Chapter 199 *Hidden* (Part I) (Teaser)

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A gentle breeze blew by, ferrying dead branches, withered leaves, and a cloud of dust.

Suddenly, the gentle breeze transformed into a passing storm. The silent battlefield seemed like it had experienced an apocalypse; it was shrouded in terror.

Xiaya and Slug looked at each other from far away. One with a gold-colored aura, and the other with a white-colored aura. Both frightening auras confronted each other in midair. The frightening whirlwind stirred up by both auras collided in midair and formed two different independent-spaces, depicting the image of two glaring suns shrouded by their respective, powerful gravitational fields. From afar, both spheres seemed to form two partially curved spaces.

Even time and space seems to have become chaotic at this moment.

Below, Slug’s alien subordinates all donned expressions of terror; they had long been incapable of moving an inch due to the pressure from the aura of both opponents.

Ptui! Xiaya spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body was exhausted. Nevertheless, he was becoming more and more excited, and he was feeling delighted, akin to drinking from a sweet spring. He shouted, and his imposing aura surged once more. Although his heart felt heavy, the corners of his lips curled upwards, and his eyes brimmed with an immense fighting intent.

At that moment, every cell within his body trembled crazily, and an enormous amount of golden energy erupted out of him like a sea wave.

Adjust breathing!

Keep heart steady!

Xiaya cautioned himself repeatedly as he strove to adjust his body to its optimum condition suitable for battle. Suddenly, he charged at Slug, leaving a beam of light behind him.

With a heart-rending sonic boom, he arrived before Slug in an instant, before kicking with all his might.

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