GGS-Chapter 30 Big Harvest

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Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua, and Liu Rin put parrots and Cats and Dogs in cages together.

Su Jing acts casually, Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin are careful not to cause any harm to these animals. They are all excellent pets. It is estimated that each pet will cost a lot, even if it damages a piece of hair.

Just after they finished loading and moving the pets into the car, an Audi stopped at the door and two men came out. They were Zhao Jun and a middle-aged man in a suit.

Seeing Zhao Jun, Zhu Jianhua was stunned at first, because Zhao Jun looked terrible with small scars on his face, but immediately got angry: “What are you doing here? Be careful or I will let the dogs bite you.” Liu Rin frowned tightly as they were the ones who drove them out of the restaurant, deliberately embarrassing Su Jing in the process. It was very deceiving for them to come to his door.

Su Jing is a little suspicious. He attracted mice with Magical Beast meat, which made the business of that western restaurant seriously damaged. This would certainly give the restaurant owners a headache, but they should not know that it was his doing. Why did they come to him?

Seeing Zhao Jun and a middle-aged man coming over, Zhu Jianhua gave a cold smile and wanted to really let the dog go. But Zhao Jun nodded and waited and said, “Mr. Su, yesterday I was blind to Mount Tai and offended you. I hope that you will the little man’s fault.”

Zhu Jianhua suddenly looked dumbfounded and his action of releasing the dog stopped in mid-air.

Su Jing and Liu Rin also stunned. What game Zhao Jun is playing?

The middle-aged man also smiled and said, “Mr. Su, Mr. Zhu, Ms. Liu, I beg your pardon for the poor hospitality of my restaurant attendants yesterday. I heard that Mr. Su has a seafood store. To apologize, we are willing to do a day’s chores in your seafood store at your command.”

Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua, and Liu Rin are dumbfounded again. This middle-aged man is the owner of that western restaurant. Yesterday, he should have gone with Zhao Jun, and purposely chased Su Jing away. It’s probably the same kind of thing that dogs look down on people. Why is it that he looks so low-spirited now?

“Mr. Su, we sincerely apologize. I hope you can forgive us, meet Mr. Wang later and say good things for us.” Zhao Jun has a pleasant face, but his smile is uglier than crying.

Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua, and Liu Rin suddenly realized that they were afraid of Mr. Wang. Looking at Zhao Jun, who was still in high spirits yesterday, they are now like puppies, and their hearts are not at ease.

Zhao Jun can’t tell now. Yesterday after the rat disaster, he was angry. He blamed Boss Li for not helping. But Boss Li told him that one of the people who had just been expelled was Wang Family Third Young Master Wang Zhuo and suddenly the anger turned into a cold sweat of fear. Not long after, he received a phone call from the family elders and received a lot of pains and warnings. If he did not handle this matter, he would be driven out of the family and will be sent to Wang Family for disposal.

Zhao Jun wanted to cry without tears. He could only blame his poor eyes for not recognizing Wang Zhuo and for his foolish act of driving Su Jing away with Wang Zhuo. However, he wants to break his head and can’t figure it out. How can this country boy have any relation with Wang Zhuo? When he and Boss Li went to apologize to Wang Zhuo yesterday, Wang Zhuo also said, “You offend Mr. Su, it is offensive to me, unless you get the forgiveness of Mr. Su, don’t blame me for my rudeness.” It clearly shows the importance of Su Jing.

“A’Jing, who is that Mr. Wang?” Zhu Jianhua was curious and asked in a low voice. According to his understanding, Zhao Jun’s family seems to be rich and powerful, belongs to the kind of wandering children walking sideways outside with expensive items. This Boss Li is not a simple character but is so afraid of that Mr. Wang. It is conceivable that the identity of that Mr. Wang must not be simple.

“I don’t know, I just met yesterday.” Su Jing shrugged his shoulders.

“Then how could he help you?” Zhu Jianhua wondered.

