GGS-Chapter 4 Boil

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Su Jing did not bring the fish and shrimp in the bucket to his home but he took it to his uncle’s house.

First of all, his uncle was very good to him from childhood to adulthood. Su Jing’s family all live in his uncle’s home during the Spring Festival. The good relationship shows that when having good things, they will not eat it alone. He wants to share the lobsters and fishes with his uncle and relatives. Second, Su Jing knows very well that his cooking skills are not good. When two lobsters are made by him, it is estimated that the taste will be less than three points. It’s better for his Uncle to cook them.

Su Jing’s saliva is flowing down when he thinks of Uncle’s cooking and the delicacy of lobster.

As soon as he arrived at his uncle’s house, He saw his uncle who was wearing trousers.

“Uncle.” Su Jing shouted enthusiastically.

“A’Jing, I was just going to look for you. Why didn’t you come here when you get back? Can you live in your ruined house?” Su Zhenhong said angrily.

“It doesn’t matter, my room doesn’t leak rain, I haven’t come back in a long time and I missed my room.” Su Jing shrank his head and was respectful and fearful of this uncle because he made a big mistake when he was a child and was beaten in the buttocks till they blossomed, leaving some psychological marks behind.

“I miss my ass, go pack up your things and come here to live with me, your aunt has already prepared the room,” Su Zhenhong said.

“I really don’t need the help uncle, I am living there very well.” In the past, Su Jing would have followed Su Zhenhong’s wishes but now he can’t help but worry about the Magical Beast meat at home, the pile of garbage has not been processed yet, he has to live there. Worried about Uncle’s disagreement, he turned to the topic and said, “I just caught some fish at the seaside. I’m going to give them to you. I’ll have a good taste of Uncle’s cooking tonight.”

“Let’s see it.” Su Zhenhong seems unreasonable, but when Su Jing deliberately shifted the topic, he did not hold on. He took the bucket from Su Jing’s hand and felt the weight of the bucket. Su Zhenhong was stunned. “That’s heavy, you’ve caught so many fishes?”

“My luck was good today.” Su Jing smiled.

“Ha-ha, let’s go. I’ll make you a good meal tonight.” Su Zhenhong so-called delicious fish was not the fish in Su Jing’s barrel. Because Su Jing was worried about the fish and shrimp in the barrel being sun-dried, he covered it with a banana leaf. Su Zhenhong did not see any fish in it. In Su Zhenhong opinion, what fish can be caught by the sea? It’s at most will be small fishes like sparrow bream. They don’t taste very good. But this is Su Jing’s intention and It’s not good to blow Su Jing’s enthusiasm, so he didn’t say much.

Going to his uncle’s home, His Aunt Liu Shu and his sister-in-law Zhao Mengxiang warmly welcomed Su Jing. A little girl with two big braids shyly hid behind adults and peeped at Su Jing. She is Su Jing cousin brother Su Ruliang and his sister-in-law Zhao Mengxiang’s daughter, Su Yan. She is six years old.

“This is the fish caught by A’Jing. Take it and handle it.” Su Zhenhong handed the bucket to Liu Shu.

“A’Jing, where did you catch so many fish?” Liu Shu smiled.

“You entertain A’Jing, I will take care of it.” Zhao Mengxiang took the bucket with a smile and moved towards the kitchen and took the banana leaves off, she was about to pour the fish into the water tank, But when she saw the lobster in the bucket, she was stunned. After three seconds, she spoke, “Wow, two big lobsters.”

“What lobster?” Su Zhenhong and Liu Shu were both stunned and rushed to the kitchen.

“There are two lobsters in the bucket brought by A’Jing. A’Jing, you fished them?” Zhao Mengxiang was amazed.

“Mom, are the two lobsters fighting?” Su Yan’s milky voice rang. She was staring at two lobsters who were fighting with interest. She wanted to reach out and touch them but dared not.

