HOM-Chapter 95 Racetrack Accident

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the track, various cars are chasing after each other at a speed of 150mph. Lin Rui can’t see where Tony is. Only live footage on the big screen above the stadium can be seen. The organizer knows that Tony has replaced the original racer on the stadium, so there are several scenes dedicated to running after Tony’s car, which also gives Lin Rui a better perspective.

“Wow! Mr. Stark is doing a good job! He is already in third place!” Waving the small flag in his hand, Peter now doesn’t care where Ryan is, and his eyes are always chasing Tony’s car.

“Yes, Mr. Stark really is driving very well.” Lin Rui’s gaze swept across the track to find Ivan’s figure, and his mouth responded faintly.

“Hey! How is the race going?” Just as Lin Rui and Peter were both watching Tony Stark, Harry finally came back. He also had a lot of food and drinks in his hand.

“Mr. Stark has rushed to third place. He’s driving really hard!” Taking the food Harry handed over, Peter answered without turning his eyes.

“Mr. Stark? Tony Stark?” Hearing Peter’s words, Harry asked in surprise as he had apparently not noticed the previous broadcast on the big screen.

“Well, it’s Tony Stark. He’s in Horns’ car right now, It seems that the rich man is now looking for a different stimulus.” After sweeping the audience again, Lin Rui turned back and explained to Harry.

“Really? No wonder I saw Miss Pepper angry when I was up there. It seems that Mr. Stark ran down on his own.” Thinking about Pepper’s face in the luxury hall above, Harry said with a smile.

“Well, That’s just usual Tony Stark, he and unexpected things go hand in hand. Ah! Found it!” He nodded and Lin Rui, who looked at the runway, suddenly shouted. Then he got up from his seat.

“What did you find?” Seeing Lin Rui suddenly stand up, Peter and Harry asked curiously.

“Ah! What is going on? We are seeing a man suddenly walking into the live race track. This is really dangerous! Who on earth is he? What does he want to do?!” Before Lin Rui explained to them, the live footage had released the guy Lin Rui had seen, and the host was holding the microphone and shouting loudly.

At this point, the big screen shows a man in staff clothes striding into the arena, and continue to walk towards the runway, without any intention of stopping. No doubt, this is Ivan Vanko, Anton Vanko’s son.

“What the hell? What does he want? This is the racing track! Does he want to commit suicide?” Harry and Peter were surprised to see the picture displayed on the big screen.

“Harry, Peter, get out of here!” Seeing Ivan coming towards them step by step, Lin Rui suddenly shouted. Although Ivan and Tony’s next battle was on the field. But there will be chaos in the audience, maybe there will be stampedes, and leaving now is the best choice.

“Uh-why? Jackson? Is it because of that guy?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Peter asked doubtfully. His spider-sense has not issued any warnings yet and he does not think there will be any danger.

“It’s too late…” Seeing two whips popping out of Ivan’s hand, Lin Rui knew that they were too late now.

Soon after, Ivan, who had reached the center of the track, started his Arc Reactor on his chest and the two whips he held were instantly entangled in high-intensity electricity. As he stepped forward, his clothes burned quickly, revealing his equipment, a simple armed combat suit that used the same energy as Tony Stark’s Iron Man Armor.

“That guy!” It was when Ivan began to charge the whip in his hand that Peter in the audience finally sensed danger.

“Get out of here! That guy is dangerous!” Peter shouted as he saw that the whips held by Ivan had been fully charged. Peter regretted not listening to Lin Rui, and now the guy has already waved the whip in his hand.

Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~

Holding two whips with strong electric light in his hand, Ivan stood calmly in the middle of the track. In front of him, the car that had been around the lap had already rushed over. At the forefront are a few cars that are being lapped, and they are desperately trying to stop being second. However, just before their turn, they suddenly saw a person blocking their way and standing at the center of the track and even if they applied brakes now, there’s no way the car will stop.


“Oh! No!”

“Oh My God!!

Just as the first car crashed into Ivan in the middle of the track, a cry of alarm came from the audience, all of them worried about the guy who was about to be hit. Of course, their fears are superfluous. Because Ivan had flung his whip out.

As if it had been cut by a huge laser sword, the car split in two and rolled past Ivan. Rumble~


“What is that?!”

The guy who everyone was worried about has become more dangerous and the audience has become scared.

Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~

Then, the second car ran towards him! Crack! Another whip came out and the same fate was repeated to the car. The cut car rolled to the side of the track and finally hit the wire fence.


Many of the scattered car parts flew towards the audience and now the audience who wanted to see the excitement can no longer sit down. They all screamed and ran towards the exit. They didn’t know where the accident would go, but they can’t risk their lives by sitting here.

“Oh! Tony!… Happy! Take me there quickly! Go to the track!” Above the stands, Pepper, who has been watching the game, saw this scene on the screen and became scared, and quickly called Happy to bring her to the race track.

“Yes!” Then Happy drove Pepper to the track. As long as Iron Man Armor can be given to Tony, then his safety can be guaranteed.

“Sir, this way!” As Lin Rui and Peter reminded him, Harry, escorted by bodyguards, was far from the front seat. But before they got out of their seats, there was chaos around them.

“Where’s Jackson!?” Protected in the middle by bodyguards, Harry suddenly noticed that Lin Rui, who had been following them, had disappeared, and cried out in fear.

“I’ll go back to him!” After glancing around without seeing Lin Rui, Peter shouted and rushed back into the crowd.

“Peter!… Go back and help him!” Seeing Peter disappear, Harry became more anxious and shouted at the bodyguards around him.

“Sir, the most important thing now is to send you out. It’s too dangerous here!” Without listening to Harry, the two bodyguards pushed the crowd ahead and took Harry out quickly.

“Jackson! Where are you?!” Walking fast through the chaotic crowd, Peter shouted Lin Rui’s name and used his spider-sense to determine Lin Rui’s location. But the spider-sense could not determine Lin Rui’s position in such confusion. Peter could only squeeze in front of the bleacher step by step.

Just as Peter was running back to find Lin Rui, the said person was hiding behind the fence and staring at Ivan’s every move. Lin Rui is wondering if he needs to solve the problem now. To his surprise, Lin Rui found that he only needs a knife to disable Ivan.

“Jackson!” Just as Lin Rui decided to take the shot, Peter suddenly shouted behind him.

Upon hearing Peter’s voice, Lin Rui quietly closed the knife in his hand.


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