“Maybe because he liked the dishes I made.” Su Jing smiled and left Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin speechless, thinking that Su Jing was fooling them.

“Mr. Su, where is your seafood store? We have worked in the past.” Boss Li is very welcoming and polite. Although it’s a big thing that the western restaurant was besieged by rats, it’s far from offending Wang Zhuo. Most of the Western restaurants were attacked by rats had closed down but there’s also a chance for his restaurant to come back, but if Wang Zhuo remembers him then he won’t be able to get away with it anywhere.

“No need.” Su Jing waved his hand. They had both lived a life of fine clothes and fine food. Even if they went to the seafood store, they would probably not do anything. They would only add to the mess and he would not be bothered to take them there.

“Mr. Su, you’re a big man. Don’t share our common sense. Let’s arrange our work.” Boss Li crowded out a smiling face, but it was uglier than crying.

“Mr. Su, Mr. Wang will come to your seafood restaurant for dinner later. Let’s go and serve him. Of course, Mr. Su has anything he wants to dispatch, just ask.” Zhao Jun continued to smile.

“Okay, okay, I will take you over.” Su Jing was made a little uncomfortable by these two people. You said that they were not cheap and they were arguing about serving others. But it’s a good thing for them to taste the feeling of serving others.

“A’Jing, we will go back to perfect Pet Paradise first.” Zhu Jianhua sees Zhao Jun like this and could no longer see this shameless scene.

“Well, you are careful on the way.” Su Jing delivers Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin to the car and then takes Zhao Jun and Boss Li to ZhenGreat Seafood Restaurant. Su Zhenhong, Zhao Mengxiang, and Liu Shu see two men in expensive suits who want to work as waiters. Su Jing can only explain that they come to experience life and what kind of rough and miscellaneous work they have to do.

“A’Jing, today many people order a variety of more precious seafood. Are you free to fish some?” Su: Hen Hong asked.

“I made a fish trap yesterday, so let’s go and see.” Su Jing went to the harbor, but before he arrived, Su Liang and Su Xiaolin came running face to face. They were both excited and gasping.

“A’Jing, A’Jing…” Su Liang couldn’t speak up.

“What’s wrong?” Su Jing asked.

“No, we set up two net cage traps yesterday. One of them is full of all kinds of fish. There are more than twenty lobsters over one jin. There are many large yellow croakers, sea crab, squid and so on.” Su Xiaolin was very excited.

“Only one net cage? What about the other one?” Su Jing wondered.

“The other one was broken and all the fish are gone.” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin both look depressed.

“It turns out that the tattered net cage can have a useful value.” Su Jing smiled indifferently.

“A’Jing, what on earth did you use to catch so many fish? Su Liang and Su Xiaolin looked puzzled. They were quite old, but they had never heard of such a magical fishing method.

“The bait I put in the basket is the latest product developed by a friend and it is not yet on the market. You have to keep it secret. Don’t tell it.” Su Jing said deliberately and mysteriously.

“So it is.” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin suddenly realized that they were fooled by Su Jing.

“Come on, let’s go and collect the fish.” Su Jing went to the harbor with Su Liang and Su Xiaolin, pulled up the net cage and grabbed the fish and shrimp into the barrel.

“These fish are too small, let them go.” Su Jing picked out some small fish.

“Small fish are fish too. Why did you let them go?” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin expressed puzzlement.

“Although I use bait to attract fish from far away, overfishing is still not conducive to the ecological balance of this area. Don’t catch small fish until they grow up. Don’t worry, even if we don’t catch small fish, we can still make a lot of money. “Su Jing said.

“All right then.” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin are now working for Su Jing. They can only listen to Su Jing. They can see that they still have a huge harvest after removing the small fish and they don’t have to worry about making money.

“Hey, what kind of fish is this?” Su Jing suddenly found a strange fish at the bottom of the net cage as the net cage pulled up.