GGS-Chapter 29 Looked to stay

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Zhu Jianhua’s truck is loaded with twenty or thirty Cats and Dogs of various kinds.

These are stray dogs and stray cats. Although they have been treated by the perfect Pet Paradise, they still can’t hide their poor looks. They are not cute or powerful and most of them are adult. No wonder no one wants to adopt them.

Su Jing came forward to help, pulled nearly twenty cages out of the car and put them in the front yard.

“A’Jing, you can use these cages and then you will be able to decide when and who will come out,” said Zhu Jianhua.

“No, let them out now. You can take the cage back without any trouble.” Su Jing said and began to open the cage and release both Cats and Dogs.

“That’s what you said. Don’t cry later.” Zhu Jianhua laughed playfully.

“Su Jing, I’m afraid these cats and Dogs will come out in a mess together.” Liu Rin laughed.

“Don’t worry, it’s all right.” Su Jing doesn’t take it seriously.

Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin disagreed, but since Su Jing insisted, they could only follow him. When Cats and Dogs were released, they were in a mess. Some dogs were fighting together, some dogs chased cats, and some cats tried to climb the roof of the wall.

Su Jing actually anticipated this scene, and suddenly whistled. There was a loud cry on the roof. Then, under the startled eyes of Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin, a golden eagle flew down and landed on Su Jing’s shoulder.

“Go ahead, give them a warning.” Su Jing gestured to the golden eagle.

The Golden Eagle flapped his wings and with a loud and penetrating cry, flew a circle over the heads of Cats and Dogs, he grabbed a cat that was just about to climb up the roof and threw it back on the ground. A dog tried to bite it but the golden eagle grabbed it by the neck and threw it like a rag into the corner of the wall and then landed at the door, blocking a dog that was about to run out, the wind produced from huge wings with flying sand and rocks, frightening it. The dog quickly retreated. The Golden Eagle took off again, flew around the front yard, scaring all Cats and Dogs and then flew back to Su Jing’s shoulders, like a king, to inspect these Cats and Dogs.

“You depend on it. It’s so handsome. Is it an eagle?” Zhu Jianhua was stunned.

“This is a golden eagle.” Su Jing smiled.

“Will this golden eagle be sent to our perfect Pet Paradise? Or will it be sold directly to me?” Zhu Jianhua looked at Golden Eagle as if he were looking at a beautiful woman with a possessive desire for red fruits in his eyes.

“Don’t even think about it, this golden eagle is not for sale.” Su Jing waved.

“It’s a pity that such a magnificent and smart Golden Eagle is not for sale, even if it really needs to be sold, you can’t afford it Jianhua.” Liu Rin laughed. She has been in the perfect Pet Paradise for a long time and knows better than Zhu Jianhua. She knows that the golden eagle is priceless and has no market between tens of thousands of ordinary golden eagle. What’s more, Su Jing has trained it to be so magnificent and powerful and it is also smart.

“A’Jing, do you have any other eagles?” Zhu Jianhua didn’t give up.

“No, just this one.” Su Jing smiled.

“It has one or two-meter long wingspan. It’s underage and it can still grab a dog of about twenty or thirty Jin and throw it out. When it’s grown up, it will be a magnificent beast.” Liu Rin was somewhat surprised that this underage Golden Eagle seemed to be more powerful than an adult golden eagle with a wingspan of more than two meters.

“Oh, can’t I train Golden Eagle in general?” Su Jing boasted shamelessly, after all, he has become a master of domesticating animals and that’s exactly what he did. In fact, this golden eagle is able to carry far more weight than that. Su Jing tried it when he practiced. Even if it was about 50 jin, it could fly with it. Su Jing thought that when it grew up, it might be able to fly with him.

“Don’t you have any other pets? Show us.” Liu Rin is full of expectations.

“You wait here a little.” There is a lot of garbage in the backyard. Although it is covered with black plastic, in case they don’t see it, Su Jing came to the backyard alone and shouted and took all the animals to the front yard, even the group of birds. The bird injured by the man-eating plant is among them and it has basically recovered.

Seeing Su Jing coming from the backyard, followed by a group of animals, cats, dogs, parrots, and birds, like King of Animals leading his younger brothers, Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin were startled.

Moreover, they can see at a glance that these cats, dogs, parrots and other animals are excellent in appearance and will definitely sell well. One cat, like Litle Li already in the perfect Pet Paradise, is the best-priced product for 200,000 yuan.

“This little Dragon Li Cat won’t be sent, because you already have one of them in the Perfect Pet Paradise, more of them will depreciate and the birds will stay. They are not pets. You can take the rest with you.” Su Jing said.

“A’Jing, where did you get so many excellent pets? How did you domesticate them?” Zhu Jianhua’s voice was obviously envious. Su Jing used to be a layman in pets, but now Zhu Jianhua feels like a layman.

“There is a rush of them coming to me from everywhere.” Su Jing naturally wouldn’t say that these animals smelled the meat of Magical Beast and decided to stay here.

“Everywhere, everywhere.” A tender voice rings. The Parrots are learning to speak.

“Well, this is YELLOW-NAPED Amazon. It’s at a good standard to be able to speak so clearly.” Liu Rin was surprised that the YELLOW-NAPED amazon, also known as the single-cap and yellow-crowned Amazon parrot, was inexpensive and had a good command of speech. However, compared with parrots, most of them did not articulate clearly and rarely spoke in such a standard way.

“Well, this is YELLOW-NAPED Amazon. It’s at a good standard to be able to speak so clearly.” The parrot followed.

“…” Liu Rin and Zhu Jianhua are dumbfounded. It’s not surprising that parrots can learn to speak, but it’s surprising that they can repeat such a long sentence in one go. It can be said that such parrots are definitely one in a million.

“This parrot is absolutely amazing.” Liu Rin is thrilled.

“God’s ass will learn to speak.” Su Jing was a little annoyed by the parrot two days ago when it learned to talk non stop by himself.

“Those parrot lovers will lose it when they see it.” Liu Rin continued as if she hadn’t heard Su Jing’s words.

“My cats and Dogs are smart, too. Don’t sell them cheaply.” Su Jing pointed to the other kittens and dogs.

“How smart are they?” Liu Rin’s eyes were shining.

“Come here, squat down, come here, lie down, come here, jump over.” Under Su Jing’s command, the kittens and puppies wag their tails and stare at Su Jing one by one, as if they were afraid of making any mistake. They squat, lie, jump, and even some difficult movements according to Su Jing’s instructions are unambiguous. Many Cats and Dogs are combined like a group dance.

Liu Rin and Zhu Jianhua were dazed again.