“A’Jing, you even caught lobsters. I thought they were small fish. These two lobsters are wild. They are worth at least six or seven hundred yuan. They can’t be boiled and you need to sell them quickly. And this Grouper is worth at least a hundred yuan. When Su Zhenhong saw the two lobsters and Grouper, he quickly said to Su Jing, in the offshore villages like this fish was eaten almost every day and ordinary fish was greasy, but rare species, such as lobsters of this size, were caught and sold for money. They were reluctant to eat them.

“That’s correct, you have to sell them quickly and not cook them.” Liu Shu was also reluctant.

“Oh, it’s rare to catch two lobsters. Let’s try them for ourselves. I’m absolutely reluctant to sell them. If you don’t want to cook them, aunt and uncle, I’ll cook them myself.” Su Jing laughed, He would have been reluctant to eat them before, but now with the Magical Beast meat, it wasn’t hard to fish lobster.

“You and cooking, cooking is not a violent thing.” Su Zhenhong laughed and scolded.

“Is uncle lobster delicious?” Su Yan hides behind Zhao Mengxiang and looks up timidly at Su Jing.

“Of course, it’s delicious. Would you like your grandpa to cook it tonight?” Su Jing laughed.

“OK, OK, lobster.” Su Yan clapped her hands and laughed.

“You see uncle Su Yan also wants to eat them. Let’s just eat them. I don’t want to be the person who was born on the beach but hasn’t eaten a big lobster in his life. We need to give ourselves a treat once in a while.” Su Jing said.

“Yes ok, but you are extravagant, let’s cook it.” After Su Zhenhong gave up he was eager to try and cook the lobsters. After all, he used to be reluctant to eat lobster because of the need for money but he also really wanted to eat lobster.

“Then uncle, the big lobster and the other fish will be handed over to you, I’m lucky today so I’ll go fishing again.” Su Jing said.

“Okay, be careful and don’t fall into the sea, come back soon.” Su Zhenhong said, although he was born at the beach and the water is very familiar but no one was ever careless because the sea is very ruthless and there are a lot of people who die in the sea. Su Jing’s cousin, Su Ruliang almost died in the sea when he went out to sea three years ago, he did not dare to go out again after he had escaped.

“Uncle, I’m coming too.” Su Yan shouted.

“I want to take you there, but you have to ask your mother.” Su Jing laughed and said to the little girl. He rarely came back to the village and It is rare for him to have a chance to get close to his niece. Naturally, he didn’t want her to come as the sea is dangerous.

“Well, I’m all right now. Let’s go together and see how you fish. By the way, I’ll help you with the barreled fish.” Zhao Mengxiang smiled.

“Okay.” Su Jing readily agreed.

So, Su Jing took fishing rods and the Magical Beast meat as he went to the beach with Zhao Mengxiang and Su Yan, but this time it wasn’t his own beach. After all, it wasn’t suitable for fishing. Grouper and lobster were caught by themselves. There was probably no good fish left in that area.

The three people came to the beach near the village entrance. He saw many tourists on the beach, some sunbathing, some playing beach volleyball and some swimming in the sea. It has become a tourist attraction since two years ago, with a beautiful environment the Beach has attracted a lot of tourists.

It also drives the surrounding economy. There are many seafood shops and barbecue shops on the beach. The shopkeepers are villagers from nearby villages such as Su Family Village, Shi Family Village, and Zhu Family Village. Of course, this is not a famous tourist attraction. Without a vigorous price boom, there will not be a bottle of mineral water for 10 yuan.

Su Jing was looking for a remote and deep water location. Suddenly he heard a lot of noise on the beach. He saw that a large number of people gathered around him. Some young people were going to go to sea in shorts with fishing tools and some were watching the excitement.

Su Jing took a closer look and identified the group of people who were going to the sea. Shi Family Village also had Su Family Village, and Su Liang was among them.

What made Su Jing’s eyes shine and his heart beat slightly faster was that he saw a beautiful figure in the crowd.