GGS-Chapter 23 Cooperation

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In the hustle and bustle, Su Jing followed the Perfect Pet Paradise staff back in the background.

Just back in the background, many employees surrounded Su Jing staring at the kitten on Su Jing’s shoulder and asking all kinds of questions. Even Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin were relentlessly squeezed away from Su Jing and could not get close to him.

“You guys you even pushed us away for a cat.”Zhu Jianhua laughed and scolded.

“I will be able to see you tomorrow, This cat will not be here tomorrow.” Several colleagues’ answers made Zhu Jianhua speechless.

“Oh, it’s rare to see such an excellent pet. No wonder they are so excited.” Liu Rin laughed. She was not as excited as Zhu Jianhua at first. Fortunately, they were the only ones who touched the Little Dragon Li Cat.

“Mr. Su, Mr. Su.” Shen Jiayao trotted into the background in high heels, looking for Su Jing.

“Miss Shen, I’m here.” Su Jing, who was very helpless in the crowd, raised his hand and shouted. The crowd turned around and saw the store manager coming, then they all gave way one after another.

“Mr. Su, could you talk to me?” Shen Jiayao’s eyes flashed as she looked towards the Little Dragon Li Cat. Zhao Jun followed up and looked at Su Jing with hostility. Originally his Afghan hound had the hope of winning the championship. Now it was impossible. The limelight had been completely snatched by Su Jing’s Dragon Li Cat. Looking at Shen Jiayao’s enthusiasm for Su Jing, his heart was full of anger.

“Yes.” Su Jing guessed Shen Jiayao’s general purpose and nodded.

Shen Jiayao led Su Jing into an office and Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin followed.

“Mr. Su, I won’t beat around the bush. I have a selfish request. Can you leave your cat in our perfect Pet Paradise?” Shen Jiayao asked openly.

“You just heard it, someone offered a price of 200,000.” Su Jing said faintly, although he admired Shen Jiayao’s behavior of taking in stray dogs, it does not mean that Su Jing is willing to give free cats bred with Magical Beast meat.

“I don’t have 200,000.” Shen Jiayao shook her head and turned to say, “But as long as it is allowed to participate in some international competitions, it will surely become popular quickly. There will surely be more than 200,000 at that time. Why the rush to sell it?”

“So what do you mean?” Su Jing was shocked and seemed to have misunderstood Shen Jiayao’s intentions.

“You leave it in the perfect Pet Paradise, we promote it and we will bring it to participate in various competitions, let it rise in value and then you can sell it. In the process, our Pet Paradise can also borrow its light, isn’t this a win-win situation for both of us?” Shen Jiayao talks.

“That’s a good idea.” Su Jing murmured and said, “Yes, but all the things about the kitten, whether it’s the usual care or the promotion of the competition, have to involve Jianhua.”

“No problem.” Shen Jiayao looked at Zhu Jianhua and immediately nodded.

Zhu Jianhua gave a thankful wink to Su Jing. He naturally knew the purpose of Su Jing’s action. In the future, this kitten will be the focus of attention. Being able to participate in it will certainly have many advantages and at the same time, he will be able to enhance his standing in Pet Paradise.

“Mr. Su, I have a cruel request.” Shen Jiayao looked at Su Jing carefully. The look made Su Jing feel uncomfortable as if he had been seen through without clothes.

“What kind of request?” Su Jing is speechless, one after another request, Am I that familiar with you?

“Can you tell me about your methods of domesticating pets?” Shen Jiayao asked.

“I just feed them with normal food.” Su Jing’s heart jumped and he waved his hand and quickly answered, he was afraid that the secret of the Magical Beast meat will come out. He hasn’t told anyone about the Magical Beast Meat, Even his relatives don’t know about that so he will of course not tell Shen Jiayao.

“Really?” Shen Jiayao is obviously not satisfied with this answer. Just then, Su Jing’s cat on his shoulder suddenly jumped off to the ground and ran to the door of the office. He saw a female employee carefully carrying a cat, the one Shen Jiayao bought from Su Jing. Shen Jiayao suddenly said, “Little Cui, come in.”

