Chapter 257 Insane (Teaser)

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“Snort, stupid guy, it’s not that simple to kill this king! Next, I will let you have a taste of this king’s strength that causes people to feel despair!”

Faced with the powerful attack, King Davidow was afraid at first, but then he almost went mad. Even though his body was full of injuries, he still stood tall and proud as if he was fine. The Frost Demon’s vitality was simply amazing.

King Davidow’s white-tail swept out, and the firm ground under his feet, like loose flour, quickly collapsed inward.

Pfff, Space Shackle instantly broke!

Xiaya’s spirit was jolted, and his expression was dazed as blood splattered out.

Rustle! The sound of billowing waves.

King Davidow erupted out with all the power within his body. His originally weakened strength instantly increased by several times. After the restrictions of space ability were broken, an even more powerful aura burst out, and intertwined with the large amount of “stars force”.


The two forces collided halfway and exploded, an enormous bright orange-red mushroom cloud rising.

In an instant, the ground cracked open, and the sand was splashed flying. As the bright rays of light and deafening boom dispersed, it seems the entire battlefield had went through the baptism of several hundred large-scale nuclear bombs, becoming unrecognizable. Smoke, yellow sand, and dust were sent flying everywhere. A destructive circle, like a conical-shape was projected onto a plane surface, appeared in front of them. Everything was a scene of doomsday.

King Davidow, however, had disappeared.

“Cough, cough, did King Davidow die?”

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