HOM- Chapter 2 The Plan

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A few days passed in a flash. After the excitement of the first few days of school, now the students in the class know each other. Under Lin Rui’s intentions, he has become familiar with Peter Parker and Harry Osborn. Of course, for the time being, he is just acquainted with them as classmates.

Although as the only son of Osborne, Harry has his own pride and will not make new friends. But Peter was just a child of the average family, and he had no defense against the deliberate acquaintance of such a wise man as Lin Rui. So Harry slowly accepted the half-Asian clever fellow into his own circle with Peter.

“Hey! Jackson! What the hell is wrong with you? On his way to class, Tom finally asked.

As a friend who grew up with Lin Rui, Tom always thought that he was Lin Rui best friend. But these two days, Tom found that Lin Rui’s behavior was a bit strange, he actually took the initiative to make friends with Osborn’s son! With Lin Rui secluded character from a young age, Tom thinks this is too abnormal. Crucially, Lin Rui and Peter also have a better relationship, Tom feels that his best friend status is not guaranteed. This is not a good thing.

“Eh? What’s wrong? Lin Rui was still clueless as Tom asked this question. He didn’t know that he had neglected Tom in order to get close to Peter and Harry in the past two days.

“Don’t you think that you have been behaving abnormally for the past few days? You are deliberately making friends with Harry Osborn! Do you want that man as your friend to get a good job in the future? It’s not like you!” Seeing Lin Rui acting “silly”, Tom said angrily. Tom only mentions Harry, because it seems to him that Harry is obviously more important than Peter. Lin Rui himself is a smart man, the kind who is similar to Peter.

“Hey?! Do you think I am making friends with them just to get a good job at Oscorp? Of course not! It’s so funny!” After hearing Tom’s complaint, Lin Rui knew what he was talking about and then laughed back.

“So what are you doing for? The day after tomorrow is your birthday, but you haven’t invited me to your home yet. I wonder if you forgot my friend! ” Seeing Lin Rui deny his guess, Tom asked reluctantly.

“Of course not! I just haven’t thought about how to arrange my birthday this year, so I haven’t notified you yet. Moreover, I just met Peter and Harry and I thought that I should have a few more friends. After all, we are in high school now, we can’t always be just two people.” Under Tom’s inquiries, Lin Rui had to give a reasonable reason.

“Really?” Tom still doesn’t believe it.

“Of course! Don’t worry. How about I invite you to my birthday now? So you don’t have to worry about me forgetting about you and you will be the first person that I invited! “

“Well, I believe you!” Under Lin Rui’s explanation, Tom still chose to believe. He never knew that Lin Rui was approaching Peter and Harry just to destroy their relationship.

Lin Rui, who accepted the Quest, thought about it for a long time and finally came to the conclusion that the relationship between Peter and Harry could only be destroyed from inside. So he deliberately made friends with them and now things are going well. No one thought he had any other purpose except it seemed a little strange. But it is normal for other people in the class to see smart people like Lin Rui and Peter as friends.

“Well, let’s go to the classroom or we will be late.” After patting Tom on the shoulder, Lin Rui quickened his pace a little and Tom followed him.

Although Tom has been complaining about Lin Rui just now, he also reminded him of something. The day after tomorrow is his 16th birthday when the family will definitely give him a small birthday party. Would he take this opportunity to invite Peter and others over? It’s a good chance for him to improve his relationship with them. But will Tom think more about it? Looking sideways at Tom, Lin Rui has a big headache. It should be possible to fool them all, Lin Rui can only think so.

“Hey! Peter! Harry!” As soon as he entered the classroom, Lin Rui saw his two new friends and said hello with a smile.

Tom, who followed Lin Rui, also raised his hand to indicate that since Lin Rui said that he would make more friends, Tom would no longer be excluded. In fact, after listening to Lin Rui’s explanation, Tom was thinking that he would like to be friends with Osborne’s son like Lin Rui. Of course, it is hard to say whether he can be accepted.

“Hey! Jackson, You are late today. Are you still not convincing that you lost to me last night?” Seeing Lin Rui enter the classroom, Harry smiled and walked over. Last night, Lin Rui played the game with them. Lin Rui didn’t think he would be the one who would lose.

“I don’t mind that little thing. It’s just my birthday is coming the day after tomorrow and I went to bed late last night thinking about it.” Just thinking about it in his head, Lin Rui decided to invite Peter and Harry to his birthday.

