Chapter 274 Big breakthrough

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“I have to first reach the Ascended Super Saiyan level as soon as possible.” Xiaya set a goal for himself.

Vegeta had reached this level by training for a year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but at present, Xiaya had already wasted more than half a year’s time. It would be quite difficult to reach this level now.

However, even if Xiaya didn’t reach the Ascended Super Saiyan level, he believed that he would not be worse than the so-called “Super Vegeta”, because of his overflowing natural breakthrough to the Super Saiyan realm. From the very beginning, he had a much higher starting point than Vegeta and Goku.

His bearing capacity was much stronger!

Furthermore, when his Ordinary Super Saiyan level reaches perfection, the increase in his strength would be similar to Vegeta’s Ascended Super Saiyan level, and when he reaches the level of the Ascended Super Saiyan, it would basically be equivalent to Goku and Vegeta’s Full Power.

From the very beginning, his transformation state was half a level higher than Goku and Vegeta.


Time slowly passed by, and 24 hours quickly passed outside Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

“A day’s time will soon be over. I wonder how Gohan and Mr. Xiaya’s training went.” Master Roshi paced back and forth with the support of a cane. He was preoccupied with the thought of the results of Gohan and Xiaya’s training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

“Big brother Gohan will definitely become stronger after receiving pointers from Mr. Xiaya. Maybe by then, the Androids wouldn’t be their match,” Trunks guessed.

“Immortal Korin, were you not aware that the Lookout even had such a place?” Master Roshi asked.

Korin shook his head and said, “I didn’t know about it. Lookout is where Kami lived, and I’m just the guardian of Korin Tower. Over the period of 800 years, the amount of time I had come up here can be counted with my fingers. There are a lot of secrets that I didn’t know about.”

Korin gave a long sigh filled with emotions. If he had known the secret of the Lookout much earlier, then maybe Vegeta and the others wouldn’t have died in the hands of Androids.

Unfortunately, it was a little late to know this.

“I hope Gohan can achieve something.” Master Roshi and Korin were both looking forward to it.

Inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

An endless white space…

The hot and dry temperature makes the inside look stifling, and the vast and empty white space causes the spirit to become weary. Gohan was wearing the gravity bracelet on his hand, and the powerful gravity forced him to maintain the Super Saiyan state, causing his Ki to get consumed very quickly. Gohan had to adjust his breathing in order to make the transformation state last as much as possible.

“Hua…” The burning Ki that was rising abruptly stopped.

Gohan heavily gasped for breath and transformed back to Normal State. Tired, he fell on the open ground. Sparkling beads of sweat dripped down along the tip of his nose and fell to the ground, raising snowflake-like dust before quickly evaporating.

“I am now much stronger than I was a year ago! It shouldn’t be a problem to deal with the Androids.”

Although Gohan was too tired to move, he was very excited.

In just one year of training, his Battle Power had soared from 500 million to 800 million, 100 million more than Android 17 and 18. More importantly, he had gotten a clearer understanding of the Super Saiyan path. But considering the unlimited energy source of the Androids, he could only deal with one of them at the moment. Moreover, he must defeat them quickly.

This negligible progress was naturally incomparable to Gohan in the original work. In the original work, Gohan seemed to be just like a cheat character as he directly soared from Ordinary Saiyan to Full Power Super Saiyan, almost leaping through the whole Super Saiyan’s first stage.

Such an increase would cause people to feel a little out of sorts, and it could only be attributed to Gohan’s talent that defies natural order; it could also be attributed to the infinite care that the author had given him.

“What kind of level has Mr. Xiaya reached?” Gohan stood up from the ground and looked towards the faint figure of a person at the end of his line of sight with curiosity.

In this one year, besides when Mr. Xiaya gave me pointers during the first half of the year, he seemed to have been sitting cross-legged like a monk in meditation the rest of the time; can training like this really improve his strength?

Gohan had his doubts about this.

No! Mr. Xiaya must have his reasons for doing this. Is it because my realm is too low that I can’t see the mysteries in it? Gohan pondered.

Just as Gohan’s thoughts were wandering about, Xiaya’s body began to move as a calm, leisurely, and quiet aura involuntarily arose around him, and without any indication, a tornado suddenly formed in the vast and empty space. Wave after wave of frightening aura, which was intense to the point of being overwhelming, swept throughout the entire white space.

Under Gohan’s line of sight, a golden glow followed by an immense might suddenly rose up as Xiaya instantly transformed from Normal State to Super Saiyan form. The golden-blonde hair in front of his forehead fluttered upward due to the Ki waves. His green eyes were calm, without any waves. His form was much more overwhelming and tyrannical than Gohan’s Super Saiyan form.


It was like a storm wreaking havoc.

The strong cyclone spiraled, layer upon layer, wave after wave. The quiet atmosphere of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was broken by the frightening cyclone, and extremely chaotic airflows filled every corner of the space.

Gohan’s mouth opened wide in disbelief and he muttered to himself, “How did Mr. Xiaya’s Ki suddenly become so strong? It’s almost indescribable compared to before.”

He had a feeling that if Xiaya intended to kill him right now, Xiaya would be able to instantly kill him with one move, without even a need for a second move.

“Could it be that Mr. Xiaya was sitting cross-legged in meditation before in order to perceive some kind of realm?”

Gohan let his thoughts wander. He had heard from Master Roshi and Korin that some martial art schools on earth relied on perception. Understand one law and you will understand myriads of laws; Is Mr. Xiaya also in this state?

At this time, Xiaya gave a long sigh. “I still didn’t reach the Ascended Super Saiyan level, but this strength is more than enough to deal with Android 17 and 18.”

Feeling the inexhaustible power surging within his body, Xiaya smiled faintly.

“2.4 billion Battle Power, already comparable to the so-called ‘Super Vegeta’.” The corners of Xiaya’s mouth rose into an arc.

Although he hadn’t reached the Ascended Super Saiyan level, his strength had still improved by a lot, soaring directly from 700 million Battle Power to 2.4 billion Battle Power. The amount of increase was not surprising. This was already comparable to Vegeta’s strength when he first came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and a little stronger than Imperfect Cell.

Dealing with the Android 17 and 18 of this world would be totally effortless.

“In my current state, the amplification under Normal State is clearly more than 50 times.” This was obviously similar to the Ascended Super Saiyan’s amplified strength, but Xiaya knew that he was still an Ordinary Super Saiyan.

“Like this, every stage of my transformation would be a little stronger than Goku and Vegeta’s. In that case, when I achieve Super Saiyan 2 stage, it perhaps wouldn’t be just 100 times amplification!”

Xiaya smiled. This might be the benefit of an overflowing natural breakthrough. It strengthened his transformations from the bottom and could allow him to withstand greater transformations.

It was finally a big breakthrough!

“Mr. Xiaya, your strength…”

Gohan found it difficult to breathe, and his face was full of shock. To think that a Super Saiyan can still become so powerful… Mr. Xiaya has really broadened my horizon.