GGS-Chapter 32 Has the meat to eat with Su Jing

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“How about 10,000 yuan?” Qian Shufeng saw Su Jing hesitation, thinking that Su Jing was worried about the price.

Qian Shufeng’s words suddenly caused many villagers to breathe in cool air. Su Liang and Su Xiaolin were also surprised. Before listening to Su Jing, they said that there was more than 20 jin. Such a value of several thousand is already unbelievable. Now someone is actually willing to pay 10,000.

“Boss Qian, it’s not a price problem. I first told Boss Zhao that there are three anglerfish. He’s also coming here, so it will not be right if I sold them to you.”  Su Jing honestly said his difficulties.

“Which Boss Zhao?” Qian Shufeng frowned slightly.

“Jinyu Restaurant’s boss Zhao Zhi.” Su Jing answered.

“It turned out to be the kid. I will tell him when he comes.” Qian Shufeng said.

Su Jing stunned, but it’s better if they know each other, I don’t have to talk much about it. Let them discuss it by themselves.

In a short while, Boss Zhao, Zhao Zhi rushed in. He had a big belly but he walked very fast. When he saw three anglerfish of this size, his eyes widened. But before he could become happy, he heard Qian Shufeng’s rough voice: “Old Zhao, I want this anglerfish. Don’t snatch it from me.”

“Old Qian, why are you here?” Zhao Zhi saw Qian Shufeng and was stunned and then waved. “Don’t think about it, I have a good relationship with Mr. Su. I want all these fish. You can’t take them.”

“What good relationship, I just asked, didn’t you only bought fish a single time?  I’m going to use this anglerfish as a treasure of the town store and put it in the store to attract customers. If you rob me, I’ll never stop pestering you.” Qian Shufeng has a bigger voice as he has been looking for a town store with enough gimmick, but has not found a suitable one. This huge anglerfish is absolutely qualified.

“Whatever Town store treasure I care about, can’t I use it as my special dish?” Zhao Zhi made no concessions.

“Then you haven’t paid yet, fair competition, I have 10,000.” Qian Shufeng said.

“I’ll pay fifteen thousand.” Zhao Zhi thought for a moment.

“I’ll pay 30,000.” Qian Shufeng is a must-have look.

“Come on, that’s not fair.” Zhao Zhi scolded but did not increase the price. Thirty thousand yuan has already far exceeded the market price. If it is not really for special purposes, it is absolutely worthless. Although he is annoyed that Qian Shufeng robbed him halfway, it seems that Qian Shufeng really needs the fish and it will not be good to continue to grab with Qian Shufeng, so as not to have a deadlocked relationship, but they are still friends after all.

“Mr. Su, sell it to me for 30,000?” Seeing Zhao Zhi, Qian Shufeng said to Su Jing.

“OK.” Su Jing naturally enjoyed it, but he couldn’t afford to leave Zhao Zhi alone, saying, “All the fish are left, Boss Zhao, you pick them at will.”

“I want it all.” Zhao Zhi, as if afraid of Qian Shufeng’s grabbing again, bought the rest at a high price, totaling 12,000 yuan.

Su Jing made a quick entry of 42,000 yuan, and then gave Su Liang and Su Xiaolin 1,000 yuan bonuses, which made both Su Liang and Su Xiaolin laugh. If Su Jing didn’t make money, they would even be ashamed of their salary. After all, they just worked a little hard, but when Su Jing made more than 40,000 yuan, they were not polite to Su Jing.

Even Su Zhenhong, Zhao Mengxiang, and Liu Shu have to wonder how quickly Su Jing earned money.

“Mr. Su has a good business.” Wang Zhuo, who has been waiting silently, said with a laugh.

“It’s thanks to Boss Qian and Boss Zhao for their generosity. Sit down and I’ll cook whatever you want.” Su Jing said.

“Ok.” Wang Zhuo smiled and sat down to start ordering. Zhao Jun and Boss Li rushed over and wiped the table stools for Wang Zhuo and poured tea to Wang Zhuo, they seemed to be good waiters.

“When I heard Zhou Xian boasting about a cook, I was curious. What is the holy place that Venomous Tongue Zhou was so full of praise? Unfortunately, I was busy a few days ago and had no time to come over. It didn’t take long for me to learn that Little Rui’s anorexia was mostly better because of the chef’s delicacies, which made me unable to sit still and try whatever I said. “Qian Shufeng also sat down and laughed.

