GGS-Chapter 25 Nutritional therapy

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Hundreds of rats rushed into the restaurant, and the scene could be said to be very spectacular.

Those well-dressed men and women, one by one, screamed in horror, another woman directly fainted, people fled everywhere, tables and chairs fell, bowls and plates were smashed, the scene was chaotic.

The mice seemed to have a purpose. They climbed over some steaks that had fallen to the ground and ignored them completely.

Part of them rushed to where Su Jing was sitting before, jumped on the table and surrounded the bottle of pepper that Su Jing had taken.

The other part rushed to Zhao Jun and looked covetously at Zhao Jun and Boss Li.


Both Zhao Jun and Boss Li swallowed a mouthful of saliva and were scared by this scene for a second.

Then they reacted at the same time, turned around and fled. But, they did not move fast enough as the moving mice quickly caught up with them. Several more radical ones jumped onto Zhao Jun and climbed to Zhao Jun’s pocket position.

After being jumped on by mouse on his body Zhao Jun almost went crazy, screaming like a woman, frantically swaying his body, trying to shake off the mouse off of him. Although he succeeded in dropping one or two, his running speed slowed down and more mice jumped on him. The mice tried to hold on him, scratching his clothes and skin and even took a few bites out of him.

Boss Li escaped without being attacked by any mice. Looking back at Zhao Jun’s tragic situation, he dared not rush to help himself. He turned to the waiters and said, “What are you still stunned about? Go up and save Young Master Zhou.

All the employees backed off, their heads shaking like rattledrums.

Are you kidding? Who would dare to go up against such a cruel rat herd?

What I do is the job of a waiter. I get the salary of a waiter, not a rodent killer.

“Ah  Ah!”

Zhao Jun cried and screamed and rolled on the ground like a madman.

Many mice were crushed to death by him, but they still refused to let go.

Nearly a minute later, the mice suddenly dispersed and left Zhao Jun lying on the ground breathless.

Nobody noticed that in the chaos just now, a mouse bit Zhao Jun’s pocket and quickly ate a small piece of meat.

Another group of mice dispersed in a hurry, but the bottle of pepper had been torn out of shape.

“What the fuck is this?” Zhao Jun stood up and roared. His clothes were in tatters, his skin was covered with red bites, and he looked very awkward. Not to mention the high-end restaurant. The fast food restaurant on the street would not let him in.

“I also want to ask, what the hell is this going on?” Boss Li glanced at the chaotic restaurant, his eyes were red and he had just driven the big man away and had not had time to bear the anger of that event when this happened. This kind of high-end restaurant, even if there is a mouse, the business will be greatly affected. It will take a long time to recover. With such a large group of rats, it can be said that the business has been destroyed by more than half. After all, who would dare to come to eat in this kind of restaurant with mice?

“A’Jing sighed with a sigh of relief.” Out of the Western restaurant, Zhu Jianhua is still somewhat angry and dissatisfied.

“Oh, what are you angry with them, they will get their retribution sooner or later.” Su Jing smiled lightly.

“Yes, this kind of store that deliberately embarrasses its customers will not last long.” Mr. Wang responded lightly. Su Jing and Zhu Jianhua didn’t pay much attention to his words. Only Lin Cai’er, who knew Mr. Wang’s identity, thought that the western restaurant was over. What Lin Cai’er and Mr. Wang didn’t know was that the Western restaurant was almost finished now.

“I’m sorry Mr. Su, but I didn’t expect Zhao Jun to play such a low-level trick.” Shen Jiayao apologized.

“It’s all right. I don’t care. I’ll just eat somewhere else.” Su Jing said calmly.

“I know a restaurant with a good taste,” said Mr. Wang. This time, led by Mr. Wang, they went to another high-end restaurant. This restaurant has a variety of traditional Chinese cuisine and the taste was very good. Everyone ate very well and everyone enjoyed it very much. After eating and drinking, Shen Jiayao, Zhu Jianhua, and Mr. Wang were all rushing to pay, but since Mr. Wang was an old customer here, he finally paid the bill.

