GGS-Chapter 15 Venomous Tongue Gourmand

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“Are you sure you like these plates?” Su Zhenhong asked incredulously, pointing to several Su Jing dishes.

“Of course, because these plates are particularly delicious, I am very impressed. These plates are different. It is the signature dish of your chef. You know very well what I ordered, then why are you not bringing these dishes?” The youth was a little angry.

“…” Su Zhenhong was stunned by the fact that they thought A’Jing dishes were signature dishes even though he is not a chef.

“That’s the dish that the handsome man sent me.” Just then, a sharp-eyed girl at the same table saw Su Jing, who had just delivered the dishes.

“Come over here, young man.” The middle-aged man waved at Su Jing.

“What do you need, sir?” Su Jing asked.

“You have two dishes in your hand, we want it.” The middle-aged man said.

“But someone ordered it,” Su Jing said.

“I’ll double the price.” The middle-aged man smiled.

“All right then.” Su Jing wasn’t a seafood store waiter. He didn’t have to follow the first come first serve rule and then put the two dishes on the table. The lid is opened and the youth, middle-aged men and others were excited smelling the fragrance.

They moved their chopsticks one after another. After taking the first bite, they immediately praised him and said, “It’s delicious. That’s what it tastes like.”

Even the aggressive young man just laughed and said, “It’s delicious. It’s delicious!”

Zhao Mengxiang and Su Zhenhong were both dumbfounded. They still don’t believe it. They think there must be something wrong, but now the facts are in front of them, so they have to believe it.

“A’Jing, don’t serve the next dish, bring it to the kitchen.” Su Zhenhong said.

“Okay.” Su Jing’s next dish is served in the kitchen. Su Zhenhong, Zhao Mengxiang, and Liu Shu all tasted it. It’s really much more delicious than Su Zhenhong’s. It’s master-level cooking.

“Good boy, when did you learn a good cooking skill? You hid it very well.” Su Zhenhong felt a little sad. Although he hoped that Su Jing would surpass him in cooking one day, he didn’t expect to be so fast. He was not prepared at all.

“When I was in college, I often cooked by myself.” Su Jing continued to boast shamelessly, “Let’s stop chatting here. There are so many guests waiting to serve.”

Next, more and more people noticed that the dishes in this store have two flavors, so there is a phenomenon. Many orders are ordered to “the dish on the young man”. Su Jing is too busy. After all, his knife skill and so on are still poor and he only had the hot shell as a heating tool, which is not fast at all. So Su Zhenhong came up with a way to double the price of Su Jing as a signature dish. Even so, Su Jing’s dishes were still very popular.

“Mr. Zhou, you’re tired after a morning’s shopping. Let me take you back to the hotel for lunch.” Shi Qing is wearing a long white skirt and straw hat. As a tour guide, she is guiding the tall and thin old man, a slightly fat middle-aged man and a beautiful girl.

“The shop has good business, let’s just go there and eat.” The tall and thin old man pointed to “Zhen Great Seafood Restaurant”.

“Let’s go back to the hotel for dinner. It’s more delicious.” Shi Qing’s face flashed a hint of embarrassment. If it was an ordinary person, it would be no problem to have lunch at the seafood restaurant here, but he is not an ordinary person.

He is a famous foodie Zhou Xian. He is a very strong authority in the food industry. He can even judge the life and death of a dish in one sentence. He once made an unknown chef of a small restaurant become the top Masterchef of a five-star hotel because of his words. His words also led to the closure of a hotel.

When he was young, Zhou Xian was still friendly. He often left a little room to talk about dishes he didn’t like. But as he grew older, his temper became more and more strange, he became more and more critical of food and his speech became more and more poisonous. His professional level and prestige were still there. Often, his poisonous tongue was so sharp that people could not refute it. So, most restaurants in hotels and gourmet shops were afraid of him.

There is a saying in the food industry: “If you don’t want your business to be destroyed, stay away from Zhou Xian.”

