GGS-Chapter 8 Why Is The Tibetan Mastiff So Timid?

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“Native dog? How could a native dog beat my Tibetan mastiff?

The first lean old man blew his beard and stared.

Another tall young man and a cool beauty stared at Su Jing with murderous eyes.

In fact, they recognize it as a native dog, but they just can’t accept the fact.

The mighty Tibetan mastiff actually lost to a native dog? How is that possible?

The lean old man is Shen Hong and he accompanied his granddaughter and grandson of his old friend to play. Unexpectedly, the dog was hit by a car and sent to a nearby veterinary hospital for treatment. However, due to the negligence of the village’s third-rate veterinary hospital, the dog disappeared in the middle of the night.

They were lucky enough to find this dilapidated old house and found their dog through the smell of the Tibetan mastiff.

To their delight, the Border Collie looks much better. Ming Ming was dying yesterday. Veterinarians said that it would take at least a month or two to get well after training. Unexpectedly, after only one day, it looked lively.

But before they could celebrate, a native dog suddenly rushed out of the yard and barked at them.

In other people’s territory, Shen Hong was prepared to be modest from the beginning, but he could not watch as the native dog rushed to bite himself and his granddaughter. So he could only release Tibetan mastiff, thinking that as long as he stopped Tibetan mastiff at the critical moment, he would not let Tibetan mastiff bite others’dogs.

However, to their great surprise, Tibetan mastiff lost to the native dog.

“What native dog? This Native dog is also known as Chinese rural dog, it is a dog breed that has been screened out naturally and artificially in China for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years. It is said that this kind of dog is the one that Qin Shihuang led in the Central Plains. This is the world’s famous dog, but because of the discrimination of people, they are regarded as far less inferior to foreign dogs. Su Jing spoke with great righteousness, but he was also surprised that the native dog could be better than a Tibetan mastiff because it had eaten several pieces of Magical Beast meat. But that is the reason that he could not say.

“Good boy, don’t wear a high hat in front of me. It’s not suitable for you. My favorite Tibetan mastiff is also a Chinese dog.” Shen Hong was stunned by Su Jing’s remarks but quickly responded, “Moreover, it is an indisputable fact that the native dogs are not big enough to fight effectively. Where on earth did you grow up this native dog? How did you train it?

“Grandpa Shen, this native dog is mad and he took advantage of the General’s unpreparedness to surprise attack him and General was trained to not attack without Grandpa Shen’s command. He was only succeeded by the savage native dog for a moment.” Gao Daqing tried to explain that the Tibetan mastiff, named General, was given to Shen Hong a year ago, so it was very popular with Shen Hong. How could it be defeated by a native dog?

“Don’t talk.” Shen Hong waved his hand to stop the tall young man and stared at Su Jing.

“What to feed? Training? Our village people are not as fastidious as your city people. Dogs eat leftovers and don’t need training. Su Jing shrugged his shoulders.

“This is impossible.” Shen Hong does not believe.

“Believe it or not it’s not my problem but you haven’t answered me yet, what are you doing at my door?” Su Jing hid his grin as he wanted to tell them that this dog was a wild dog yesterday. The food that he ate was from garbage dumps, do you believe it?

“This is my granddaughter’s dog. We are looking for it. It should be taken in by you. Thank you for taking care of it.” Shen Hong pointed to the frontier shepherd standing next to the cool and beautiful woman.

“Oh, it turned out to be your dog.” Su Jing had already realized that this dog should have a master. First, the collar looks very valuable. Second, it is very educated. It urinates and shits outside. Nevertheless, Su Jing did not care about it when he was so badly injured. He still took it in. After all, he couldn’t watch it die.

“How did you take care of my dog that it got better so quickly?” The tall and beautiful has a well-trimmed professional suit to outline her sexy figure. She looks at Su Jing with a scrutiny look, although her tone is polite, it had a commanding feel to it.

“I just fed it some pork and rice. I didn’t take care of it. It may be that it has strong vitality.” Su Jing certainly won’t tell the truth. He has made up his mind that Magical Beast meat should never be known to outsiders.

“Oh?” The elegant women looked at Su Jing indifferently and asked nothing more.

“A’Jing, because of this dog, it can be counted as fate, invite these people to come in and have a cup of tea.” Zhao Mengxiang, who had never spoken suddenly said this, the villagers were hospitable and it was right for them to invite people to tea at the door. They did not want to look like bad guys.

“Big sister-in-law, I have a broken house, where would I make tea?” Su Jing grinned bitterly. The two dogs were seen by these three people. He really didn’t want them to see anything else. Otherwise, it would be bad if they guessed what he was doing.

“Don’t worry about tea but I am a little thirsty.” Shen Hong smiled and went straight across Su Jing and walked into the yard, laughing. “Although it’s a bit old, it’s not bad.”

“Can you be a little thicker-skinned, old man? Did I promise to invite you in for tea?” Su Jing scolded in his heart and was speechless for a while, but he couldn’t get rid of these people directly. After all, the other party was an old man.

“Grandpa Shen, let’s go. I don’t know if this ruined house will collapse.” The tall young man frowned.

“The center of gravity of this house is all below and it will not fall down generally. At most tiles will fall down and they can’t kill anybody.” Shen Hong, however, was free and easy, with his hands on his back, looking around and walking in. The tall Beauty did not speak but directly followed in.

Su Jing didn’t even care about the tall young man. He actually disliked my family house. Did I even invite him inside?

Su Jing led Su Yan and Zhao Mengxiang into the yard. Su Yan reached out and touched the native dog. The native dog has some human-like feelings. He was vicious to Shen Hong and others, but he was very clever to Su Yan. He let Su Yan touch him and he enjoyed it very much.

The tall young man stood for a moment with a black face when he saw that nobody took him seriously and he followed them in.

“Roar.” Tibetan mastiff suddenly let out a low roar because four cats came out of the corner of the yard and swaggered past them, which made Tibetan mastiff, who had just been defeated by the native dog, made his dignity provoked, so he bluffed the four cats.

“Miao” mother cat made a shrill cry and attacked like lightning and instantly made two bloody scratches on Tibetan mastiff’s face. One was on the nose and the other was near the left corner of the eye. If it went half a centimeter further, Tibetan mastiff’s left eye would have become blind. The mother cat was so fierce that she even attacked Su Jing. After eating Magical Beast meat, it was even worse.

Tibetan mastiff was attacked suddenly and jumped back in pain. Who knows this jump just hit the native dog who followed him. With a roar, the native dog snapped towards the Tibetan mastiff’s head and caused the Tibetan mastiff to fly out.

Tibetan mastiff got up quickly and roared at the cat and native dog, but when he saw that both mother cat and native dog were moving forward fiercely, he whined twice and then retreated to the corner of the wall angrily. Tibetan mastiff is known as the Oriental God dog, but not every Tibetan mastiff is so brave, even if they look powerful, their blood may not be so pure.

Looking at Tibetan mastiff shrinking into the corner, Shen Hong’s old face turned red. He had that dog since it was a baby a year ago. The Tibetan mastiff, which he shows off to his friends everywhere, and who can fight even wolfs. Now it’s losing to a native dog, and losing to a cat?

“Grandpa, what kind of dog is this in your family?” Su Yan asked mildly.

“This is called Tibetan mastiff.” Shen Hong is depressed, but he tries to be as calm as possible for the little girl.

“Are Tibetan mastiff so timid?” Su Yan looked up at Shen Hong and asked naively.

“…” Shen Hong’s mouth slammed and pumped and blood was almost spurted out by him upon hearing Su Yan’s words. He opened his mouth and closed it, he was speechless.