GGS-Chapter 21 A Cat that cannot be Distinguished

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When Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua, and Liu Rin entered the hall, they saw a simple T-PLATFORM in the middle, surrounded by people, some of whom were perfect Pet Paradise employees, some were spectators, and some were media with cameras.

According to Zhu Jianhua, the pet competition held by Perfect Pet Paradise is not very formal.

The purpose of the event is to make some money by attracting topics, attracting media, selling online videos, and sponsoring. Pet Paradise is doing very well. Unfortunately, the store manager is too nice and has taken in too many stray dogs that made it difficult to make the ends meet.

“Your store manager is an interesting person.” Su Jing smiled and said as the manager had taken in the stray dogs that he had never seen before. People often take care of a stray dog but not to the point where they could not make enough money for themselves.

“Hey, our store manager is not only kind but also a beautiful woman.” Zhu Jianhua laughed and Liu Rin gave him a weird look.

“How much sponsorship do you get?” Su Jing didn’t care if the manager was a beautiful woman. What he cares about is how much appeal the pet has.

“I don’t know the specific data, but at least one or two million.” Zhu Jianhua whispered.

“That’s not bad.” Su Jing nodded. They are able to pull one or two million sponsorships just by this competition.

“That is our store manager, Shen Jiayao.” Liu Rin suddenly pointed to one side. Su Jing looked in the direction of her finger. Originally, he just looked at her casually. However, when he saw the cool and beautiful girl in OL, he was stunned. It was her.

Su Jing suddenly took out his wallet and took out a business card from it, which read: “Shen Hong, Myriad Treasures Auction House Appraiser, Zhongyun City Pet Business Association Vice-President, Chairman of Perfect Pet Paradise.” Su Jing suddenly realized that it was no wonder that the Perfect Pet Paradise name was familiar to him. He had heard it the other day. He just blamed himself for not paying too much attention. Shen Hong was the chairman of the perfect Pet Paradise,  so he was not surprised that his granddaughter was the store manager.

“Our store manager recently got a leopard cat and its quality is excellent. It will also participate in the competition. It is estimated that it will come in the top three.” Zhu Jianhua whispered in envy. As an employee of the perfect Pet Paradise, he was lucky to take his pet for a walk, but only for a walk. His Husky Street could not compete for top spots.

“Oh.” Su Jing’s eyes are slightly weird. He wondered if Shen Jiayao will use the one she bought from him. Although the cat was really beautiful, he only fed it for one day. Now, the one in his own cage has been fed for seven or eight days and it has become more perfect every day.

“I don’t know where she got that kind of leopard cat.” Zhu Jianhua sighed again.

“Is it a leopard cat? Not a Dragon Li Cat?” Su Jing wants to make sure.

“You don’t have to talk about this, the Dragon Li Cat is so different from the leopard cat, how can it be confused?” Zhu Jianhua scorned Su Jing. He knew Su Jing and knew that Su Jing knew almost nothing about pets.

“Well, strictly speaking, it’s Bengal Cat. It’s different from a real leopard cat, but it’s definitely not Dragon Li Cat.” Liu Rin explained.

“…” Su Jing didn’t know what to say.

Shen Jiayao is coming this way. The tall young man who hated Su Jing is still next to her. Because Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin greet Shen Jiayao and Shen Jiayao nods back, it is inevitable for her to see Su Jing.

“What are you doing here?” Gao Jun, the young man, looked at Su Jing with a hostile look.

“I brought him with me.” Zhu Jianhua hurried said.

“Who are you?” Zhao Jun frowned and looked at Zhu Jianhua.

“He’s an employee of ours. He’s qualified to bring a friend to the tournament. You’re not a Pet Paradise employee. Don’t mix things up without knowing.” Shen Jiayao said and glanced at Su Jing’s cage. Because the gap between the cage was too small to see the whole picture, she could only vaguely see a kitten. She asked, “Did you bring a kitten to the competition?”

“Take a look at it.” Su Jing said.

“The kitten I bought from you is very good. It’s not only beautiful but also very smart. After my training during this period, it’s no longer what it used to be. If you want to bring a kitten to the competition, you need to be prepared mentally. “Shen Jiayao kindly reminded him, After going through her training the kitten showed the most rudimentary aspect and its cute side, The difference between it’s previous and present state is very different.

“What, bought from A’Jing (Su Jing)?” When he heard Shen Jiayao, Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin were dumbfounded. How could Su Jing an amateur nurture an excellent leopard cat?

“Yes, I didn’t expect him to be your friend.” Shen Jiayao nodded, dispelling Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin’s suspicions.

“I advise you to take the wild cat from your home and go quickly. It isn’t trained and it will be bad if it attacked anyone. Last time it went crazy, scratching the nose of my dog.” Zhao Jun jacked in again.

“The last time your dog broke into my house and barked at my cat, it deserved to be scratched. But Tibetan mastiff in your family is so powerful and invincible that it should have recovered soon after being caught. Su Jing said faintly.

“You…” Zhao Jun’s face turned slightly red. When he returned that day, Shen Hong told him that he had found a Tibetan mastiff with impure lineage, which made him very depressed. At this time, he was ironically angry by Su Jing. However, he could not find a refutation. Tibetan mastiff was lost to someone’s cat. How could he refute?

“Manage your cat. If it scratched anyone, I will call the police.” Zhao Jun glanced at Su Jing coldly and turned and walked away.

“That’s how he is. You just ignore him. Your pet hasn’t signed up, so you have to wait until the end to get on stage. Just ask Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin if you don’t know anything about it. Shen Jiayao said softly and walked away.

“A’Jing, our store manager’s leopard cat, you really sold it?” Zhu Jianhua still can’t believe it.

“Yes, but that’s a Dragon Li Cat, not a leopard cat,” Su Jing said.

“Dragon Li Cat? Are you sure?” Zhu Jianhua expressed doubt.

“You think I don’t know my own cats?” Su Jing grinned.

“Then this one in your cage…” Liu Rin looked at the cage Su Jing was carrying, his eyes shining slightly.

“Well, it’s from the same litter with the one sold to your store manager.” Su Jing said, opening the door of the cage for Liu Rin and Zhu Jianhua to see. After the first glance, the two men stepped back one after another. Where is the cat? It is a small leopard.

“You are sure this is…” Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin asked incredulously.

“Definitely Dragon Li Cat.” Su Jing interrupted them, not wanting his cat to be considered as a leopard. It’s illegal to catch wild leopards.

Looking at this Dragon Li Cat, which is very similar to a small leopard, Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin are surprised.