“What’s the matter, Manager?” A female employee named Little Cui came in

“Put the little flower on the ground.” Shen Jiayao said that the female employees did as she said. Just after putting the cat in her arms on the ground, the cat jumped on the cat Su Jing brought with her. The two kittens held each other warmly and played together, licking each other’s fur.

“Sure enough.” Shen Jiayao squinted. These two kittens, as expected, were from the same litter. The last time she saw them, the three kittens were almost identical. Only a few days later, the kittens she had bought had not changed much and on the other hand, Su Jing’s cat became more perfect. This shows that Su Jing has a very good domestication method.

“Miss Shen, what are you thinking.” Seeing Shen Jiayao’s eyes shining, Su Jing knew what she had guessed, He now knew that he needed to give her something otherwise she might discover his secret. He thought a little and said, “I won’t give you the domestication method, but I can provide some pets for your Pet Paradise. You can help me with the sale and collecting the commission.”

“That’s a good idea.” Shen Jiayao’s eyes lit up immediately. “Mr. Su, how much commission do you think is appropriate for us?”

“Twenty percent.” Su Jing said.

“You know, Mr. Su, many pets don’t necessarily sell right away. It takes labor, medical care, food, and other expenses to take care of them. The rent for our store itself is also very high. Twenty percent is a little lower.” Shen Jiayao said.

“It is because of this that I have given 20%. If you don’t want to, I will find someone else.” Su Jing said indifferently.

“Well, 20 percent is 20 percent, but I have a requirement that you will only provide your pets to the perfect Pet Paradise.” Shen Jiayao thought about it and accepted his condition. In fact, 20% is nighter high nor low. It does not necessarily make a profit and they will not really lose any money. However, as long as they can use the high-quality pets provided by Su Jing, they can certainly improve the reputation of the perfect Pet Paradise. Generally speaking, it will benefit them a lot.

“No problem, I also add a request, I still want Jianhua to participate, every one of my pets will go to Jianhua.” Su Jing said.

“OK.” Shen Jiayao nodded happily. After everything was settled, Shen Jiayao had the contract drawn up and both sides signed their names and printed their fingerprints.

“It’s hard for a girl to run such a big pet store and take in so many stray dogs, isn’t it?” Su Jing suddenly asked and this sudden gentle question left Shen Jiayao a little stunned.

In front of employees, Shen Jiayao must always be strong and not show any cowardice or fatigue even if it is hard for her to endure it. Because of the adoption of stray animals led to a loss of funds and even employees’ wages were not paid, she was under a lot of pressure and she also has to come up with a pet competition method, which is to temporary support the store, All of this accumulated some grievances in her heart but she never mentioned it to anyone. Su Jing’s comfort reached to the bottom of her heart and her heart warmed up.

“It’s alright.” Shen Jiayao responded lightly, but she didn’t notice that there was a touch of tenderness in her voice.

However, Zhu Jianhua on the other side looked at Su Jing strangely. Only those familiar with Su Jing could see that Su Jing was not suddenly tender, nor was he trying to hit on Shen Jiayao, but he has something else on his mind.

“If you can’t handle them all then give me some of them, my yard is quite big and adopting dozens of them is no problem for me.” Su Jing said this with a cool and dignified look.

“Really?” Shen Jiayao’s eyes lit up. What she hoped most was that these stray animals were only temporarily taken care of by Pet Paradise. In the end, there were good people adopting them. There are so many people in Zhongyun City and one in 1,000 people is willing to adopt them. All of the stray animals can be adopted. Unfortunately, the fact is that these stray animals are rarely taken away because of their quality and variety. Someone who prefers pets would rather buy another good-looking one. Someone like  Su Jing, who is willing to adopt dozens of them has been never seen by her. She suddenly feels that she has found a friend.

“Although your pet store has temporarily solved the crisis, too many stray animals are ultimately a burden to you. You will make a list for me later. I will choose some, or let Jianhua send them to me and bring my pet back by the way.” Su Jing nodded.

“Then I thank you for these animals, Mr. Su.” Shen Jiayao grinned like a bloom of a thousand flowers and Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua, Liu Rin, Zhao Jun were stunned.