony had slowly climbed out of the car.

“Are you two brain dead?!” Ivan has already caused a lot of casualties on the scene and he won’t stay his hand to spare two young men who don’t know the meaning of fear. With a low cry, Ivan waved his whip.

“Jackson! Be careful!”  Peter, standing beside Lin Rui, started to move just as the whip was swinging. He threw the iron stick in his hand at Ivan and in the next moment, he had rushed towards Lin Rui.

Although Lin Rui can certainly avoid this whip, he still let Peter throw him aside. The moment they fell aside, the whip had been pulled to the ground. A deep black crack appeared on the professional racing track with a snap.

A whip forced Lin Rui and Peter away and Ivan turned again, this time he did not hesitate and the next whip has been pumped in the Tony car’s driver position.


The already damaged car was once again hit hard, and the car was cut directly under Ivan’s whip. However, Tony, who should have been pressed below, has disappeared. It seems that Tony has climbed out when Lin Rui attracted the attention of Ivan.

“Jackson! Are you okay?” Helping Lin Rui up from the ground, Peter asked anxiously.

“I’m fine, Did Mr. Stark escaped?” Waving his hands to show that he was okay, Lin Rui looked ahead and asked.


The answer to Lin Rui question was a muffled noise. Tony, who climbed out of the car, lifted a piece of iron directly from the ground and smashed it behind Ivan. Ivan, who was attacked by him, staggered a step, but his simple armor helped him prevent most of the damage.

Turning around quickly, Ivan’s whip had been thrown out, but Tony nimbly avoided it. After making his Iron Man Armor, Tony has begun to focus on his own combat training, and now he is at least more flexible than before and it is quite easy for him to avoid a few whip attacks. But after seeing the familiar Arc Reactor on Ivan’s armored chest, Tony’s face changed.

“Mr. Stark! Be careful!” Just as Tony was staring at Arc Reactor in Ivan’s chest, a whip had been thrown.


At the last minute, Tony narrowly escaped the whip but was blown out by the car exploding next to him. Falling down on the track, Tony also noticed Lin Rui, who had just reminded him and Peter beside him.

“Jackson?! What are you doing here!?” Tony screamed as he got up from the ground.

“Mr. Stark, this is not the time to discuss this!” Rushing towards Tony, Lin Rui and Peter helped him get away from Ivan quickly.

However, they had not yet run out a few steps and Ivan’s whip had come after them, instantly scaring the ground in front of them and stopped them.

“What now? You came in empty-handed to save me?!” Looking back at Ivan, Tony couldn’t help but say something sarcastic.

Hearing Tony’s words, Lin Rui and Peter were speechless. If it weren’t for the fear that their identities would be exposed, Ivan would not be a problem for either of them.

Boom! Boom!


Just as Tony and the other two continued to flee, the attacks behind them suddenly stopped. It turned out that Happy finally drove over and hit Ivan directly on the guardrail, temporarily relieving them of danger.

“Ah-ah! I hit him! I hit him!” Ivan was pushed against the guardrail by a throttle, and Happy shouted nervously.


Ivan on the guardrail was not seriously injured because of his simple armor protection. The whip in his hand was waving in front of Happy’s eyes, but he could not play any role because of the angle he is stuck at.

“Ah!” Although the whip did not hit him, Happy was frightened and backed out shouting. The tragedies of the previous racing cars were behind him, and he didn’t want to be cut in half by the whip himself.

“Tony! What the hell were you thinking?!” After Happy reversed the car, Pepper shouted at Tony from the car. Obviously, she was not satisfied with the fact that he had come down to participate in the car without permission, especially now that he has encountered this kind of thing.

“Happy! What are you doing! Hit him! Then hit him again! Pepper, throw the box at me, hurry up!” Without paying attention to Pepper’s complaint, Tony shouted loudly.

“Ah!” Hearing Tony’s words, Happy stepped on the throttle again and hit Ivan again.

Boom ~ bang~

Reversing the car again, Happy performed Tony’s words very well. However, Ivan’s whip has almost removed Tony’s luxury car. In the midst of chaos, Pepper finally threw out Tony’s suitcase.

The strongbox was thrown at Tony’s feet without hesitation and Tony stepped on it.


As Tony’s foot stepped on the box, the square box changed rapidly, and complex steel components quickly covered it along Tony’s foot. Soon Tony was protected by a complete set of Iron Man Armor.

Wearing Iron Man Armor, Tony kicked the car carrying Pepper and Happy aside, away from Ivan.

“Jackson! Get away from here with your little friend! Leave the rest to me!” Ivan, who had just been hit by Happy for several times, came over and Tony turned to Lin Rui, who was still standing behind him and shouted.

“All right! Mr. Stark!” Knowing that Tony would be fine with his armor, Lin Rui agreed and went away with Peter.

Pepper and Jackson have also gone away. Tony raises his right hand directly to Ivan. The repulser cannon is charging fast. He wants to defeat this guy quickly with one shot.


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