GGS-Chapter 5 Reunion

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Shi Qing stood among the crowd like a beautiful landscape in the ruins.

Her white skirt floated in the air and her black hairs were like waterfall, fresh and refined temperament and delicate and beautiful face with a faint smile that let people feel like they have experienced a spring breeze

I don’t know if there’s a reason or not but she turns around slowly and sees Su Jing.

She was stunned for a moment, with a glimmer of joy on her face but she quickly closed her smiling face, gave Su Jing a slight glare and turned away, ignoring Su Jing and she didn’t even say hello.

“Well, did I offend her?”

Su Jing’s face just showed a stiff smile. Thinking about it carefully, he has been ignoring her on QQ since last year’s New Year. Su Jing thought about it for a long time and realized that she is angry with him.

In other words, I don’t seem to have done anything to offend her at all. And who stays angry for half a year?

“A’Liang, what are you doing here?” Su Jing went up and asked.

“One Boss Zhao wanted to buy wild and fresh sea crabs and other exotic fishes at the highest price on the market. He said no matter how much we bought him, he will buy them on the scene, so we were going to sail out to get one. If we were lucky, we might make a lot of money.” Su Liang said.

“Really?” Su Jing stunned.

“Really, Xiao-Lin has just caught two swimming crabs. The Boss took them away at a price of 100 yuan a jin.” Su Liang nodded.

“They are rich people. They don’t care about spending more money if they want something and they want to eat some wild and fresh sea creatures.” Su Xiaolin said.

“Then you just need to fish, Why are you going out?” Su Jing laughed.

“Shi Family Village’s people are joining us, they are trying to snatch our business.” Su Liang glanced at the man from Shi Family Village.

“What do you mean snatch your business? Boss Zhao said no matter how much we bought he will buy them all on the scene, no matter who gets it, when did it become your sole business? On Shi Family Village’s side, a handsome young man heard Su Liang and glared at him and Su Jing with hostility.

He Name Is Shi Yun, He is Shi Qing’s younger brother. He is also a simple-minded man with developed limbs. He has been a master fisherman since childhood. He can catch fish and crabs in the sea in less than ten minutes. He once went into the sea and scooped up a basket of fish and crabs in one breath which shocked the nearby villagers.

However, no matter how high his fishing level is, he has not received many rewards from his parents from childhood to adulthood and is often compared with Shi Qing and Su Jing: “Look at your sister, see Su Jing in the next village, how many points have been scored in this exam, what’s the use of fishing in the future, when the fishermen have no future prospects”. Shi Yun will not complain about his sister, so he complained about Su Jing.

Especially when Shi Yun was young, he had a little in love with his sister syndrome. Seeing her sister approaching Su Jing and not playing with him made him have a deeper complaint about Su Jing. Even now when they were all grown up, this resentment still exists.

“Well, let’s stop quarreling. Although Su Family first consulted with Boss Zhao, it seems that Boss Zhao needs a lot of exotic sea creatures. We won’t be able to get much in the moment. We expect him to eat them all. If you want then your Su Family will sell it first. We’ll come back later. Is that feasible? Shi Qing pulls Shi Yun out of the circle.

“So our guide beauty can talk.” Su Family’s pace slowed down.

“Beauty Guide?” Su Jing was stunned, when did Shi Qing become a tour guide?

“Don’t you know, Shi-Qing worked as a part-time tour guide. She was photographed because she was so beautiful. She was called a beauty tour guide and later became the image spokesman of our beach.” Su Liang laughed.

“Great,” Su Jing said.

“You can still say that.” Shi Qing gave a look at Su Jing.

Shi Family Village and Su Family Village were eager to catch fish underwater. Some went to fishing boats and cast nets. Others went directly to sea with tools. It was rare for people to come and buy sea creatures at such a high price.

Su Jing thought about it, took off his shoes and tops and prepared to go to the sea.

The reason for abandoning fishing rods is that too many people here are watching, He is worried that someone will found out about the Magical Beast meat. Secondly, fishing with the fishing rod was a waste of Magical Beast meat as there was no way to control what fish was hooked. He could always catch something that he doesn’t want and he would have wasted a small piece of Magical Beast meat no matter what kind of fish hooks.

Su Jing thinks it might be easier and more effective to go directly to the sea.

“Uncle, don’t you have to use this fishing rod?” Su Yan took the fishing rod in her hand and handed it to Su Jing, apparently wanting to see how the fishing rod was used.

“Uncle is going straight into the sea to catch the fish.” Su Jing said and smiled.

“A’Jing, you haven’t been in the sea for a long time, are you going to be okay?” Zhao Mengxiang has some concerns. Although Su Jing is also a child who grew up on the beach, he rarely comes back now and the water is estimated to be no match for others.

“Don’t worry, sister-in-law. I went swimming in school and the water is good.” Su Jing consoled.

“Then you should be careful, don’t dive for too long and do your best.” Zhao Mengxiang ordered.

“Okay.” Su Jing handed the bucket to Zhao Mengxiang and brought out his goggles, bamboo poles, net bags and other tools to get out in the sea. When the water reached his thighs, he dived into the sea.

Su Jing continues to dive. The water was very clear. He can see all kinds of small fish swimming in the sea and he can also see the sediment and vegetation on the sea floor. It makes Su Jing feel like a child again.

Su Jing takes out a plastic bag from his trousers pocket, cuts a small piece from the big piece of Magical Beast meat inside and throws it into the sea, all around the fish swarm in and then divides up the meat of Magical Beast in twos and threes. However, most of these fish are small sparrows, which are not worth Su Jing’s efforts at all.

Su Jing thought about it and cut a small piece of Magical Beast meat again. Instead of putting it in the sea, Su Jing put it in a bamboo basket and sealed it with a plastic bag. Even so, the smell slowly dispersed and countless fish gathered and surrounded the basket and Su Jing. The scene was very spectacular. The fishes were so seduced that they forgot all about their fear that Su Jing could catch them.

More and more fish come, besides sparrows, there were barracuda, Acanthopagrus schlegelii…

Su Jing was too lazy to pay any attention to these low-value sea fish. He waited for a long time. Su Jing suddenly saw a whole row of yellow fish swimming in. Each one was in a row of two. Su Jing recognized that it was a big yellow croaker. There were at least several hundreds of them and this fish sell at a very good price.

Su Jing put the bamboo basket into the net bag and opened the net bag. The whole row of yellow croakers seemed silly. They rushed into the net bag in a swarm. Of course, some other fish could not avoid getting into it.

Su Jing quickly sealed the net bag after several big yellow croakers all went in and dragged them ashore, but there were too many fishes to drag. A careless person may even be dragged by the fishes in the net bag.

After exerting his full powers on the large net bag, it was dragged onto the beach with difficulty.

Looking at the fish in a large net bag that he was dragging, Shi Qing, Zhao Mengxiang and others on the shore were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe their eyes.