GGS-Chapter 1 Galactic Garbage Station

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“Third Uncle.”

“A’Jing, you’re back. You didn’t come back last New Year.”

“Didn’t your parents come back together with you?”

“A’Jing, you look more graceful with your glasses. You really have Character of a college student.”

Su Jing dragged his suitcase and went into the village to see the villagers one by one. Su Family Village was a small village and they were very familiar with each other. Although Su Jing seldom cames back after he entered junior high school, as one of the only two college students in Su Family Village, he has always been the pride of the villagers. It’s just that the villagers don’t know. It’s time for college students to walk around like dogs.

After graduating from the University more then a year ago, Su Jing changed several jobs and found a satisfactory job. When he was getting better, he was dismissed because he offended his supervisor. Su Jing was in such a bad mood that he didn’t even go out to find a new job. This time, he came back mainly to have rest and adjust his mood.

“A’Jing, you finally remember to come back.”A young man with dark skin and strong body in shorts was carrying two baskets of fish.

“A’Liang I heard that you became a dad.” Su Jing smiled. This young man is Su Liang. He is the same age as him. When he was a child, he did many things like stealing chickens and dogs. However, he got married last year and had a daughter.

“Haha, that’s why you’re so incompetent as an uncle. You haven’t given her any gifts before. Why don’t you bring a girl back with you?” Su Liang put down the two heavy baskets of fish and laughed.

“No, I’m single.” Su Jing made a bitter face.

“Hey hey, why don’t you go to Shi Qing to talk about olden days? I heard she’s still single. Maybe she’s still waiting for you.” Su Liang winked.

“Don’t talk nonsense here.” Su Jing rolled his eyes but remembered the sweet face. He has seen many beautiful women in these years, but that face has always been the most memorable.

Shi Qing and Su Jing were classmates in elementary, junior and senior high schools. She was a beautiful girl at school and was considered one of the school flower. Both of them were top-notch learners. They have become good friends because they used to discuss various subjects together and there were also many rumors because they were close to each other.

Shi Qing’s college entrance exam results are several points higher than Su Jing’s. She could’ve gone to many famous schools, but she did not go to college because her father was accidentally injured and they spent her family’s savings on his treatment. There wasn’t any money left for her to go to college.

Su Jing often went to her home to help her from time to time at the end of the college entrance examination to the time before she went to university. However, her ability was limited and he could not help much. After going to university, although he often chatted with her on QQ, she was gradually alienated.

I heard that her family had paid off their debts in the past two years, and her father was able to work again. Although they are still poor, their life is getting better and better.

“Don’t wait any longer. You’ll regret it when she’s taken away. Why don’t you come to my house in the evening, we will talk more than while eating good things. For now, I’ll have to get these fish dried.” Su Liang said.

“I’m a little tired from driving. I’m going to go to bed early tonight. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.” Su Jing waved his hand. Su Family Village was near the sea. Most of the villagers were fishermen. He knew that the good things Su Liang mentioned must be all kinds of seafood.

After saying goodbye to Su Liang, Su Jing strode towards his house and looked at the old house that was on the brink of collapse. Su Jing laughed bitterly: “How did my family house become like this?”

Su Jing’s parents are both teachers. In his junior high school year, he moved to the city. At first, he used to fix this house every year. Then he would come back here on New Year for vacation. Later, he simply didn’t bother to fix it. He came back to uncle’s home for a few times, so the old house was completely abandoned.

Su Jing originally thought that even if the house was wasted, it should be tidied up to live, but did not expect that the old house has become a ruin.

Su Jing had a headache as he took out the key to open the door lock of the courtyard, but the rusty keyhole could not insert the key at all. He shook it vigorously and the lock broke directly. He threw the lock and the key away helplessly.

Su Jing coughed because of a burst of dust as he entered. Seeing the situation inside made Su Jing cry without tears. The roof was broken and the sun was shining directly in. However, there was a lot of water in the house, which should have been leaked the previous day. On the left eaves, there is a large swallow bird nest and a few little swallows chirping out. On the cabinet, a Cat protects three kittens behind her as she raises her hair and paw and threatening Su Jing with her bared teeth. The whole room has a strange smell.

“Am I coming back to adjust my mood or to suffer?”

Su Jing sighed helplessly and went straight through the front hall and towards the backyard. The old house was near the sea. From the backyard, he could see the sea directly. It was a real seascape house. Whenever he was in a bad mood, he liked to lie on the grass in the backyard and watch the sea.

This time, however, he did not see the sea. He saw the backyard overgrown with weeds. It was like a virgin forest. A litchi tree and an orange tree have fruit, but they are not ripe yet. There was also a loquat tree and a plum tree, which had passed the fruiting season.

“I have to clean up or I won’t be able to live.”

Su Jing found that most of the rooms were leaking. Fortunately, his room was not leaking. He carefully cleaned his room and then simply cleaned up the other rooms and living room.

After finishing these, it was already twelve o’clock in the evening, Su Jing was too tired, he just took a shower and ate some snacks and slept.

At 3 or 4 a.m., Su Jing was woken up by a thunderstorm and couldn’t sleep anymore. Heavy rain hit the tiles of the house loudly, especially when the tiles fell off the eaves from time to time, the sound was too loud.


Su Jing was startled by a loud noise.

At first, he thought it was thunder, but when he felt the sound near his ear and kept on going, he noticed that something was strange and he looked out of the window and he was immediately started as if he had seen a ghost.

He saw that there was a huge spherical vortex over the courtyard, which is just like a wormhole in a science fiction movie.

From the center of the whirlpool, a large number of things poured down and fell on the backyard. The litchi and loquat tree were overwhelmed.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion. Su Jing felt that he had vaguely heard several voices in the sky.

“Haha, success!”

“After a lot of hard work, we finally found a stable space and time tunnel in different time and space.”

“Re-experiment a few times. If it is feasible, then in the future all the garbage from all major space-time dimensions can be sent to this tunnel…”

With the disappearance of the whirlpool, the voices in the air also gradually disappeared.

The rain has gradually stopped and the whole world returned to the calm state.

Su Jing twisted his thighs hard and the pain made him realize that this was not a dream and that the heap of garbage in the courtyard was telling him that it was not an illusion.