Shen Jiayao’s cooperation with Su Jing has been completely settled. It is also agreed that Zhu Jianhua will send some stray animals to Su Jing’s house tomorrow and bring Su Jing’s pets back to the perfect Pet Paradise by the way. So Shen Jiayao, Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin left and went to Pet Paradise and left Su Jing and Mr. Wang alone for their private conversation.

“Mr. Wang, what do you want from me,” Su Jing said.

“Things are like this.” Mr. Wang paused a bit, seeming to think about the wording and then said, “I have a five-and-a-half-year-old son. Since December last year, he had started to dislike eating. I thought it was just a child throwing a tantrum but he started to vomit everything he ate. We took him to the hospital for examination, only to know that he had anorexia. Since then, my son has not had a good meal, basically relying on a drip to maintain nutrition. Yesterday evening, my good friend Zhou Xian brought a fish porridge. My son actually ate it all and after eating it, he wanted to eat more. His entire mental state was much better. Zhou Xian told me that this fish is from Mr. Su, so I want to ask Mr. Su to be my son’s personal chef and ask Mr. Su to cook for him. As for the salary, I will leave it to you.”

“It turned out to be so,” Su Jing suddenly realized that Zhou Xian had packed the porridge with fish fillets instead of taking it back for himself. He cooked the porridge himself, and even people who had anorexia wanted to eat it. It was unexpected. However, Su Jing doesn’t want to be a cook, let alone a private cook. As for salary, Su Jing doesn’t care too much. Although he wants to make money, he really doesn’t want to use a sick boy to gain it. He thinks, “Is your son’s anorexia due to psychological or physiological problems?”

“It’s anorexia in children. It’s a disorder of digestive function. It’s a physiological problem.” Although Mr. Wang didn’t understand why Su Jing asked this question, he answered truthfully.

“Well, let me give him a period of food therapy to see if it works.” Someone has come themselves to him for help and to be polite Su Jing do not mind helping him, but he does not want to waste too much time on others, so he hopes to find a radical cure. If it’s mainly a psychological problem, Su Jing is helpless, but it’s mainly a physical problem, maybe he can solve it himself.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Su.” Mr. Wang was very happy and excited. “Mr. Su, to tell you the truth, my son is in Yunhua Hospital near here and I’ve already asked the owner of this restaurant. So Mr. Su can cook here, whatever ingredients you want you can use them.

“Uh…” Su Jing was stunned. He dared to say that Mr. Wang had chosen this restaurant from the start, but shook his head and said, “It’s not the usual ingredients for diet therapy. I’m not used to other people’s kitchen utensils. Why don’t you come to my home with me?”

“Also.” Mr. Wang chose this restaurant for convenience only, and Su Jing has the final say.

Mr. Wang asked the driver to drive BMW and send Su Jing and him to Su Jing’s home. Su Jing entered the kitchen alone. After only ten or twenty minutes, he prepared a dish and put it in the lunch box. When he took the lunch box out, Mr. Wang received it like a treasure.

“I won’t go, you bring it to your son and see if it works,” Su Jing said.

“Okay, thank you, Mr. Su.” Mr. Wang was anxious about his son and drove away with the lunch box.

More than half an hour later, Mr. Wang came to the senior ward of Yunhua Hospital 401. He saw a thin little boy lying in bed beside a slightly haggard beauty and a middle-aged doctor taking his pulse.

Mr. Wang went up with his lunch box and asked the middle-aged doctor. After all, he was the doctor in charge. Even if he wanted to have diet treatment, he had to give notice.

After the middle-aged doctor heard it, his eyebrows suddenly wrinkled: “Even people do not look at it personally, do not listen to the pulse, heartbeat or face and then go on diet therapy in a vain way. No matter if it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine, they won’t have any positive effects, this is just nonsense!”