Chapter 190 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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The next day, at the crack of dawn.

Xiaya got out from under the blanket and glanced at the girl who was sound asleep beside him on the bed, with her back to him. The girl was sleeping sideways with one arm stretched out as her beautiful black hair were scattered over the pillow. A large part of the bedsheet had slid down, revealing the girl’s slender arm, and the white skin on her back.

After living together for so many years, Xiling had finally been eaten by him; she was tormented endlessly during last night’s intense activities, so she was tired to her bones.

Xiaya gently pulled the blanket and covered Xiling before walking out of the bedroom. He proceeded to the training room and did a simple workout.

The Gravity Machine in the training room was not switched on; keeping the planet’s natural gravity.

Although this low-intensity workout wasn’t of any help to him, he still did it out of habit. He had serious expression as he executed every movement, integrating training into life, and a kind of profound artistic ambience was produced naturally.

After two hours had passed, Xiaya stopped his workout and took a deep breath of air. His aura was smooth and steady, as if he hadn’t done any intense exercises.


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