Chapter 188 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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The crimson energy wave hit the ground with a resounding roar, and a horrific blaze erupted very close to Turles. A berserk whirlwind immediately followed, carrying within it a gust of swift and fierce wind blades, which caused the unripe fruits to sway wildly.

After the raging winds subsided, the smoke gradually dispersed — only leaving behind a sunken land and a charred corpse.

Madix laughed out loud and thought, “It was just killing a little monkey.” Really boring! Then, he swayed and flew back to Duke’s position.


“How was it? Has that little mouse been killed?”

Duke, who was lying down on a tree branch and resting, opened his eyes and casually asked Madix, who had just returned.

Madix tapped the detector beside his ear and landed next to Duke: “It was just a little guy with less than 20,000 Battle Power. Finished him in just two-three seconds. Hey, do you know who that guy was? It was actually a Saiyan!”

“Saiyan? Impossible. How can a Saiyan have such high Battle Power?” Duke froze, in disbelief at Madix words.

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