“What? The day after tomorrow is your birthday? Why don’t you say it earlier? We don’t have time to prepare gifts!” Hearing Lin Rui said that the day after tomorrow is his birthday, Peter complained a little. Although he had only known Lin Rui for less than a week, the half-Asian smart teenager was very much in line with Peter’s personality and he had slowly taken Lin Rui as a good friend.

“You don’t have to prepare anything. If you came then that will be your gift to me.” Waving his hand, Lin Rui said with a smile. After that, Lin Rui glanced quietly at Tom next to him and was a little relieved to see that he was not unhappy. Sometimes the relationship between friends is so strange, new friends and old friends always have problems.

“Okay! Just tell us the address and time and we will be there, right Harry?.” Peter said happily.

“Well, we’ll come!” Harry next to Peter smiled and agreed.

Before the class even began Liu Rui has invited them to his birthday and they had agreed, it was a small step towards his goal.

And when Lin Rui was turning over the textbook in front of him in boredom, the mysterious voice of the system came to his mind again, “Well done! You know how to make a plan!”

“Not at all but the 50,000 reward points are so tempting, how can I not work hard to get them!” Looking down at the textbook, Lin Rui is communicating with the system.

“That’s the best way to think about it, but don’t you think there’s something missing on your birthday?”

“What is missing?”

“A Girl! What’s so fun about an all guy birthday ?!” The system said in a low voice.

“A Girl?! But I don’t know any girls! Do you want to invite a few unfamiliar people in the class?” Hearing the system reminder, Lin Rui discovered that it was somewhat true.

Although it’s a small birthday and the attendees are just Tom and Peter and Harry, there are already four big boys here and there are really no girls.

“I have a good candidate here and maybe I can help you finish this Quest earlier.” Just when Lin Rui was upset, the system gave a surprising hint.

“What? You will help me with this Quest? Isn’t this too good to be true?” Lin Rui was keenly aware that the system was too serious in this Quest.

“What’s wrong with it? Whether I can help you or not depends on my mood. Do you want to know who the girl is?” hearing Lin Rui words, the system asked again.

“Yes! Why not?!” Lin Rui certainly will not refuse the system’s help in completing this quest.

“The girl’s name is Gwen, She’s in your next class. I think you can invite her to your birthday. Of course, it’s up to you to do that.”

“Gwen? That Gwen?! Spiderman’s girlfriend?!” Hearing the name of the girl, Lin Rui was stunned for a while and finally remembered the familiar name.

“Yes, how is it?”

“How is it?  Are you asking me to introduce Peter to his future girlfriend? Also, if I remember correctly, Gwen’s final ending was not good.” Lin Rui was helpless in his heart.

“I’ve already given you the candidates, but I can’t control what you do. But don’t you think girls are the easiest thing to go wrong in a boy’s relationship? The system finally said and disappeared again.

“Girls are the easiest thing to go wrong in a boy’s relationship?! That’s right! Gwen seems to be Peter’s first love. If I introduce her to both Peter and Harry on my birthday, then I will match her and Harry when Peter is fond of Gwen… Hey~” Thinking about it, the little love theater in Lin Rui’s mind has been rapidly formed.

“However, how do you invite Gwen to my birthday?” The Little Theatre in his heart is still going on. Lin Rui has begun to think about how to invite Gwen to his birthday.


“Jackson! Jackson!” Just as Lin Rui was thinking about his plan, he was slapped twice on the shoulder and Tom’s voice came to his ear.

“Eh? What’s wrong? Looking back, Lin Rui turned to Tom and asked.

Tom stared at Lin Rui and didn’t answer him, he pointed in the direction of the platform.

“Jackson, come up and do this.” Then Lin Rui heard the voice of his math teacher in front of him. He was called when he was in a daze.


He awkwardly got up from his seat and walked towards the blackboard. He wasn’t worried that he would not be able to do it, he just needed some time to look at it. The memory capsules he exchanged in the system shop long ago were not useless. Otherwise, how could he become a genius student of Peter’s caliber with his previous life aptitude?

Three minutes later, when Lin Rui came back to his seat after solving the questions on the blackboard, he also thought about how to invite Gwen. Of course, the specific situation also depends on whether his plan will be carried out perfectly.

“Heh heh! Gwen, Spiderman, and Little Green Goblin’s love triangle! It’s exciting to think about it!” Lin Rui looked at Peter and Harry in front of him and smiled silently, thinking about what he planned.