GGS-Chapter 13 Su Jing’s Cooking

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There are a lot of tourists on the beach today and it’s very lively.

The first reason is that the Dragon Boat Festival holidays, office workers have time to play.

The second reason is that Su Jing’s live catching of tuna has spread and many people have come here.

Therefore the seafood shops, barbecue shops, and beach supplies shops on the beach are doing very well.

Su Zhenhong’s seafood store is not big. Besides the kitchen, there is only a small arbor, four rows of simple rectangular tables and chairs, and sand under the feet. Although it is newly opened, business has been booming thanks to his good cooking and today’s traffic.

“Can’t A’Jing come?” Su Zhenhong asked when he saw Zhao Mengxiang and Su Liang coming back without Su Jing.

“He said that he will come back later,” explains Zhao Mengxiang.

“Uncle, if we catch lobster and steamed it for you to sell, how about the money then?” Su Liang asked.

“Three-seven cut, I am three, you seven, how about it?” Su Zhenhong thought.

“All right.” Su Liang nodded happily. A lobster with one Jin was hard to sell for 400. But after steaming, Su Zhenhong could sell it for more than 600 and he could also get 420. Naturally, he was satisfied.

“Don’t say more and let’s sail out to sea.” Su Xiaolin and others are just around the corner.

“Go.” Su Family Village’s fishing boat went out to sea. People were so excited about catching a lobster, which was about 400 yuan. They didn’t think that they would not be able to catch more than ten wild lobsters at the end. They could catch them.

When Su Family Village’s fishing boat went to sea, many tourists talked about it.

“Those are the fishermen of Su Family Village? Did they go directly to the sea to catch tuna?

“It seems that the guy who caught the tuna is not there.”

“Don’t look forward to it. It’s impossible to catch tuna in the sea with their manpower. You don’t know how fast tuna can swim. Nowadays, people in the countryside are thieves too. They are supposed to develop local tourism. They are deliberately hyping about it. You are not seriously considering that they really caught a tuna.”

“Yesterday, I had a friend who was at the scene. He watched the young man holding a net bag and went to the sea for a while. It was absolutely true that he had caught a huge tuna that was alive and kicking.”

Yesterday, Su Jing had his photos and videos of catching a tuna from the sea and it spread on the Internet. That post was forwarded thousands of times. Fishing with boats and special fishing rods is common, but it is absolutely rare for someone to go to sea by himself. So many people come to see how people catch tuna while traveling and swimming. Of course, many of them do not believe it and think it is hype.

After a while, the fishing boats of Su Family Village came back. Many tourists curiously went to see them and they were disappointed. More people thought it was hype. The fishing boat caught so many fish once it went out to sea. There was no more precious seafood. What about tuna?

Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, and others all had a bitter smile on their faces. Yesterday, there were still so many fish. How can they become less today? If they knew it earlier, they would have fished more times yesterday.

“A’ Liang, how was your harvest?” Seeing Su Liang and others coming back, Su Zhenhong asked.

“Not very good. It’s all miscellaneous fish. You can see what you can take. I’m not going fishing again.” Su Liang grinned bitterly.

“Let me have a look.” Su Zhenhong was about to pick up the fish when a cry of alarm broke out all around him.

Su Zhenhong, Zhao Mengxiang, Su Liang and others looked at it curiously. Then they were all amazed. Su Jing was carrying a large net bag filled with fish and shrimp. Among them, more than a dozen or twenty giant lobsters were particularly eye-catching. The fish and shrimp were all alive, they were obviously just fished.

“Come on, Su Jing, where did you get so many lobsters and so many good fish?” Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, and others stared out. Yesterday, fish and shrimp were surprisingly dense so lobster could be caught. But today, fish and shrimp could not be seen in the vicinity. How could Su Jing get so many by himself? It’s not scientific!

“In the sea,” Su Jing replied.

“How do you do it, the fish and shrimp are not stupid, you can’t just catch them.” Su Liang became psychologically unbalanced.

“Good luck.” Su Jing smiled and silenced Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, and others. They did not believe it and sailed out to sea.

“Where do you put these fish and shrimp, Uncle?” Su Jing put fish and shrimp into the shop. Many tourists have already shouted for some lobster. Some wealthy tourists have eaten big lobster, but they seldom eat it in such a small seafood shop. Moreover, they are fresh wild lobster just caught, which is even rarer.

“Pour them into this fish tank.” Su Zhenhong recovered from his stupor and helped lift the net bag. Feeling the weight of the net bag, he was shocked and said, “Good boy, it’s more than 100 jin. You are very good at this.”

“Oh, I often exercise at university.” Su Jing talked big, but in fact, he seldom exercised in college and become lazy. The reason why he is so energetic should be Magical Beast meat. The day before yesterday, it was difficult for him to carry more than a hundred jins, let alone walk hundreds of meters.

“Uncle, there are so many guests. Are you too busy to come over, or can I help you cook?” Su Jing suddenly asked.

“You? Haha, don’t mess with me.” Su Zhenhong laughed.

“…” Seeing his uncle laugh at him, Su Jing couldn’t help but be speechless. He was very serious and was not joking.

“Uncle, aunt, sister-in-law, you are busy, I’ll go fishing to see.” Su Jing did not really go to sea but returned home. There were three lobsters in a bucket. They were the three largest lobsters selected by Su Jing, each of which was close to two jin. In the other bucket, there are several large yellow croakers and a dozen small yellow croakers.

“When I steamed it and let Uncle taste it, he should have nothing to say.” Su Jing thought about it and decided to make a plate of lobster and a plate of steamed yellow croaker first. He carefully studied the recipes he had found on the Internet. Then he began to cook according to some knowledge and experience of his uncle. With the magical hot shell, coupled with the growing culinary skills, fish and shrimp will be more delicious.

Less than half an hour later, steamed lobster and steamed yellow croaker came out of the oven. Su Jing’s saliva almost dropped because of the fragrant and he almost couldn’t help eating one dish. Two little Dragon Li Cats came running after smelling the fragrance. They were not interested in parrots and the Eagle.

Su Jing built two plates of fish and shrimp and walked quickly to the beach. He just arrived at the arbor. Suddenly, a man sitting and waiting impatiently said, “Is it my steamed yellow croaker?”

“You ordered steamed big yellow croaker?” Su Jing stunned.

“Yeah, it’s been more than half a minute. My son is hungry and screaming.” The big man was dissatisfied.

“Sorry, there are a lot of guests, some are too busy.” Su Jing said, putting the big yellow croaker on the table.

A boy sitting between a big man and a middle-aged woman can’t wait to open the lid. When they smelled the fragrance, all three members of the family had bright eyes and swallowed saliva subconsciously, they suddenly forgot to complain.

“A’Jing, which steamed big yellow croaker came from?” Zhao Mengxiang, who is seeing the situation here, couldn’t help but feel strange. He didn’t see Su Jing coming out of the kitchen. He took Su Jing to the kitchen and asked..

“I cooked it myself,” Su Jing said.

“What?” Zhao Mengxiang, Su Zhenhong, and Liu Shu are all dumbfounded.

“Fast, the guests haven’t eaten yet, go and replace the yellow croaker.” Su Zhenhong yelled and Zhao Mengxiang ran to the table that was served by Su Jing for the first time. They had never tasted Su Jing’s dishes and their families had not eaten them, let alone sell them.

“…” Su Jing is speechless again.