Shi Qing is now the image spokesperson of this beach, and there is a beautiful picture of her wearing a long skirt in the advertisement, so she usually receives important tourists. This time, the mayor himself spoke Shi Qing to receive these guests. However, Shi-Qing did not want to take Zhou Xian to dinner near the beach in order to avoid ruining the reputation of the place.

You know, the dishes in the hotel where Zhou Xian stayed were very delicious. Shi Qing was so full of praise that she thought it was the most delicious food in the world. But after Zhou Xian had eaten it, he put only said one sentence: “If you don’t consider the rare ingredients used in this dish, you can barely make it through.” Zhou Xian’s two apprentices persuaded him at that time, otherwise, he might have spoken more harshly.

This made Shi Qing feel awkward. Even the delicious seafood of the great restaurant can’t satisfy Zhou Xian. The dishes of Shi Family Village, Su Family Village, and Zhang Family Village are even worse. How harsh will Zhou Xian say after eating the seafood here?

“It’s a hassle to go back to the hotel, let’s just eat here.” Zhou Xian didn’t listen to Shi Qing’s and strode to the Great Seafood Restaurant.

“I’ll persuade him to be tactful.” Ma Teng, a slightly fat middle-aged man, spread his hands and smiled helplessly.

“Hee-hee, will teacher even listen to you.” Lin Cai’er, the beautiful girl, laughed.

“Well, you do it then.” Ma Teng laughed embarrassingly. Both of them were apprentices of Zhou Xian. They knew that their teacher’s tongue is very poisonous. The teacher’s mother also told them to try to persuade the teacher to be gentle. After all, it was easy to offend people. It was not good to kill and destroy other people’s business with one word. It was even worse for their health to get angry frequently. However, Ma Teng’s persuasion is often ineffective, but Lin Cai’er, the favorite of Zhou Xian, is more effective.

“Please.” Shi Qing and the two of them joined together and the three quickly followed Zhou Xian.

“What do you want?” Zhao Mengxiang greeted him with the menu and was surprised to see Shi Qing.

“What is your signature dish?” Zhou Xian asked.

“Steamed lobster, steamed croaker…” Zhao Mengxiang said several dishes in a row, all steamed.

“I want a steamed barracuda,” Zhou Xian said.

“What else?” asked Zhao Mengxiang.

“Not for the time being.” Zhou Xian said that this made Zhao Mengxiang and some people around them stunned. Many people here know that Shi Qing is the image spokesperson of the beach. Her status is not comparable to that of ordinary guides. Most of the people who receive her are well-known people. They originally thought that these three people must be some big people, who knew that three people actually only ordered a single plate of Barracuda? However, a small number of people also recognized Zhou Xian and their expression was a little strange. Those who were going to leave did not leave for the time being, so they stayed to see the good play.

“Wait a minute.” Zhao Mengxiang herself is very thrifty, and naturally will not be prejudiced against the thrifty people. If she does not consider business, she is actually very fond of such people. She handed this order to Su Jing.

When Su Jing finished steaming Barracuda and delivered it to Zhou Xian, he and Shi Qing were stunned. They did not expect to see each other like this. Su Jing soon guessed that Shi Qing was a tour guide, but Shi Qing mistook Su Jing for helping relatives as a waiter temporarily. She did not think about it at all because she had already tasted Su Jing’s cooking skills.

Shi Qing’s eyebrows suddenly wrinkled tightly, Zhou Xian had to have a meal in this area, but she felt sorry for them, but it happened to be Su Jing’s home. She was worried. She wondered if Su Jing would hate her after this.

However, at this point, Zhou Xian will not listen to her at all and she could not drag Zhou Xian away by force.

“This old man is Venomous Tongue Gourmand Zhou Xian.” Shi Qing quickly wrote a note on a piece of paper and used the table to cover it to show Su Jing. She can only remind Su Jing now that she hopes that Su Jing, who has much more ideas than her, can have any solution.

“Please eat slowly.” Su Jing smiled at Shi Qing but didn’t mean to think about the countermeasures. He put Barracuda on the table generously, which made Shi Qing stamp his feet in a hurry.