GGS-Chapter 14 Two Flavors

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Zhao Mengxiang runs very fast but unfortunately, he is still slow.

Before he arrived, the big man and his family of three had been eating fish into his mouth one after another.

Looking at the family eating fish, Zhao Mengxiang, Su Zhenhong, and Liu Shu all sighed in their hearts that it was over. Su Zhenhong personally came out of the kitchen with a plate of steamed yellow croaker just cooked. He was ready to be scolded, hoping that the customer would not be too hard to pester.

“Whoa… Not bad. ” With a sigh, the big man put another piece of fish into his mouth and nodded his head.

“This shop is really good at cooking. It’s worth waiting a little longer.” Middle-aged women also admire. As for the little boy, he could not speak at all and ate with great gusto.

“Hey!” Looking at the picture that was exactly the opposite of what was expected, Su Zhenhong, Zhao Mengxiang, and Liu Shu had a question mark on their heads. It is reasonable to say that guests ate Su Jing’s dishes and should complain immediately. It’s only a couple of times. Are they strange?

“Didn’t I order steamed lobster yet?” An impatient guest stood up and waved to Zhao Mengxiang.

“All right.” Su Jing quickly stepped forward and put the whole plate of lobster on the table.

When the lid was opened and the fragrance came out, several guests around the table salivated and moved their chopsticks one after another. After tasting it, the unanimous admiration continued, because the discontent that had been rising for a long time vanished in an instant.

“What, can’t I improve my cooking?” Su Jing looked at Su Zhenhong, Zhao Mengxiang and Liu Shu, who were still stunned, and laughed.

“Good boy, you have it.” Su Zhenhong smiled and patted Su Jing on the shoulder. “If you’re free, come and give me a hand. I’m too busy. Your dozens or twenty lobsters attract too many people.”

Actually, not all of them come to the lobster. After all, it’s expensive and many people are reluctant to eat it. However, some people even cannot afford to eat or think that this shop even has lobster, it must be more upscale.

“I don’t want to be your deputy, I want to do it myself.” Su Jing laughed.

“But I don’t have two kitchen utensils and no place.” Su Zhenhong was somewhat angry and amused about Su Jing’s complacency.

“I’ll do it at home and bring it back.” Although Su Jing’s cooking skills are steadily improving, they are far from being able to abandon the hot shell. He estimated that few people are willing to pay to eat his food, so he can only go home to do it. He can’t bring the hot shells over here and couldn’t explain to the people.

“Do as you like, don’t do it if you are tired. Before you make a big lobster, ask Mengxiang first to see if you have any orders. Don’t do more.” Su Zhenhong tells us that lobster is too expensive and that wasting one share is a big loss.

“OK.” Su Jing asked Zhao Mengxiang about the order list, picked up a few portions and packed them, then ran home, cooked the portions and sent them back to the seafood store. Although running back and forth was a little time-consuming, it also relieved Su Zhenhong a lot of pressure. The business in the shop was better and there were almost no vacancies.

Su Jing’s cooking skills are also steadily improving. In fact, he still has a certain talent in cooking. But his uncle and father are too good at cooking. He has little chance to do it once in a while. The gap between his cooking skills and his uncle and his father is too far. The family is full, so he lost his motivation. He can’t cook several times a year. Even if he has a certain talent, he can’t improve his cooking skills.

“Boss, boss.” A young man with a powdery face suddenly shouted.

“Hello, what do you need?” Zhao Mengxiang hurried past. The people on the table seemed to be rich. They ordered most of the dishes. Even two lobsters were ordered. Naturally, he wanted to greet them well.

“You have two chefs, right. The same dish has two flavors.” The young man asked as he wiped the oil from his mouth with a paper towel.

“Ah?” Zhao Mengxiang was so worried that it seemed that the dishes made by A’Jing had been eaten.

“Don’t be nervous. There are two kinds of flavors, but both are good. One is worth the money, the other is also worth the money. It’s really rare to have such delicious seafood in this small place.” A middle-aged man at the same table laughed and asked, “Nevertheless, although it’s all worth it, we still want to eat the best. Let’s order another oyster, one…”

“Okay, wait a minute.” Zhao Mengxiang went into the kitchen.

“What’s wrong? Are the guests dissatisfied? Su Zhenhong and Liu Shu saw Zhao Mengxiang called by guests from the kitchen.

“Several guests have eaten the dishes made by A’Jing. They are not very satisfied. You can cook these dishes yourself, Dad.” Zhao Mengxiang handed the list to Su Zhenhong.

“Well, don’t talk to A’Jing about this. Don’t beat the kid’s enthusiasm. His cooking skills have improved so much that it takes so long for the guests to eat something different from what I cook. It’s quite remarkable. If he practiced more, he’ll become my successor sooner or later.” Su Zhenhong laughed.

“Don’t forget that A’Jing graduated from a well-known university. He just came back to relax for a while. Sooner or later, he will get out of here so how could he become your successor?” Liu Shu laughed and retorted.

“Yes, A’Jing is sure to be a promising kid in the future. He’s too skilled to be a chef.” Su Zhenhong scratched his head in embarrassment.

After a while, Zhao Mengxiang served several dishes made by Su Zhenhong. Several guests could not wait to move their chopsticks.

However, instead of showing Zhao Mengxiang’s anticipated satisfaction, they frowned one by one.

“Didn’t we say we wanted the best food, so how could it be inferior, did you fear that we would not have enough money to give? Ask your best chef to cook for us.” The young man was a little angry.

“We didn’t mean to be difficult. It doesn’t matter if we pay a little more. We just want to eat delicious food.” Middle-aged men still speak politely. He also pulls out a bunch of money to pay and gave a two hundred yuan tip.

“I…” Zhao Mengxiang took the money, but he was in a hurry. He thought these dishes were made by his father. How could they be inferior? Did Dad’s cooking suddenly drop? What can we do about it? These few guests who are so generous cannot be neglected.

“What’s wrong?” Su Zhenhong saw the dispute and came over.

“Are you a boss or a chef?” the young man asked.

“I am the boss and the chef,” Su Zhenhong replied.

“Then please give me the best dishes, like this one, this one, and this one…” The young man put his face down and picked out a few empty dishes and put them aside.

“Huh?” Su Zhenhong and Zhao Mengxiang were stunned when they looked at the dishes picked out by the young man. These dishes are obviously different from other dishes. If they remember correctly, they are the dishes from A’Jing’s, that is to say…

Zhao Mengxiang suddenly opened his mouth and he was both stunned.