“The chef who let Zhou Xian praise endlessly is in this seafood shop?” Zhao Zhi was surprised to find that almost none of the delicacies in his hotel had come into Zhou Xian’s eyes. Although he disdained Zhou Xian in his heart, he really wanted to make a delicacy that Zhou Xian had to praise, so he knew that Zhou Xian praised a seafood chef in a seafood shop and could not help but care.

“Don’t you know, the chef who has been praised by Zhou Xian is this Mr. Su.” Qian Shufeng pointed to Su Jing.

“No, that’s a coincidence.” Zhao Zhi was stunned. In fact, it is not the coincidence that surprised him. Su Jing is too young. In his imagination, the chef who can satisfy Zhou Xian should be at least 30 years old. Zhao Zhi could not help feeling dissatisfied. He thought that Mr. Su was so good at cooking when he was young. Even the chef in his hotel could not compete with him. That Zhou Xian was not an old man with a bad taste. I had to taste it for myself and see how many jins he had.

So Wang Zhuo, Qian Shufeng and Zhao Zhi ordered several seafood dishes. Wang Zhuo and Qian Shufeng ordered all high-grade seafood, such as lobster, abalone and sea crab. Zhao Zhi tried Su Jing’s cooking skills intentionally and ordered ordinary seafood such as barracuda, bass and scallop.

“Wait a minute.” Su Jing took down their order and went home to do it.

“A’Jing, A’Jing.” Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, and several young people followed.

“A’Jing, A’Liang and Little Lin said that you have decided to build a farm?”

“Do you need any more hands?”

They had heard Su Jing talk about building a mariculture farm before, but they had been hesitant. First, they were worried about investment funds and second, they were worried about business problems. After all, Su Jing had never done it, and they did not know whether they could make money or not. But now, they have cast aside all their doubts. Su Jing can make tens of thousands of yuan casually. Su Jing pays a thousand yuan bonus at will. Where can they find such a generous boss?

“I do have a shortage of people. You can join us just like A’Liang and Little Lin. How about five thousand yuan per months?” Su Jing smiled. He planned to build ten net cages with a diameter of 10 meters first, and he didn’t plan to do anything personally. Only having Su Liang and Su Xiaolin would not do.

“Well, I’ll hang out with you later.” Several young people are smiling. Occasionally, they will have a bumper harvest in fishing, but more often, they will not have a good harvest. On average, 3000 yuan a month is not bad. Of course, the stable salary of 5000 yuan is very satisfactory.

“I have roughly drawn up the list of materials and selected the location. You are responsible for the construction. This is the construction drawings and some requirements. You should take a look at them first.” Su Jing said, pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket and handing it to Su Liang.

“Fish farm is so big?” Su Liang opened the drawings and was surprised to find that the farms mainly consisted of a fish farm, float, and net cage. Fish farm was usually just a few pieces of wood that they could walk away with. However, Su Jing’s drawings showed that the interval between the ten round net cages was very large. Fishes can play basketball in it and it has exaggerated thickness.

“I want to build a firm and stable fish farm.” Su Jing smiled. There are two main reasons why he made such a big fish farm. First, he did not build an ordinary farm. Apart from a net cage for real farming, the other nine were all fishing traps, so he would not collect them only once a few months. It is estimated that they would collect them once a day. The location of the fish farm is convenient enough for the general meeting. Second, he is worried that meatballs would attract some large predators. Although the meatballs are mixed with starch and the smell will not be so heavy, but he can not guarantee that they will not attract sharks. He can only take precautions, or he will regret the loss of lives.

“Why are you building it so strong? Is that a waste of money? Su Liang Su Xiaolin and others did not understand.

“Just build it according to my drawings.” Su Jing did not explain much.

“Well, you have the final say. Let’s do some research first, and then we’ll buy materials in the afternoon. Su Liang said.

“Okay, I’ll transfer 100,000 yuan to your account first, if not enough then ask me again.” Su Jing left the construction of the farm to Su Liang Su Xiaolin and others and went home to steamed seafood. He was lazy to cook, but he could not entertain special guests carelessly.